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Pediatrician in Metro Detroit

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Hey there,
Just joined Mothering Forum and I'm having trouble figuring out how it works. I'm sure this question gets asked all the time but I can't seem to search previous posts. Can anyone recommend a personable ped or family doc who is friendly to holistic practice and ok with not vaccinating or using an alternative schedule? We would prefer a woman, but I'm not stuck on that point.
Chris Ann
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They arent really holistic but they are completely fine with you making your own decision on vaccinations. Pediatric Consultants of Troy located at Troy Beaumont is WONDERFUL!!! I love them. My daughter sees Dr. Dubina and shes a female doctor. We have seen a few and have had no problems at all with our vaccination schedule.
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Subbing because I would love to know where this ped is, if she exists
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Our peds are happy to let us make decisions about our kids' well being. We see a ND for natural stuff, but if we need a medical doctor, we are very happy with the peds we have. They are not (who is?) knowledgable when it comes to breastfeeding, but I just ignored them when they tried to counsel us on that. Otherwise, as I said, they have been very tolerant of our first delaying and now avoiding vax. There are three women in the practice, Sharon McManus, who is a D.O., owns the practice. She is kind of brusque...but at two in the morning or when your kid has had pneumonia for six weeks (don't ask me how I know...), she has an immense amount of empathy! Dr. Heugen is perhaps the easiest going when it comes to vax stuff, and we have also talked about co-sleeping and nursing with her (though our official line is that our kids "have a bed"). Our kids most often like to see Becky Wegner. She is really great with little kids.

One of the things I appreciate about this practice is that when I have information they haven't seen, rather than puffing up their chests and saying "who is the doctor here?!" they let us know that they'd much rather be giving out accurate information, and would love to see our sources, so that they can share with other parents.

They are at Pediatric Health Care at 18 and a Half and Mound in Sterling Heights, but if you took 696, that would be just a hop and a skip. if you're looking them up, you'd find their number under Sharon McManus.

(there are also two men in the practice, one of whom we know well, and like to see, as well--Mark Deprez, the other, Dr. Goza, we have never seen, but I have heard he's nice, too). Mark is probably the most conservative doc in the practice, but again, is willing to talk about stuff before he jumps to act.
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We go to Willow Pediatric in Macomb at 21 and Garfield. We see Dr. Weidner. She is fine with our no vax'ing and she knows how to properly care for an intact penis. She is originally from Poland and very laid back and nice.
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Since metro detroit is huge it might help if you let us know what side of town your on.

I see Dr. Levy in Dearborn and everyone in the practice has been great about letting me choice my own schedule for vacing and they are very nice and easy going.
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Originally Posted by hotharmony View Post
Since metro detroit is huge it might help if you let us know what side of town your on.

I see Dr. Levy in Dearborn and everyone in the practice has been great about letting me choice my own schedule for vacing and they are very nice and easy going.
I second Dr. Levy. He's our daughter's primary doctor, and he's been very open and supportive about our vax choices (selectively vaxing and delaying). I also like that he'll give you his own personal opinion on vaxes if you ask him (though he will assume that you've already done your research too).

Both women in the practice are also great, but I haven't seen them for any vaxing appointments, so I haven't ever spoken to them about their opinions regarding vaxing.
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Her location reads Royal Oak
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I can sort of say Dr. Levy is pretty cool, we just have had some differences but I would not hesitate to take her back

WIth my first DD he was a little too stingy with antibiotics when it came to her repeated ear infections and "colds"?. He wanted to not use antibiotics and instead "wait and see" and I wanted her on antibiotics (I was missing too much work for her being sick). She now has scar tissue on her ears. In the end, we were both wrong and 6 months of chiro care and a batch of donor milk cleared her ears up for the long term.

My second DD he said he felt she had Cerebral Palsy and he was incorrect but he was quick to refer her out for PT that got her her walking. (In the end the youngest has a big head (yep they have a diagnosis for that) and failed for whatever reason to cross the midline/rotate through her core to help her go from laying flat to sitting up on her own until she was 13 months- she walked at 20 months or so)

The practice is ok, expect to wait when you go. They have been good at getting us in last minute for illness but horrible for getting us in a timely matter for "concerns" or well baby visits.
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I have had my kids at Michigan Adult and Child Medicine in Warren for the last 12 years since my son was born...they are fine w/ alternative scheduling for vax, though I wouldn't call them anywhere near holistic. They are very careful with dispensing/prescribing antibiotics and don't over-medicate, by any means. They are also my physicians and my husband's physicians.

I think if you are in Royal Oak, Levy is too far for more than scheduled checkups. I sure don't want to drive 40 minutes when my kid is sick. We moved to Rochester Hills, but kept our doctors in Warren....and even that is a trek for us, honestly. But not quite so far that I would ever consider changing.

Our doctor is Renee Paye, and she is wonderful...but all the other doctors at that practice are great, too. Mary Beth Steele is another that I would highly recommend.
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