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Queer Conceptions - August

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Lets make those babies!

Waiting to O :

* Miss Scarlet

* painefaria
* MujerMamaMismo
* AmyPDX
* dykemom

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW :

* solejean
* escher12 (hoping to start back in August/September)
* gellybeangrl
* AmandaHope
* MaxK
* LibraryLady
* 2HappyMamas
* 2ezforyou

Waiting for AF :

Working on IVF :

* Shadow22 with DP's eggs

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready :

* BunnyLullabye Taking September off too, hopefully back in October
* Iheartsheep Trying in December
* Prettyisa
* Sarahcecile
* FiveGrandBaby (starting back around November 2010)
* vannienicole (starting ICI in September 2010)
* AmandaMom
* seraf Hoping to be ready again in September
* Newbian Mama
* giggleblue & DP
* Astro & DP Fozziebear
* katherinerose
* SPCD & Dp
* bttrflygypsy
* Hoping2bMoms
* Joyseattle
* Cejae (gettin' ready for IVF in the spring!)
* Milletpuff (taking a break until sept or oct)


* kkearney1982
* lauren726
* j_on_planet
* Tigerlily1

:2010 Graduates!

July BFPs

* Beastie
* gumshoegirl007
* wehrli - 4-1-11

June BFPs

* Coco & DP (twins) - 2-14-11

May BFPs

* burg - 2-4-11
* korey - 2-1-11

April BFPs

* calimeow
* mtnlisa - 12-9-10
* kimlyn - 12-12-10

February BFPs

* Mistral - 10-17-10
* Quasar & smartycat - 10-26-10
* Monarchgrrl - 10-31-10
* erthe_mama & DP - 11-04-10

January BFPs

* lyndzies - 10-4-10
* FtMpapa - 10-10-10

:2009 Graduates!

December BFPs

* osker
* megan sacha
* mkpgoddess

November BFPs October BFPs

* JJNoho
* Mommies 2 Be
* megincl & ktcl

September BFPs

* elismum1908
* KSDoulaMama
* pleasantlyfurious

August BFPs

* chicagoml
* wishin'&hopin'

July BFPs

* hbog
* kimlyn32

May BFPs

* indigoscot's dp

April BFPs

* Kelmendi
* whoabethy
* carmen

March BFPs

* scalpel
* katwomyn4

February BFP

* deny_zoo29

January BFP

* jodybird511

:2008 Graduates!

December BFPs

* DM630
* raene
* wazzmum

October BFPs

* JennM1021
* lexbeach's DP

September BFP

* Ellie74

August BFPs

* heart-n-bones
* Love My Family

July BFPs

* giggleblue
* pranava
* MamaCaveBear
* quasar (and DP smartycat)

June BFPs

* starling&diesel
* PiGirl
* Erica12009

April BFPs

* tigermiep
* MujerMamaMismo
* tiggerkong22
* simcon
* 2happymamas

March BFPs

* JenInMpls
* mahrens77

January BFP

* cookie70

:2007 Graduates!

December BFP

* Scalpel

November BFPs

* mamimapster
* AngelaM
* solejean
* lmh222
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Ok welcome to the August thread. This is my first time being threadkeeper so hopefully I get it right!

I started by copying Wehrli's post from last month. I'm sort of wondering if at the bottom it should be 2009 graduates rather than 2007?
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Hi Everyone,

Bunny: Thanks for starting the new thread! I think the graduate years look right. I hope you have lots of threadkeeper's luck!

Seraf: It sounds like you are making some healthy job changes, but I know change can be hard. I hope that the transition is smooth, and that your home daycare is delightful!

Library: I don't feel like my temps were all that different the cycle I was pregnant from the ones I wasn't. Good luck staying hopeful! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Amy: What a wait to O! I hope the busyness at work is at least a bit distracting?

TWW Crowd: You all are starting to get close to when you could start testing! This is going to be a week full of good news, I think!

AFM: I'm starting to get EW, and even though I'm not insemming this cycle it feels sort of exciting. It also means I have just about a month until I will be insemming--hooray! I am so ready to get back into the process. A friend IRL just found out she is pregnant, and while I'm happy for her it is also hard. It's funny to me how I can feel thrilled for people on MDC who get pregnant, but people in real life are a bit harder to take. Does anyone else find that to be true?
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Wow! I feel like there's so much happening in this thread (well, in the final days of July) and I'm having a hard time keeping up.

Big hugs go out to 5GB and seraf. There's nothing that can be said to make this journey easier.

To the entire crew in the 2WW, I've got my fingers, arms and legs crossed for you all. This is going to be such an exciting week!!! Yay!!!

AFM, I'm so very glad to be on vacation for the next two weeks. We're just visiting family, but it's a much needed break. The pregnancy is progressing as to be expected so far and now we're learning to manage all of the "helpful" advice were collecting. Sheesh! Everyone wants to weigh in on something. I can't imagine what it's going to be like once we actually tell people outside of those in our immediate family. I'm just tired all the time and have to force myself to keep getting stuff done. Conversely, it's kinda nice to be so relaxed on yourself and to have the ability to selfishly say, "I can't do that right now. Sorry."
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post
It's funny to me how I can feel thrilled for people on MDC who get pregnant, but people in real life are a bit harder to take. Does anyone else find that to be true?
Yep, it was totally true for me.
In real life, with friends and family, it evoques different emotions... you know you will see the baby, see her belly grow, hear all the stories and you have to pretend. It happened to me when I was down while TTC, a girl I occasionnally work with came in with a HUGE belly... my heart got squeezed to the point where I coulldn't talk...

I hear ya girl.

a bit O news from us even tho we are pregnant ;-), we are having a sub chorionic hemmorage (sp??) and its extremely scary. We really thought we had lost the twins... and then found them on the U/S................ its very very scary. Aperantly tho its not that big of a deal but still... Lots of blood during pregnancy is a nightmare... but we will do our best to keep those two little loves... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...7&id=521264032

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Bunny~ thanks for starting us an August thread~ hopefully none of us will have to be here for long.

Escher~ THANK YOU for your encouragement. I had another 97.9 this morning and feel a bit 'Road to Nowhere' (and also have that song stuck in my head...) so it's nice to hear real facts from someone who knows.

COCO! YIKES!! Blood is scary, I'm glad the twins are okay, please do keep us posted. I wonder if they're fraternal or identical?

Gumshoe~ Glad you're progressing well, and navigating the waters of helpfulness. Enjoy being selfish, and remember, the pregnant woman always gets what she wants!

I also second that emotion about being thrilled for you guys, and then less so for 'real life' people. We went grocery shopping yesterday and Target was full of women with babies or bellies and I just couldn't even look at them. And I just know in my heart my brother and new sis-in-law are going to be knocked up within a year, I just hope I get there too.

Nothing else new, same old temp, like I said. DP became exasperated and made me look at pregnancy charts on FF, and also said she thinks I should stop temping after insems, but I know I won't. 9 dpo today and I just want to remind the universe there's only one thing I want for my birthday...
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Coco--Oh my goodness. I cannot even imagine. SO glad the twins are okay, keeping yall in my thoughts, keep sticking little beans!!!!!!!!!!

Gumshoe--YAY for rest, relaxation, and just being able to concentrate on growing a healthy little bean!

Escher-- It's almost time! Enjoy the next two weeks of not obsessing! Hoping for a quick BFP for you this fall!

Seraf-- What a hard and frustrating time. Hoping that everything falls into place nicely for you in the coming months.

Library--I think your chart looks great! How does it look when overlayed on last months?

TWWers, when will you all test? Can't wait for a whole slew of BFPS! As for the QOTD, I keep saying that it's like there is an ARMY of pregnant women taking over the world, and I just want to be one of the minions.... It is SO hard IRL, my three girlfriends are counting down the days now, and it's tough. To be honest, it's a little tough on here too though...

AFM-- Well, I have a big report from the natropath/herb lady. She did an Iridology reading (study of your eyes, iris) and it was SO interesting. She said I have an extremely strong constitution, liver good, stomach good, kidneys good, but need more water, ovaries and uterus good and strong...She said physically I am very strong and healthy..... BUT
She said I had more worry, anxiety, and nervous energy than she had ever seen in a patient my age. This was *not* news to me, something I have struggled with since I was a child. She said it was inherent in me, passed down from both sets of parents (adoptive & biological), and that my body/organs/chemistry were so keyed up, on edge, and tight that my body was so busy trying to fight or flight for me, that it couldn't accept the added burden of a little embryo. She said I have to fix it, or if I do get pregnant, I will pass it down to my baby. I have had years of therapy, medication, etc, and I am SO much better than I used to be, but I cant seem to overcome my own worry. My DP thought it was all pretty funny (not like funny haha) she gives me a hard time about all my little nervous habits all the time, and knows how much I struggle with worry & anxiety. SO the prescription for all of this was a chinese herb regimen. She muscle tested me with several different herbs to find the right ones, and I take seven different ones every morning.

Here's the catch, she wanted me to wait 7 MONTHS before trying again. SEVEN. We are already at three years planning and two years actively trying, my DP is 49 years old, and I just cannot bear the thought of waiting that long. SO my plan is as follows: I was already on day 3 of Clomid when I had the appt, and since I do have one cyst, I am really limiting the total number of clomid cycles I am willing to do, so we are going to go ahead and try this month, hoping that the *knowledge* of my anxiety and my increased efforts to lessen it, along with a new donor etc, will make it happen. Im not going to start the herbs yet, since although I trust they will be beneficial to me, I wouldn't risk taking them during a 2WW while i *could* be pregnant. If it doesn't happen, I'll start the regimen for two to three months, then depending on how I feel, try again. I am hoping that with some meditation, more yoga, and just a conscious effort to be more peaceful, I can begin to make a change for myself, and our family. It was so very interesting, and enlightening, and I am thankful that I went for the reading. I have a lot of faith in Eastern medicine, and I honestly feel like there are things they can see, and treat that Western medicine doesn't have the finesse to tackle.

What do y'all think of my "plan"?

P.S. I had the most fun at my softball games last night, threw myself around the field like a crazy non-pregnant woman, and just really had a blast. However, my back is out *SO* bad this morning I had to be rolled out of bed....
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Scarlett~ Very interesting! I've never visited any practitioners of that sort, so that's fascinating to hear. I'm glad she gave you some good reports, but I can fully 100% see not wanting to wait another seven months to try again. I think your plan sounds solid. You know this anxiety has been a problem for you and you've been actively working on fixing it~ it's nice to know this can be additional help for you, but this cycle's really already begun. Keep it going with your new information in mind and see where it leads you. I couldn't wait another 7 months to try again, so I'm fully behind you (for what that's worth).

Glad you had softball fun last night~ sorry you're paying for it today!

My ignunt chart. Ugh. Last month was the cycle where the progesterone gave me the fake triphasic chart (thanks!) but mostly it looks like every other chart, insem or no. After O, it goes up to 97.90, hangs out there for a while, then drops to 96.8 when af comes. That's what's making me feel so 'road to nowhere'.
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
COCO! YIKES!! Blood is scary, I'm glad the twins are okay, please do keep us posted. I wonder if they're fraternal or identical?
We did find that out... they are fraternal

It was so cute to see them moving around, one was sucking its thumb...
It made me even more attached to them, especially after being so scared of having lost them...
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Coco that is SO scary, I can't even imagine going through that! I hope *so* much everything will be ok! Also your little twins are beautiful! I can't believe how big they both look already.

Library I'm sorry you're so frustrated with your temps. I agree with your DP, there are TONS of pregnancy charts that aren't triphasic. At least yours is clearly biphasic, I wish i had that much right now haha.

Scarlett you learned so much! It sounds like your herbalist is pretty insightful. It's great news that the rest of your body is strong and ready! At least now you have a great plan. I 100% agree with you about not taking so long off, and wanting to limit the number of clomid cycles. Your plan sounds perfect. Is there any way your wife could help you? Maybe by giving you backrubs and having designated relaxation time?

Escher that's so exciting you're seeing eggwhite! I'm excited for you that you'll be starting to TTC again soon. And I *totally* hear you about being excited for everyone here but having it be upsetting when it's someone you know in real life. I was at the grocery store on Friday and saw two pregnant ladies and could hardly look at them. I didn't feel that way before we started TTC or in the early days. But the longer it goes on the more I think "Why did evolution or God or whatever pick you and not me?" At least here I know how hard everyone is trying and planning and spending money and putting in effort. Plus I know you're here on MDC so even if our parenting values aren't identical, you're most likely not going to be parenting in too many ways I might find morally reprehensible like smacking tiny babies and all kinds of other stuff I see random people around town doing. And Portland is a pretty crunchy place, I can only imagine it's much worse a lot of places.

I'm really scared that my neice in law is going to get pregnant before us. There's a big gap between my husband and his older sisters (yeah, 13 years TTC him, but Dad didn't have ANY fertility issues! No way!) and I'm younger than him so his neice is only a few years younger than I am. She got married a couple years ago. Her MIL is rich and actually opened her safety deposit box and said "You can pick any piece of jewelry here if you get pregnant". Her parents also gave her a huge amount of money for a down payment on her house and tried to guilt her aunt and my husband's parents into giving her a ton of money too. Luckily she is so incredibly selfish and money motivated that she plans on concentrating on her career for a long time before having kids. But I'm afraid she'll accidentally get pregnant and then since she lives on the east coast with all of them, it'll be aaalll about her kids and no one will even *notice* once we have kids.

Already someone we know who got married after we'd already been TTC for over 2 years got pregnant on their 2nd try and just had the baby a few months ago. They picked the day that we found out the adoption we'd been working on for 5 months fell through to give us their big news. Then the lady bitched and cried the entire pregnancy about how HARD it was. I just wanted to slap her and ask if it was harder than waiting over 4 years and putting thousands of dollars into it and STILL not having a child.

So I think that's another reason it's easier to deal with people here getting there BFP's. Because everyone here is compassionate about what we all go through. Even if you get your BFP early on, you still express kindness and encouragement and regreat that we couldn't join you sooner towards those of us still TTC.

AFM - as you can tell I'm all irritable and emotional. Hopefully that's a good sign lol. I'm also craving velveeta type cheese lol. I've been making a cheese sauce (milk, eggs for protein, tiny bit of butter and flour, and jack and velveeta. Terrible, I know!) and putting it on nearly everything lol. I'm craving it maniacally! And yesterday I was so exahausted I went to bed at 2am Friday, got up at 8am and took the puppy out. Went back to bed at 9, slept til 2. Back up, ate some lunch then back to bed at 3, slept til almost 7. Back to bed around 8 and slept til 11:30. Got up for a while, went back to bed around 1ish, watched a TV show, then got in a huge idiotic fight with my husband and stayed up way late. But I probably couldn't have fallen asleep again at 2 if not for the idiotic fight lol.

I'm not sure when I'm going to test. Probably no sooner than 12DPO. Stupid Fertility Friend is giving me dotted crosshairs on day 22 now if I put it back to Advanced. But I'm pretty sure day 17 is accurate or pretty close to it. I think I have one more HCG test left. I'm feeling a bit calmer this cycle I think, and like it most likely didn't work. I have some symptoms but not as much as last cycle. So I'm not stressing about testing as much.
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Bunny- My progesterone suppositories are a light yellow color and they look like oval pills with a thicker coating on the outside. I'm not sure if there are other kinds... Good luck with the thread-keeping, we all appreciate it and you know what they say!

Hang in there sweetie! We don't have much longer to test! Stay positive

Scarlett- I think your plan sounds great. You have to do what you think is right ultimately and what you are comfortable with. Treat yourself tenderly and do something special... perhaps a massage?

Coco- Glad the twins are ok. The pictures are so cute, you can really see their profiles.

AFM- Yesterday I had a drop of blood come out on the toilet paper. I was instantly worried but I am trying to stay positive and hope it was implantation spotting. Even though I knew I shouldn't, I tested today and of course had a BFN. I know it's too early, I was just hoping for some positive news. I am definitely experiencing some side effects of progesterone now. I am tired a lot, I took three naps on days I did not have to work in the afternoon. My temps are still up and my bbs are swollen. I also have had a little soreness down there. I think it's from the suppositories at night, I have started wearing skirts and baggy pants and that seems to help during the day. I'm going to try not to test for a while but it's hard!
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Coco~ That's so cool, to be able to see them. Are you planning on finding out the genders ahead of time? Not that it matters, but one can't help but be curious.

Max~ A spot is good~ it could totally be implantation. In fact, I'll choose to believe that's what it was. It's too early to worry about that bfn though.

Bunny~ my progesterone suppositories come in little pink nipple-shaped cups that are all stuck together in a long line. Each little nipple is full of white stuff. I keep them in the fridge, and when it's time, I push on the bottom of the nipple and a little white cone pops out. Fun! Sorry FF is giving you weirdness.

SO HOT today~ 108. The pets are all in little puddles on the floor and I might join them.
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Coco~ That's so cool, to be able to see them. Are you planning on finding out the genders ahead of time? Not that it matters, but one can't help but be curious.
Yes We want to know ! Esp. since its SO hard to have baby clothes that are truly genderless and NOT either green or yellow !!

We've had enough surprises ;-) We are looking forward to knowing exactly who is coming our way

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miss scarlett - have you tried / thought about yoga, tai chi, acupuncture or massage? those helped me and i was really stressed when ttc.

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I'm with you Coco~ I want to know as well, so that we can get proper stuff and also so we can get better shower gifts! I've given enough gifts in my life time, I want good prezzies. If you don't tell people what you're having, you get towels and onesies. I want the good stuff! Keep us posted~ very excited!
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Indigot/Bunny--I do yoga several days a week, walk, run, write, draw....D) All of the above. DP (we're not married ) *is* a massage therapist from years ago, which basically means I get FEWER massages than anybody I know.

Library/Max-- Thanks for the encouraging words! I feel good about our decision, and pretty peaceful (today at least). I have a silversmith friend that is a making me a fertility charm I designed. It's a fish, with a Mother of Pearl eye, and my little baby chant on the back. I cant wait to get it, Ill post a pic when she's finished.

I would definitely want to know the sex, mostly because Im artsy and can't wait to do the nursery, and I have the patience of a gnat.

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday, I swear time slows down when TTC, except, of course, for weekends....
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bunny, thanks for the shiny new thread! it looks great! sound's like you are having some promising Sx... even if one of them is bickering with DH...

scarlett, i say you have a good plan! demand a massage from DP (), try some acupuncture (it helped me immensly!!!!!!) and go ahead with your plan. it's going to work, i just know it!

library, i totally know what you mean about giving away your fair share of prezzies and wanting to get some back! i feel a little selfish but between all of my cousins weddings and baby showers, i feel like i deserve to have some recognition! i can't get married (therefore will not have a wedding) so that is something we may never get to have a shower for... anyway, i think your chart looks just fine... on both of my BFP cycles, i didn't have any sort of spectacular temp rise... it just stayed high at 12DPO. FX!

max, totally implantation!!!!

gumshoe, glad to hear from you... i'm glad to know that everything is going well with you! your due date is the same as mine, right? 4/1/2011?

escher, i totally remember the feeling i had when i got EWCM after my m/c... i felt so proud of my body for getting back on track! i was definitly excited even though we weren't trying that cycle...

QOTD: i definitly feel differently about the BFPs here on mothering.com! i think it's because i feel like we are all in this together, we all want it soooo bad, and we are working so hard at it! and i am happy IRL when the situation is the same. but it's very hard when you hear about that "oops! we're pg" and they seem so indifferent, or worse! i can't wait for all of you ladies to join me in Q&P!

afm, nothing much... busy weekend... u/s tomorrow morning, i'll keep you all posted.

mucho love. xo
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Scarlett~ Your fish charm sounds lovely. Do post a pic when you've got it. And I hear you for sure about how slow the time goes. It's only 10 dpo and I feel like it has been and will be FOREVER!

Wehrli~ Thanks for your temp encouragement too. I guess it's the one thing I can actually see and believe, so I put a lot of stock in it, when really I should just calm down a bit.

And speaking of temp~ 97.6 this morning, so back down again. I'll just try not to think about it.
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Been really busy and at work so only a minute to post. Hugs to Seraf and 5G. This is so hard sometimes.

All those close to testing...

AFM: For many reasons I won't bore you with I'm pretty sure I O'd and missed my window for an IUI. I have mixed emotions - I O'd (I believe) on CD 15 which is closer to what my cycles were prior to giving birth to my DS so I think my cycles are normalizing (last month was CD 20), but I'm bummed I missed this cycle. Part of my disappointment stems from the fact that they calcuate your age by the due date so this was my last chance to still be 38. Any pregnancy after this will put me at 39 when I give birth. For some reason I had a goal of being 38. LOL But I'm happy my body seems to be getting back in the rhythm and I had 4 days of tons of EWCM.
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Hi all. I am somewhat new to the site, but have been keeping up the last few months.

My DP and I are back at TTC for the first time in the last 14 months. We moved to a new city and spent 6 weeks event trying to find a doc to see us, due to being a same sex couple. The south isn't always the best place to live when it comes to these things. Anyway, we found new doc and love her! I had a HSG and laprascopy in May, and all was clear! My doc started me on Clomid this cycle, and we'll attempt IUI tomorrow morning. I am beyond nervous. I never thouht 'getting back in the saddle' would make me this nervous. Ha!

We have a 6 yr old son, who is dying for a sibling. He tells me all the time there's going to be a baby in my belly. I hope he's right!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone, and maybe put some of my butterflies on here.
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