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sarah: I'm so sorry to see you go

Library: Happy birthday a bit late. Hooray for Birthday Scrabble!

gelly: Glad you finally got your progesterone!

wehrli: What a beautiful bean!

2happymamas: I think testing on DD's birthday sounds ideal

AHope: Hope vacation's going well!

Scarlett: You'll get it...stupid Clomid messing everything up! That iridology consultation sounds fascinating.

2ez: I'm with everyone else--use that vial whenever you can!

escher: At least things are moving along...soon!

painefaria: I was planning on seeing HCT in Atlanta, but then I found out that T&S were going to be playing by themselves here in Asheville in a MUCH smaller venue. Score! I'm glad the concert was good.

solejean: I'm sorry you missed your window. I hear you on the age thing, if it doesn't happen for me in this cycle or the next, I'll be past my internalized goal as well.

bunny: That cheese sauce sounds pretty fabulous, I won't lie Forget FF, it's evil sometimes!

coco: I'm so glad everything's okay, and hooray for more pictures!

gumshoe: Hope your vacation is wonderful!

AFM: Can I be moved to waiting to know please? I'm at 5DPO and ate the last of my pineapple this morning. It was delicious. I spent the weekend at my family reunion in Nashville, which was fabulous. I told my favorite uncle and his partner that I'm TTC, and they were both super excited about it. I'm having absolutely NO symptoms, which I think is a first. AF is due Tuesday-ish. I'm debating progesterone cream. I think the general rule of thumb is starting at 3DPO, but I forgot to take it with me and didn't get home until yesterday afternoon.
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Chiquita~ Yay for pineapple. I really enjoyed mine too, to the point where I think I'll start eating it more often just since it's so good. How fun that you have a gay uncle~ I'm glad they were excited for you. Let's hope this is it for us~ fingers crossed!
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The IUI went as smoothly as could be expected. I had quite a bit of cramping on my left side, but that's it. The new doc is awesome! I ended up doing one in the doc's office and I informed DP that we'd be using the second at home tonight. Oh the look on her face! LOL! I love it. Thanks to everyone's input. Hoping to do the second IUI around 9 tonight.
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I starting spotting today and had a BFN, I think I'm out for this cycle.
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Hi Everyone,

Max: I'm sorry. What a disappointment.

2ezforyou: I'm glad that the IUI went well this morning! Cramping seems to be normal with them. I hope the second insem goes well!

Chiquitayy: Hooray for the TWW! How many insems did you do this cycle?

Sarahcecile: I'm so sorry. I know you were really hoping this one was going to work. What are you thinking about trying more or taking a break or being done? How are you feeling?

Library: I think that no symptoms sounds like a great sign!

Gellybean: It sounds like you're having some pretty intense symptoms!

Wehrli: HOORAY!!!! I'm so so so happy for you!

2happymamas: It's exciting that you have the same symptom you had with your DD!

Scarlett: Did you get a high today? I hope that things are becoming more clear!
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I tried to respond yesterday and my post got eaten and I got all crabby and gave up lol. My mouse is on the fritz and sometimes closes two windows at a time, or just a wrong window.

So now I'm all behind on personals lol

Library, belated happy birthday!!

chiquitayy I moved you to waiting to know. Your family reunion sounds great! It sounsd to me like it's not impossible you might want to look into progesterone. Though if possible it would be better to get a doc to prescribe it. The creams have such a low dose that it's hard to get them to do any good, plus they're not FDA regulated so it's very difficult to get a consistent dosage.

Sarah I'm so sorry it didn't work out Where would you like to be moved on the list, if anywhere?

2EZ welcome to the thread! Do you want to be added to "waiting to know" on the list? Do you have a chart you want me to try to remember how to link? lol. I agree with everyone, you should totally use your other vial, and your timing sounds perfect. At home IUI's are easier than you might think. Even if you just do it ICI or use an Instead cup or something if you can't get the IUI ready, it would be better than letting it go to waste.

Solejean I'm sorry you think you missed your window. That sucks, but I guess you'll be even more prepared for next time!

Wehrli I'm so so excited for you! I don't have enough posts or time on the board to see the pic I guess, but soon hopefully.

Gelly I'm SO glad you got your progesterone! It sounds like things are pretty stressful there but glad you have some good distractions during the tww hehe.

Sorry for anyone I missed.

AFM - nothing much interesting here. I may have moved past my fake cheese craving lol. I think I may now be on to peanut butter and jelly. These are *not* things I'm usually into. But still, could be nothing.

I tested yesterday, 10DPO. Negative. For me I think it's easier to see negatives early on while I can still tell myself it's too early. That way I ease into it insetad of disappointment all at once.

I think if I don't get pregnant this coming cycle, we may have our donor get his swimmers tested. But I'd think they're fine since he got his gf pregnant twice accidentally. This drive is just killing me. A big part of me is wishing we had someone closer. But we can't think of anyone that would be as good.

As for finding out the gender beforhand, it's not really a priority to us. For one thing that assumes the gender binary, which we don't really agree with. Though I do plan to dress our kids "gender appropriately" til they're old enough to express a preference, just cause I can't resist the cute baby clothes! Also cause to me it sort of seems extreme to insist on everything being gender neutral when they're too young to care.

I've been shopping the resale stores and stuff for years, plus we were prepping for our adoption that fell through last year. So I think we have almost everything we need already. The only things we still need are a carseat, some carriers (I may sew some of my own) and a crib mattress (we'll be getting one the same as our mattress - natural dunlop latex with an organic cotton and wool cover *shameless plug* - shipped from MDC mama Ki, who owns Bower Natural Bedding and gave such amazing customer service that we ended up being friends!). So ideally it would be great if people would just pool together towards one of those higher priced items. Though I may also have someone leak it that I'm a bit obsessed with duckies lol.
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Max~ I'm so sorry. What dpo are you? It might still be too early for a bfn to be 'real'. I hope you get better news soon.

2ez~ Yay for double insems!! Cramping on one side or the other is good! Means it's really happening in there. My fingers and everything else are crossed for you.

Bunny~ I'm guessing if this guy knocked up his gf twice, his swimmers are okay. And also that he should learn to wrap that rascal. I'm unsure of what you mean by ' assuming the gender binary' though. Assuming your child will be one sex or the other?

It's so hot here I can't get motivated to do anything. I just read and nap all day. This is the slooooooooooooowest 2ww I've had. Ugh!
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Library: Sounds like you had a nice relaxed birthday.

gelly: yeah for progesterone!

wehrli: beautiful!

2happymamas: I hope your DD gets a nice birthday surprise.

AHope: ah vacation! I had a short one week vacation and it just wasn't enough.

Max: Hopefully it's just too early for the BFP.

Scarlett: I hope your signs become clear.

2ez: Two IUI's - can't hurt! Good luck! I wish I could do two each cycle, but I only have two vials of my DS's donor left.

escher: Sounds like things are moving in the right direction.

painefaria: Sounds like the concert was good for the most part.

Chiquita: It's funny how we set ourselves up for disappointment. Does it really matter if we're a couple months older? But somehow it does.

bunny: Mmmm PB&J - Yum!

coco: I'm a twin so it's interesting to see the pictures.

gumshoe: Enjoy your vacation!

AFM: Quick question - would you do dental work at 6DPO? I'm supposed to have a crown done. I'm guestimating when I will O and figuring that my appointment will be after my IUI. I'm thinking of just cancelling.
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Solejean~ I've wondered the same thing. I need a crown done too, and I'm wondering what kind of drugs they can/will give you if you're pregnant. I personally would wait until I knew for sure I was pg, and then you could give them specific instructions. Otherwise, I'd hate to risk it.
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I don't think I'd do anything requiring any type of anesthesia after O. From what I have read there is some conjecture that even taking tylenol or ibuprofin at *any* point during your cycle can decrease fertility. My RE doesn't use sedation for egg retrieval (just demerol, which actually makes pain *worse* for me I think) because they think it's too hard on your system to recover from it.

Library that's close to what I mean by gender binary. What I mean is assuming that there *is* just "one sex or the other". I have known many trans and genderfluid people, and one of my exes is intersexed. I feel blessed to be cisgendered but I don't think that gender is necessarily as simple as either one or the other. I don't have a huge agenda of raising my child gender-free or anything like that, I just feel uncomfortable making the assumption that their gender will be simple or immediately apparent at birth and with the usual hype surrounding people wanting one particular gender over another, or caring about the outcome. What matters to me is that for their own sake they are healthy and happy with their bodies and whoever they are.
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The Brill book recommends not doing any major dental work while TTC, i think for mercury reasons.
I'm laying low.
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Max~ Thanks for the tip. I hadn't even thought about Mercury, so it's good to be reminded. How far into pregnancy are we supposed to avoid dental work, I wonder? The entirety of the gestation?

Bunny~ Thanks for clearing things up.

Nothing here~ the 2ww drags on and on and on... Temp went up slightly, but only back up to 97.9, so--to quote another Talking Heads song-- same as it ever was. FF recommends testing on Sunday, I might still test on Friday just because this is dragging on.........
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Oh me oh my. My temp was kinda high this morning, but i was about 40 min later than I normally am, still kinda made me nervous since it was on the lower end yesterday (i.e. a freakishly early O because of the stupid clomid) anyway, I still don't even have a window on my ovacue, but went from low to high on my monitor today. Crap. Even though I *know* that it will become clear, it doesnt stop me from stressing a bit.

Speaking of stress, I have been exploring ways to keep my mind & body more at ease this time around. I have an appt with the accupuncturist on Friday, and then she wants to do another session the night before we inseminate. She sounds WONDERFUL and I am so excited to have an ally in this whole thing.

Library/Solejean--It's amazing all of the things that you think of that could be harmful once youre in the 2ww. We had to spray weeds the other day (during my last one), and I was wearing a mask and being super careful. DP was pretty baffled. As in most things, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Escher--Nothing clear yet, Im CD9, so hoping for some clarity soon. I always hate trying to time the shipping of our samples.... Trying to trust and stay calm

2ez--How did the at home IUI go? Hoping your DP ended up feeling more confident about doing it. Now when you get your BFP, you can just say yall did it yourselves!

Wehrli-- PRECIOUS. I am SO happy for yall
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Hope everyone is well

Max - sorry about the AF
Bunny - I hear you about the easing into the BFN dissappointment. Today is 12dpo and 2nd BFN. Still no AF which should be here so I am not losing hope. I hope that all of these symptoms are pregnancy related otherwise I am probably getting sick
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Painefaria~ As long as af ain't here, it's all good!! I hope your symptoms aren't sickness! Come on babyness!!

Scarlett~ I'm glad you're finding ways to relax. It's not easy when you're trying to catch that egg.

2ez~ I too want to hear how the home iui went. And yes, when it works, you can say she knocked you up!

Nothing here~ I'm having little twingy pains in the uterine area. For example, if regular period cramps are like a foghorn going 'WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH' these are like 'ping, toot, ding, cheep' just occasionally and randomly. I might be imagining it, but it does seem to be real. It's been like this for three days now. Don't know if that means anything, but that's the only thing that's been happening. Seriously, I'm so bored of this wait! It's taking forever this time!!
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Bunny - YES! I'd love to 'officially' be part of the group and added to the Waiting List!

Not much cramping today. I spotted just a bit last night as we were doing the 2nd IUI. My parents are in town too and staying with us! Haven't told them we're TTC. DP and I just decided we were keeping everything between us. I fear the pressure of everyone knowing and asking would only put more pressure on us.

BUT....the 2nd IUI went great. I seemed to be producing lots of CM for some reason last night. After we were finished, there was quite a bit of "liquid" (TMI.) At first, I feared something was wrong and the cath didn't attach to the syringe, but we double checked and all worked as it was supposed to...or so it seems. DP did wonderfully! I was so proud. After the IUI, I joked and told her that she'd better not be 'shooting blanks.' LOL! We're trying to not obsess and overthink this 2ww. Too bad I can't drink wine nightly to help.

Sticky dust to all!

And yay for all those in CA!
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2ez~ I also feel that it is very sad large glasses of wine aren't a useful part of the 2ww. If only we could go back to the 60s for just that moment... I'm glad your IUI went very well, and it's hilarious that it happened while your parents were staying over! I can just see you sneaking about with syringes and trying not to giggle out loud. Let's hope that the two will do the trick!!!
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Library - I cracked up reading your post. It's totally true!!! I had the tank the garage, and I had to sneak into our bedroom (master is downstairs.) My parents were in the hearth room. DP was nervous and asking questions, and I was like 'Shhhhh!' I felt like I was 15 again! Lol!
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Miss Scarlett ? Painefaria ?? How did you get to change your avatar ???
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Good Morning All!

Coco-- I signed up for a membership, it's cheap, and you get a print and digital subscription to Mothering Magazine. It actually took me a couple of minutes to find the link though. After that, you get more options for posting, profiles, etc.

2ez--Good for you, and good for your partner! We do all our own insems, and it is wonderfully empowering (and funny, and a bit stressful, BUT great). We told our family/friends some information early on when we were trying, but it go too hard with each BFN, so we are more secretive now. I think it makes it harder in a way because we are so preoccupied with it, and it's hard not to talk about, but definitely better in the long run in my opinion.

Library--Are you testing today??!?! Im anxious *for* you! Hoping for the biggest, clearest, quickest, stickiest POSITIVE!!!

Painefaria--I feel like I've read a lot of 2ww symptoms where people thing theyre getting sick, only to get a BFP! Hope AF continues to stay far far far away! Did you test today?

AFM--Okay, I need scheduling help again. Today is CD10, last cycle I O'd on CD15/16 (in the night I think), and the month before, a freakish CD11. My monitor is already "high" which is a little early, but my OvaCue is still "low". I don't really have any CM to speak of right now, but it is a Clomid cycle. SO question: What day should I have my samples arrive? I was thinking Saturday, which would be CD 12, and that way the sample would still be good until at least CD 17...and I can't imagine I would O tomorrow or early Sat, but Im a little nervous that my monitor is already up. What do yall think? Play it safe and overnight it tonight, or 2 day it for Saturday???


(PS the Ovacue is "supposed" to give a window of 5-7 days ahead of time, which has usually happened LONG before now, but it hasnt yet, and still just says "low", so that's why im a little nervous about missing it on the other end...)
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