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Sub Chorionic bleed

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DP is 11w5d pregnant with twins and after a huge scare, we found out that she has a sub chorionic detatchment that is making her bleed... quite a bit. She is on bedrest until our next OB appt next wednesday...

I heared that this is more common with multiples... has anyone had it ?

This is quite a scary ride...

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It happened to me just around the same time. Everything resolved well and I had two beautiful girls at 37+ wks. I don't know if it's more frequent with twins but I do know quite a few people from the twins mom group who went through it. While resting I did quite a bit of online research that I found mostly encouraging suggesting that in the majority of the cases, particularly if the bleeding occurred past 10 weeks, there was not an increased chance of a bad outcome, though size, place, etc was relevant. It was incredibly frightening, took what seemed like forever for the bleeding to stop, and made for a very tense pregnancy. Best of luck to you and your partner.
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Thank you for your reply.
Aperantly our detatchment is small (3x1 cm) but DP lost what was probably a blood clot and she was sure she had lost one twin... her scream was the worse I ever heared in my entire life...
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I had a bleed in both my pregnancies...twin and singleton. Both ended up fine.

I know it is very anxiety provoking, but hang in there. Many women bleed in their pregnancies...its actually quite common.
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