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Max, that parade is truly a work of art. As for estrogen patches, eek. I know we do what it takes, but I feel for you (and your partner!) to be loaded up so with estrogen, progesterone (at least it's not the itchy kind) femara/clomid/whatever. I hope this works quickly and then you can put that part behind you.

Carmen~ Thanks a lot! I'd be interested to hear your home birth experience. I've started to concern my DP by expressing an interest in home birth. I need some more positive evidence to belay her skepticism.
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Not much time for personals sorry but just wanted to check in

Max that's great your doctor is being pro-active about trying new things. I just wanted to let you know you may want to see if there's another form of Estrogen you could take. I was on the patches with my first IVF and they itched so bad I wanted to claw all the way through to my organs. It was so bad that the second time I actually requested the shots!

Library you may want to poke around the birth forums here. I think there may also be some helpful info if you google waterbirth international. I'd be terrified of a hospital birth. I think they are a much more dangerous option than homebirth for a normal healthy birth. I would never go to one unless I knew there was some pressing medical reason.
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Totally unrelated, but does anyone know how long clomid can stay in your system? I took 50mg on cd 5-9, and had no side effects. (I did have a slight headache on cd 5.) Today is the second day I've had a terrible headache and have been very irritated at everyone. My poor DS probably thinks mommy is just mean today. LOL. Every little thing is making me crazed! Anyway, I am only 4 dpo, and wondered if maybe the clomid could still be in my system and causing me to feel this way.
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I think it's possible. I know it's stimulating your ovaries and it takes a while for the eggs to grow even after you stop the clomid. I don't really get headaches or too much irritability so I can't say from personal experience, but I think I remember hearing other people mention feeling that way. Also, sorry you're so miserable
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2ez - it affected my dp's entire cycle.

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Hooray to LibraryLady and 2happymamas! That's such exciting news!
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I've deliberately been keeping away in an effort not to make myself crazy but with the arrival of my period last night, I'm feeling just as crazy and demoralized as all those other bFNs when ttc DS. And I don't have a tribe because I stayed away

I'm not sure if we will try this month or next. Our KD and his partner are about to become parents themselves and I don't want to intrude on the birth and babymoon period.

Congrats to you Library...
And super wow and congrats to 2happymamas! Aren't you clever?!!! How long did it take with DD? I can't recall.
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MujerMamaMismo: I'm sorry. BFNs are such a disappointment. How long did it take you to get pregnant with your DS?

Max: I'm glad that your RE had some ideas, and I hope that the changes are exactly what you need. How are you feeling about it right now?

Painefaria: I hear you about wanting to get pregnant, but wanting even more to have a healthy sticky baby. Hopefully it will happen soon!
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MMM~ I'm so sorry. That's a disappointment like no other. And you do have a tribe, because you have us xo
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MujerMamaMismo- to you! That icky AF! I know it hurts but try to keep your head up!

Library- Look here for some home-birth stories, I read all six yesterday: http://www.ihomebirth.com/birth_stories.html

2ez- My Dr says Clomid stays in your system longer but do not know from personal experience.

I'm feeling positive about trying new things and I feel inspired by the BFP's here! Please move me to Waiting to O!
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Max~ Thanks for the link, I'll check them out then approach DP (slowly and carefully). And I'm so glad you're feeling inspired and positive. BEST OF LUCK!!!

2ez~ My RE also put me on femara because it stays in the body a shorter time than clomid. I'm sure you could do other research, but I very much believe and trust this man.
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Thanks ladies for the input on clomid. I am rarely in a bad mood, but am sooooo irritated today. I feel bad for DS and DP. Odd that I am having these feelings on the backside of the clomid.

Hang in there MujeroMama.

Good luck Max.
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Carmen~ Thanks a lot! I'd be interested to hear your home birth experience. I've started to concern my DP by expressing an interest in home birth. I need some more positive evidence to belay her skepticism.
Sorry, I think you missed my response awhile back - this is such a busy thread!

I had an amazing birth. Everything I wanted and it was just such an incredible experience - I feel so fortunate that I got to experience it as I did. The only thing I didn't get was a water birth because our hot water tank ran out of hot water when filling the pool!! Oh well. I had a quick labour, pushed for 3 hours, no complications, 2 midwives, 2 doulas (we only hired one but ended up with 2 due to scheduling) and my DP attended. I would definitely do it again. I felt very safe the whole time. I think having a doula helped with that as she was there for most of my labour and DP and I felt more secure that everything was going as it should be. The midwife didn't show up until a bit later and then the second showed up when I started pushing. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and was 39 when I gave birth.

We live very close to the women's and children's hospital in our city so I knew if anything started to be of concern my midwives would transfer me immediately. The #1 reason for transfer to hospital from home birth is actually pain relief. As your midwife will probably tell you, if any problems come up they can normally detect them well in advance and will transfer you before things become dangerous. And, our midwives made it very clear that if at anytime we felt even slightly uncomfortable, we would transfer immediately too.

Good luck on making your decision! You have 9 months to think about it We decided fairly early on in the pregnancy - I think about 3 months or so.
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hi guys this is gonna be quick...

so far so good on the not ovulating while Im out of town for this funeral. swimmers came today (our FedEx guy is so nice) I leave first thing in the morning, and return Monday evening. Please cross everything that my egg holds off a couple more days.

Ill check in from my phone when I can, HAppy Weekend!

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MMM I'm really sorry you're feeling so down about the BFN. But we are all here for you, even if you take a break from the thread! Do you want me to move you to waiting to O, taking a break, or somewhere else?

And I'm right there with you. 15 DPO and the test was BFN. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm upset that I'm not pregnant, but I'm really excited about our potential new donor. But I'm stressed out because I haven't been able to get ahold of him. He can be a little bit of a flake sometimes so I'm worried about him being reliable enough to make the commitment. But I'll make sure of that before we go forward with him. I'm just really impatient to know if I need to make plans with him or the current donor.
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Carmen~ thanks for the input. I do appreciate it. It sounds like your experience was ideal. I'm sure since I'm so old they'll try and convince/force me to have a hospital birth. We'll just have to see...

Scarlett~ Very glad you're managing to hold that egg off 'til you get home! Best of luck!

Bunny~ Sorry about the BFN, it's so hard to see. Good luck with this new donor.

AFM~ Stopped temping today, and finally got to use one of those digital tests I'd been hoarding. I guess it's time for me to move to another board, but I love you gals so much....
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Alright, I'm dipping back into this board after the WIERDEST cycle ever. Never got a positive OPK, cervix was HSO just over a week ago, temps were super erratic and down closer to the coverline since jumping up last Saturday (FF says I O'd on CD34), and AF arrived today, about five days earlier than expected. I suspect I had a really late and weak ovulation, which prompted a record-short (for me) 8 day luteal phase.

Moving on! Our swimmers are in local storage, and we're so ready for a fantastic cycle. Summer weather has finally arrived in PDX after a loooong bout of cold and grey weather, and we're doing all we can to enjoy it!
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don't have time for personals but i just got back from my weekend away and had to come say


:j umpers:shamr ock

library.... i [also] just knew this was your cycle!!! so happy for you!!

2mamas, way to go on your first cycle back!!!

i'm soo soo happy you both get to join my DDC... can't wait for some other queers to show up there!!!

library, btw... the documentary "The Business of Being Born" is really good in the favor of home birth. I'd really really recomend it! i don't know if you use netflix but if you do it's even available to watch instantly!

have a good night all...
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Library-- We will miss you! You have to check back in here and there to keep up with everything and keep us posted!

MMM & Bunny-- So sorry for your disappointments, hoping you can begin to look forward to this next cycle.
2Ez-- Clomid makes me all *kinds* of cranky all cycle long. I also always gain about 5 pounds when I'm trying hard not to. Hoping it pays off for you!!

Max & Amy PDX-- Here's to your new cycle and a happy ending!

AFM-- I think I'm in the clear! Woohoo for my body cooperating! Depending on what my lh does today, I think we will insem tonight, tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night. I'm so much more chilled about this cycle and it feels soooo nice! Ready to make that baby! Today will be long with the funeral and flying again, but I'm glad I came.
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Congratulations Library and 2momma's!!!!

Bunny~ Please move me to waiting to O
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