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Anyone else still have sore nipples? A little vent.

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Just need to have a little whinge. I have had sore nipples since about day 2. Started as poor attachment and I had cracks and abrasions. Then got thrush (of course!), mastitis and dermatitis of my nipples.

Now it is better than it was but still painful for almost every feed and usually for an hour or two afterwards. I have seen two LCs but they have both run out of ideas. My GP was supportive initially but after giving me treatment for the dermatitis he started murmuring things about it "being nature's way of telling us the BF is not for everyone"

Not really sure what to do now. Just push on I guess and hope it resolves with time. J is putting on weight and my supply seems to be excellent, I'm very grateful for that.

Anyone else still hurting?
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With DD1 I had sore nipples for just over 3 months. Her latch was fine and I had a good milk supply and she gained quickly. Each feeding was extremely painful for the first 2 months, and the last few weeks of it it was just painful. I didn't do anything, I just waited it out and it got better.

I haven't had any problems with DD2, perhaps because DD1 is still nursing? DD2 just slurps my nipple into her mouth and I haven't had any problems?!

I wish I had advice. They only thing I can think of is to try kellymom if you haven't already. Hopefully things just better like they did for me.
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Personally, my nipples are not sore any more, but I've seen it happen. It sounds like your nipples have experienced a lot of trauma. Once a nipple has been injured, it can take a while for it to really heal up all the way, you know? It's not like you really can get a break since you have to feed your babe all the time, you know? You could just be sore and sensitive because you're still healing. Hang in there mama! I'm glad to hear the situation is improving at least. I know of others who have pumped and bottle fed for a few feedings per day or used nipple shields to help give their nipples a break and a chance to heal up a bit... I wouldn't really recommend it if you're still having any latch or supply issues (and if it were me I'd probably just try to stick it out) BUT for some people it is an option...

Ugh, I hate when doctors are poorly informed about breastfeeding! Yes, I'm sure nature sees fit to tell you that formula is best! After all, formula is natural!
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Thanks Girls.

Shannie, glad to hear things just got better for you. I'm hoping that is what will happen for us as well.

KS, thanks for the tips. I did use a nipple shield for 4 days when my nipples were really damaged. It was a lifesaver at the time but we had some problems with milk transfer and J was very unsettled and actually lost some weight that week so I have been very reluctant to use it again. I'm like you, I don't really llike them although I do see their place in certain situations.

The LC Isaw yesterday suggested I try Dr Jack Newman's All Purpose Nipple Ointment, just in case I had a low grade staph infection or something. So I might give that a go for a week and see if it makes any difference.

Thanks again to you both, it's nice to know I'm not the only one
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seriously, dr. jacks APNO is the bomb.

I used it for a few weeks until I didn't need it anymore (after initial damage from bad latch). It fixed me right up. I'll put a little on from time to time when my nipples are feeling a little worse for wear from comfort nursing or being stuck in moist nursing bra all day...
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Good to know, thank you! The LC gave me the recipe on Friday so I'll get it made up and give it a go.
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My nipples also hurt a long time with DD1. I think they were damaged because they were very flat and she stretched them out with her strong suck, which took a long time to heal. My nipples are much 'longer' now and nursing only hurt for a couple of weeks with DS and DD2.

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i have very sore nips for about a month. usually after every feeding i would lather it with lanolin, or some other nip cream, and then take some ibuprofen or tylenol to help with the pain (i really didn't want to take anything, but the pain was too much). eventually it just stopped hurting when he latched on. i hope you get some relief soon.
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Thank you both. Great to hear stories with happy endings. Things do seem to be improving
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