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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post
AFM: I'm finally starting the cycle where I'll get to insem again--hooray! Can I please be moved to waiting to O? Thanks!

Honestly, I'm feeling very discouraged right now. We haven't chosen a sperm donor yet, so we have to do that right away. We've decided to stick with the fertility clinic that we don't really like since we don't have any other options ready and we don't want to take another cycle off. My cycle that just ended was confusing to me--I'm still not sure if I O'd on day 12 or day 15. It just feels like getting (and staying) pregnant is taking forever and who knows if it will ever work. I'm trying to tell myself positive things (i.e. the last time we insemed I got pregnant, most people have a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage, my RE and acupuncturist seem to think I'm doing the right things to get pregnant, etc.), but it doesn't feel very hopeful right now. I know most of you have been through this at one point or another. Any tips for regaining hope? Thanks.
escher, how exciting that you are starting the cycle that you get to try again!! yay!! ....hey, are you dead set on choosing a new donor? i've been meaning to ask you about it since you first mentioned it a month or so ago... after our m/c we decided to choose a new donor because we knew of a few other women that had just gotten pg with the same donor and also m/c'd. then after looking and looking at other donors and thinking about it like, well the "formula" did work and doing some online reading about the chances of the sperm being the cause of the m/c... we decided to stick with the same donor... and i got pg the next try! i'm not saying you should not consider a new donor, just that you may want to still consider the original donor. i think beastie said that when they went with the same donor after they lost their first babe, they decided to stick with the donor because they liked the idea that their first babe and this one would share a genetic bond. i really liked that way of thinking! (thanks beastie, btw)
i really hope you are able to come to your decision soon!
oh, and as far as regaining some hope... you will as soon as you insem! remember, you can get pg again right away!! i felt like it was impossible to actually get pg again the cycle we tried after the m/c but it worked! also remember that it did work, you got the timing right once, you can get it right again, it has repeatablity!
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gelly, i'm sure that them moving out will be for the best, at least for you! i'm sure it's hard to see your sis with that jerk but now is a time you have to try and focus on yourself... (easy for me to say, i'm an only child ) i don't really know about the rh- thing... you are using MWSB right? do you mind if i ask which donor you are going with? and yay for ovaries twinging! i could always tell which side my eggie would be on because of the twinging!

library, i'm no longer going to reply to you here... i am going to send you messages on the Q&P board only! come on over and join us... and the April DDC!!!

vannie, i went to my OB for my yearly exam and told her my DP and i wanted to TTC and that the sperm bank wanted her to sign off on the paper. she didn't know much about it, didn't know that you could even have it shipped to your home and do at-home insems. she told me she would run all of the pre-ttc b/w for me, that she wanted to see my DP in for an exam to see that she was healthy, and to bring the forms in then. when DP went in for her exam, the doc said she did some research, went to the banks website to check for credibilty and she was happy to sign the papers (i wasn't even there!) good luck finding someone... i know that all states aren't the same when it comes to things like this.
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
we decided to stick with the same donor... and i got pg the next try!!
Yeah... and isn't there something about your body remembering the little guys that work ? I mean for rel, look at the success rates here of people either after MC or going for second child... is it me or does it seem to be going alot faster once you have been pregnant once ??
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Originally Posted by KCMommy View Post
Paine - Wow, lots of insems per cycle, eh? Sorry, I am new, so I don't know everyone's history - are you buying frozen?
- K
We are lucky enough to have a very close friend and his wife that are involved. They even take DS so we can have some alone time. Not that DS minds spending time with his daddy and little brother. He tells us all the time that we can "drop him off" at daddy's . So I guess that we have progressed beyond friend right into family
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Hi Everyone,

Coco: I've been noticing that too!

Wehrli: Thanks for the encouragement. You are definitely one of the success stories that I try to think about when I'm feeling discouraged. It is certainly appealing to me to think about using the same donor we used last time (and your reasons and Beastie's reasons make perfect sense). However, my wife really wants to use someone different (she thinks if we used the same donor and then had another miscarriage she would strongly regret using him), and I'm respecting that. Honestly, we weren't madly in love with our first donor when we first chose him--he just seemed like a good enough option. So we're on to someone new!

Gelly: I'm glad that your sister and family are gone, but I'm sorry it wasn't a smooth goodbye. What a tough situation. How is choosing a new donor going?

Library: Hooray for good numbers! And thanks for the encouragement. You're definitely a success story of feeling discouraged and then having it happen! Keep on sending that Amanda baby dust back to us, please!

Vannienicole: Is there another doctor you could ask? Or is there a RE in your area who could sign them for you? Good luck!

Beastie: Hooray for a good ultrasound! I'm so glad that everything is going well for you. Thanks also for the encouragement. Hopefully it will work eventually for me!

AFM: We've chosen a new donor, so I'll order him as soon as TSBC opens today. I'm not madly in love with him, but he seems fine. And last time we chose a donor I wasn't fond of him at all until I actually got pregnant (and then I decided I liked him a lot). We're planning to buy 5 vials right now--2 to use this month, and 3 to use next month (or to save for a sibling if we are insanely lucky this month). I'm feeling a little bit more hopeful today. It's nice to actually be taking actions towards being pregnant instead of just waiting.
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Gelly~ Yay for your follicles, but boo for crappy family drama. I'm so sorry that you feel like you're losing your sister-- honestly, I feel sometimes like I'm losing mine too, but not for terrible partner reasons like you. It's horrible that they came and used you then treated you like crap. Thanks, horrible ungrateful man! I'm sure he felt emasculated by lesbians being able to provide him with things he couldn't provide for himself.

Escher~ AMANDA POWER!!! To you and AHope and AMom (who haven't graced us with their presence in a while...Hugs girls!!) I'm very excited and very optimistic about your vials~ multiple insems is surely the way to go. I'm glad you're feeling a bit perkier. Taking action towards the goal is always so much more satisfying than just dwelling on it. Keep your chin up, girl! oxoxoxo
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Hi, all! I'm back from a fantastic 3 weeks of vacation and conferencing and now have to face the reality of 1) a semester that is about to start whether I'm ready or NOT; 2) a messy, disorganized, and still torn up house; 3) no child care for two weeks. UGH!!

The upside is that I'm back ttc in full force. I started Clomid for the first time (50mg from days 5-9) on Friday and take my last dose tonight. I go in for an u/s tomorrow am and expect to inseminate this weekend (two clinic-performed IUI about 24 and 36 hours after a trigger shot). Unfortunately, I didn't exactly eat/drink according to my fertility diet when I was away and fell back into morning coffee and an evening drink (or two when with good friends in Vancouver--so fun!). So I'm weaning off both indulgences and hoping that my erratic behavior won't affect my chances this month.

I've been reading but don't have a prayer in catching up with personals. I start from here, though.

By the way, is anyone planning to go to the Wisconsin Ren Faire (where Wehrli and her DP work) for rainbow weekend? We're seriously considering driving up on Sunday and would love to meet up!
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Wow, a lot to catch up on!

LibraryLady: Congratulations on such good numbers! So excited for you!

Gelly: Ugh the family drama sounds horrible. I'm sorry but I truly think it is the best thing for you to not have that negativity in your home.

Escher: Good luck with the new donor!

Van: We did have to have a doc sign off on our forms for Fairfax (when we used them although we are thinking of trying out MSB) but we were working with a fertility clinic so it wasn't a big deal. We also had to see a social worker (which I think everyone has to do if they are using donor products -- sperm or eggs).

AmandaH: I'm glad you had such a great time on vacation (where did you go?) and good luck with your insems this weekend!

AFM: We had decided to start trying again in December. We have an appt with our fertility doc on Sept 1 (we use Shady Grove fertility clinic in Annapolis) to see what the next steps will be. We've been 'on a break' for awhile so DP will probably need some repeat b/w and I don't know what else. She had the HSG last time.

Here's a question for anyone doing doctor's office IUIs. Our clinic washes the donor sperm so we've always gotten the ICI samples from Fairfax. No sense in washing sperm twice, right? MSB only offers IUI samples. Do you think it'd make more sense to order from a place that offers ICI samples so that we'd have the best chance of preserving numbers and motility? Our numbers from Fairfax were always fine (not great, but fine and above their 20 million minimum) but we didn't get prego. Of course we only did 2 cycles so maybe we just didn't give it enough time? I know there's only about a 15% chance per cycle.
Looking forward to getting started again but trying to figure out a way to prevent this process from taking over our entire lives.
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sheep: Does your clinic have to wash the sperm? That seems silly to me if it's already been done.

AHope: Glad the trip went well, even though everything else seems to be in upheaval. I think your small lapses will be fine in the long run...like someone else just said, think about all those people who drink and carry on when they don't realize they're pregnant!

escher: Congrats on picking a new donor! I'm planning on using MWSB.

gelly: Sorry for the family drama, that sounds horrendous! I've gone through things like that with my sisters, and we always seem to pull through, so here's hoping. Glad you're twinging!

Library: Hooray good numbers! I'd been having second thoughts over the past month or so, so that was my confirmation!

vannie: Unfortunately, I'm not going to be much of a help on that question. I work for a group of midwives and just asked one of them to sign for me.

beastie: Hopeful sounds good...and thanks for the energy! Of course I would be the unlucky exception!

max: Hooray for the swim team arrival!

2ez: These symptoms are not sounding fun, I'm sorry.

paine: Fingers firmly crossed...have fun marinating!

Scarlett: Happy planning!

AFM: Trying to get everything in order to pick some swimmers today, just waiting for e-mails and phone calls!
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Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post
By the way, is anyone planning to go to the Wisconsin Ren Faire (where Wehrli and her DP work) for rainbow weekend? We're seriously considering driving up on Sunday and would love to meet up!
we would love to see anyone that would come! we are also happy to put discount tix (like 50% off) at the will call window to save y'all some $$!

let me know!
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I SO SO SO wish we could come up for the Faire! I haven't been to a good one in so long. Next year!!
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Scarlet- when I used the ovacue this morning it gave me Thursday, Friday ad high fertility days, and Saturday as my "O" day. My question is can clomid affect the ovacue results? Does the clomid skew the readings?

We were planning on going to the Ren faire, but with everything going on here we won't be able to go. :-(.

We are using MWSB... I love Joanna. We are going w/# 397....I think?! Or its #372. I can't remember right now....I'm at work. I'll look it up and get back with correct info.
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At work so not much time, but I wanted to:

Van: I sympathize with your plight. When I asked my Dr. he said no - due to liability. HUH? Then I asked my OBGYN and she said no. I had to go through infertility and that took forever because I found out I was pre-diabetic so I had to go on a diabetic diet and get my blood sugar where they wanted it to be. It was a long, frustrating process, but in a way it was good. It was scary finding out I was pre-diabetic, but it made me seriously change my ways, lose some weight and take much better care of myself. I'm sure you will find someone to sign your paperwork much quicker than I did.

AFM: I will start testing with OPKs on Thursday and anticipate my first IUI next week sometime.
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It is so mind-boggling to me that some of you couldn't find providers to sign off on paperwork necessary to exercise your fertility and add to your family. How maddening that you need someone's permission and they won't give it to you. Due to liability? Seriously?
I'm lucky that we got hooked up with such a great doctor's office right away (and there are tons of lesbians there, all the time, and they are awesome at including me in conversations and procedures). It certainly isn't how I expected conception to happen though (bright lights, stirrups, speculums, etc.) and it isn't ideal but hopefully it will work! For all of us!

And chiq: I'm not sure if they *have* to, I just know that they do. There's a specialist on staff who prepares the frozen samples for IUI. When we did it last time they suggested we get ICI samples so we'd have the best numbers possible. I'll ask at our next appointment.
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my clinic wanted me to get unwashed so they could wash it themselves but since we use MWSB it came washed and i just told them not to wash it. they were fine with that, and we saved some $$ because we didn't get charged for it (not much because my ins pays for 90% but still). good luck!
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2ezforyou- We do 2 IUI per cycle. Currently we are using California Cyrobank after 4 months with a previous sperm bank.

Van- Aren't you in Canada? I have heard some weird issue with different regions. My RE will only sign to have sperm sent to their office but my general practitioner nurse signed for me to receive it at home. I would suggest asking a few more doctors before giving up!

AFM- I had my positive LH this morning and today's u/s revealed two follies! One 21 and the other 27 (huge!). I hope they work. I just took my Ovidrel shot, it really didn't hurt at all. We were told to do one insem tonight and one tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Also, our super cool nurse gave me free samples of Endometrin. It would have cost me $300 and I was planning to use the itchy Prometrium ($30).
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Originally Posted by maxK View Post
AFM- I had my positive LH this morning and today's u/s revealed two follies! One 21 and the other 27 (huge!). I hope they work. I just took my Ovidrel shot, it really didn't hurt at all. We were told to do one insem tonight and one tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Also, our super cool nurse gave me free samples of Endometrin. It would have cost me $300 and I was planning to use the itchy Prometrium ($30).
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Max~ Fingers crossed! Those follies are huge, get those swimmers in there and maybe you'll have twins! Keep us posted. So exciting!
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Max. Wow--two fat follies ready to go! I'm really hopeful for you that this time is it. And nice nurses with samples are the best. Hope the insems go really well.
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I looked at it and we are using donor # 372 from MWSB.

Does anyone use the Ovacue monitor...if so what do you know about clomid affecting its readings.

Good luck to those inseming in the next few days.
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