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Just curious,

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what do your 7.75 year-old girls weigh and how tall are they?
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my 7.5 y.o. girl is 47" and 42 lb.; definitely on the petite side compared to the girls in her class
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50 inches and i think 70 lb. but this is the eating and putting on phase. she probably will grow a couple of inches next month and go down a few lbs.
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Thanks! My dd was always so tiny for her age and I've noticed in the last year that she is really catching up. I'm just curious what size other kids her age are.
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I only know this because we just went to an amusement park!
7y 4 mth, 42 lb, 52 inches
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DD2 will be 7 1/2 in two weeks. She weighs 48 pounds and is 48 inches tall ("square", but actually far from it-lol). She is usually one of the smallest in her class.
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7 yrs 3 months
48" 51 lbs (she is shorter than average in her class)
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7.5 years exactly!

She's 48" and 56lbs
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DD is 7 and 8 months, and has always been tall.
She is 51" tall and 53 pounds.
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