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August 30-Something Mamas TTC #2 or more

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Welcome to August 30-Something Mamas
TTC #2 or more

The Summer Aint Over Yet!

Our Members
Black Orchid (Vanessa)
bunziemom (Dee)
emski4379 (Emma)
forthekids123 (Kat)
heavensearth (Serena)
Kokopelli-mana (Maria)
lillyblossom (Jaimee)
littlestinkers (Sandra)
mad4mady (Megan)
Mama~Love (Mollie)
maxnmaizy (Jennifer)
MrsHin2002 (Karen)
shruley (Sarah)
shymama (Rebecca)
Tulpen88 (Callie)

P.S. New members are welcome! Just post and say hello! Please try to join the group early in your cycle (pre-O) so that we can get to know you and cheer you on during the 2ww!
P.P.S. If you used to post here and don't see your name on the list, it's because you didn't post in the last month. just let me know if you want to be added back to the list.

Our success stories!

mclisa (Michelle)

In July

In June

In May

Please check out the sticky at the top of the TTC forum for a very helpful list of abbreviations!
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Ok New August Thread is here, If I missed anyone on any list, please tell me, I would hate to leave someone out. We had so many BFP's in July, and I'm praying we have even more in August!!!

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Woohoo! Looks awesome. Thanks, Kat!
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Looks great! lots of luck for everyone this month

how come my whole chart doesnt come up when I click on it?
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Hi Ladies, I'm still here, still waiting to O. Getting very discouraged, and very frustrated!
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Hi ladies just marking my spot so I dont get eliminated . Haven't really been posting but I've been lurking.....

Thanks kat for the new thread. It looks awesome!

callie so sorry that you are going through this frustrating process right now. It's good that you are so proactive. I keep thinking you have some sort of polyp thing going on because your symptoms sound so similar to mine right after I had DS. You WILL get to the bottom of this.

mollie . I so admire your determination and grit. Hang in there mama!

Losts of luck to all the rest of the ladies on here. I look forward to many more BFP's/May babies this month ladies so LETS GO!

AFM: I am currently on my O day. Trying the "less BD" approach to help DH's swimmers. This is probably my last natural cycle. I begin IUI when and if AF shows this month. I will know more this wed after my RE appoint. I'm excited to be moving forward!
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Dee - yay for Oing! I hope you don't need the IUI! Good luck at your RE appt. on Wednesday!

I'm not as brave as I seem. I just can't let my fertile years end with a miscarriage. I'm a weepy, sobby mess, and getting pretty obsessive about this, which is good and bad I guess.

It's been another emotional week for me, what else is new. We went to the fair in the next county, and had to drive through the town where I had my D&C done. I just about had a panic attack, and broke down crying because I knew my baby was there somewhere. We took a different way home, thank goodness. And yesterday, we stopped at the tattoo shop & I talked to the artist about my design. I, of course, was crying; I felt so embarrassed. But hopefully I can get it done in a couple weeks after we finalize the design.
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Serena: Is there something in the ff homepage setup you can change to fix your chart?

Dee: Congrats on your O day. Have some fun.. how exciting.

Mollie: Sorry about your delayed O, and horrible trip. I sure hope you will share your tat design with us. Is it a memorial for the mc?

Callie: sorry about AF, hoping the new meds will be your magic beans.

AFM: 7dpo, temps look good, but they always do at this point. Trying not to get my hopes to high.
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Kat - I'll definitely share my tattoo when I get it done. Yes, there's a special section of the cemetery that has been set up specifically for lost babies. There will be a ceremony in October that I'll go to.
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Mollie-Hugs. his must be a tough time for you.

Callie- about AF. Hopefulle the meds help.

Kat-thanks for the new thread! FX that your temps keep rising!

AFM-I am 5 or 6 dpo. Temps look good, for now. We'll see.
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Good Morning Y'all

8dpo, and planning a dollar store run for today or tomorrow. Started feeling moody, and sore boobs last night. Right on schedule like every month on 7/8 dpo. That does not make me happy, but I'm holding out for good news anyway.
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Kat - for you! At 7/8 dpo there's no reason why you wouldn't have your normal symptoms anyway.

Emma - for you too!

Mollie - I hope you O soon. I'm sure the neverending EWCM and no O is driving you up the wall. Come on, egg(s)! It's time! Don't be embarrassed about crying at the tattoo shop. A lot of people get tattoos for very personal reasons and I'm sure the artists are used to seeing tears. I imagine it's a great honor for them to help people memorialize their families in such a personal way.

Dee - Yay for O! that this is THE cycle for you. GL at the RE on Weds! Keep us updated! I wonder about polyps or endometriosis (though I have no other symptoms) too, but the RE thought that I'd have spotting throughout my cycle if it was an issue like that. Did you only have LP spotting when you had the polyps? Thanks for being so positive. It's nice to hear.

AFM - My prolactin labs came back normal, so that's good. So now we'll just move forward with the progesterone after I O. My period seems to be wrapping up and I'm planning to start temping again tomorrow.
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Yeah, it's driving me crazy! I think I really need to try & relax. I'm so uptight and stressed all the time trying to get stuff done. Not good. I need some meditative music or something.

I'm sorry AF showed up Callie . I hope that this next cycle is THE ONE!
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Well I think I O'd in the last day or 2 so I guess i'll be waiting a bit before I test but I really want to test everyday..lol.
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Originally Posted by Tulpen88 View Post
Did you only have LP spotting when you had the polyps? Thanks for being so positive. It's nice to hear.
Yes, I did indeed have spotting in my LP period. It was so confusing because I was never quite sure when AF actually began. I had a D &C to screen for any abnormalities. My doc also used a scope thingy to look at what he was scraping at in there and lo and behold he found a few small polyps undectable on ultra sound.
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Mollie-I probably would have cried at the tattoo shop too.

Rebecca-I hope the next 2 weeks fly by quickly for you!

Kat-FX that the symptoms are Preggie symptoms and not AF.

AFM-I stopped by the $1 store to pick up some test. I may swing by Target to pick up a pack of FRER (they're on sale this week). I've also had nausea the last 3 nights. Who knows though. Seems too early to have symptoms.
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Mollie, I'm curious about the design so I hope you will indeed post it.

AFM: I had my +OPK yesterday. We had a little action prior to it being positive, but would like to get some in tonight to help out the odds. Of course, that would mean 3 April birthdays...
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Hi everyone- I'm new to this list but would love to join! Tried last month, but this time really getting on board and hopefully will be good at tracking my temps again. DD1 is almost 3- a bit nervous about starting again, but I am finally ready! I'm pre-O right now- will link my chart after I figure out how to do it...
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Hi all! Fingers crossed for everyone. Haven't temped for a couple of days and feeling bummed about what will probably be an irregular cycle this time.. Welcome, myorianna!
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myorianna - Hope your stay here won't be too long!

Mollie - I do hope you will share the design. I think a tattoo is a wonderful idea. I know the October ceremony will be hard but I hope it brings you closure if you are still needing it.

Congrats to all who have O'd (have fun with those POAS tests!)

AFM, am on day 15 - showing just a bit of color on my OPK today. Usually O on day 18, hoping to bd on O day. I do have EWCM - just a bit - for the first time in about 2 yrs. I have been on medication that dries everything up for that long and have been off of it for about a month now. Hopefully it is just the thing we need!
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