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It's a 4th.....

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Boy! Boy #4- Didn't think I'd beat the odds on that one.

Excited but a bit sad- I don't know that I will go for a #5, and if I do, I want it to be because I want another *child* not a daughter. So here's to hoping a few of them will marry and my daughters-in-law will LIKE me!

Another thing is I will get to use some of the things I made/bought for my son who died last October. I gave most of it away because I didn't want to see it, but I still have some of it. Maybe the things will be like a present from his older brother.

So anyone else having #4 of the same gender?
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CONGRATS on baby boy! Very exciting!!
I have a step daughter then hubbie and I have 3 girls then a boy, so we have 4 girls and a boy and a baby due in Dec, my gut says girl I was so shocked when we had our little boy, wasn't sure I would know how to parent a boy But he is such an amazing addition to our family and is so well taken care of by his big sisters! He is thrilled he gets to be a big brother now!!
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Congrats and , mama. I have 3 boys and am not finding out gender on this one... But I know I'll have very similar feelings if this one is another boy.

I hope it will be healing to be able to use some of the special things from your last son, as well.
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Congrats on your boy! I understand your upset too. I know you'll love your boy, and it'll take time to adjust to not having your girl Maybe she's still in your future somewhere.

I had 4 girls and then a boy. I didn't think I wanted a boy though, so I was happy to keep having what I knew. But when number 5 was born a boy I was pleasantly surprised and he's been awesome. I never realized boys could be so sweet and fun! So it all worked out ok.
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Congrats! We're having our 5th boy and in a strange way I'm relieved cause we have all the clothes for the right season. But my poor DD was very upset at being so outnumbered. I felt disappointed that we couldn't give her a sister.
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I feel for you. I have two boys and as much as I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world I'd also love to have an additional child be a girl. Regardless, you (and I if it comes to that) will love our kids whatever their sex. You'll be an amazing mama to 4 boys, or 5 boys or...
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Yep, those odds are 50/50 each time, despite any kids we've already had!

There's a feeling (at least in our culture) that it's better to have at least one child of each sex - perhaps to "get the experience" of each one. I think that comes into play no matter how many we have. I have one boy, and am only planning 2 kids, so if this one's another boy I'll "miss out" on having a girl. I think part of it is that sex is one of the few things we can know about a person right away, so it's easy to get focused on that. We don't spend much time thinking "oh I hope I have at least one athlete and one bookworm" or other things like that because we don't know those things until much later, when we're hopelessly smitten with whatever kid we have.

If you weren't having a boy, you'd be missing out on the wonderful person your son will be!
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Congratulations on your 4th boy. I too am having my 4th boy in December. I have one daughter and thought another little girl would be nice. In fact, I felt in my bones this little babe was a girl so at the u/s - I was surprised. I am 42 and this little guy was a surprise and a very welcome one. He is healthy and for that I'm grateful but there was a little twinge of sadness at not having another little girl. My husband is not the father of my daughter. He is an absolutely perfect, wonderful father - I could write pages about him and watching him with his boys - and my oldest two children - never gets old. I longed to see him with his own girl - combing her hair and holding her hand but it isn't meant to be. I cherish all my children and am happy to be the mother of 4 boys and one girl but I do understand your feelings.
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Totally DDCC from January, but just had to pop in and say congrats! We just found out we are having our fourth boy as well! I'm pretty excited I must say. I think it will make for a fun life! Best wishes to you!
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We are having our 5th girl (we have one son) and we are thrilled. We are getting a lot of "too bads" and "poor [name of son]" from family and a few people we know because our son is not getting a brother. It is really pissing me off. I also really thought this babe was a boy and I am really getting it from the negative people about being wrong. I think they assume I must be disappointed. We would of loved to have another son, but we chose to get pregnant again to have another child, not just trying to get another specific gender.
We will likely have another baby after this one, but because we want more kids! We love our girls, and our boy!

And sept04mama- We passed the things for our daughter that died down to her younger siblings just like we did with our other kids, with the exception of a few items for her keepsake box. It was hard to see them sometimes, but now I really cherish seeing the things being used. Especially the homemade things.
Hugs to you mama!
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i have a angel girl and 3 boys and they are saying im having our 4th boy dec 31 and i to was very disappointed and cried my eyes out. but in the end as long as hes healthy im happy...
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Congratulations! I had 4 boys in my 20s and then was done... until surprise! a baby girl 9 years after the last boy, at 36... and wouldn't it be nice if she had a sister, so I had another baby at 39, who turned out to be a boy... and now, I'm 42, and I'm due in two weeks with boy number 6.... hahaha! No sisters for my girl; I'm not doing this at 45...
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Wow, you did really beat the odds!

I have several friends with all one-sex -- but they only have two kids, maybe three. Four is an accomplishment
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