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Is there anyone else I still need to move?

Painefaria it would be great if you'd take over September duties. I'll PM you the cut and paste of this month's. Hopefully you'll get Wehrli's luck and not mine.

Scarlett that is incredible news! I'm so excited for you! I thought I read here that sometimes the follicles will go on to produce progesterone which will prevent the others from ovulating more, but it sounds like that's not the case here? It's great news that your endometrial lining looks so good, especially even having the stripe! I've heard that the stripe isn't necessary but I think a lot of doctors think it greatly improves chances.

AFM - the yeast seems to be a tiny tiny bit better today. My ovary is about the same or worse. I'm feeling frustrated that they didn't give me more info, and I'm wondering when I should have a follow up. I'm not even sure what kind of doctor I should try to go to. I'm wondering if I could be seen by an R.E. for it and still have insurance cover it. It seems to me something like this might be beyond the true expertise of most OBGYNs. Also it looks like we're going to be taking September off also, which I'm pretty upset about.

QOTD - I test starting around 10 or 11DPO. I prefer to start testing early so I still have the hope of it turning BFP, and it's an easier let down if it doesn't. I usually use pretty cheap tests so it's not like we're going broke on it.
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Bunny: Could you move me to waiting to know - the TWW. Thank you!
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It's 13DPO and I got another BFN and starting spotting a little. It's not the full AF but I'm pretty sure it's inevitable. I've decided to stop taking the progesterone. DP and I have also decided we are throwing in the towel on DIY IUI's and going to the Dr office next month.
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Library has had the longest 2WW in history!
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Morning all~

Burg--- Heheheee lets make bets. I bet EVERYTHING Library gets a BFP...

Max--Ugh. So sorry s MAYBE just MAYBE those are implantation spots/cramps? You know me, it's not over till the mean ole AF sings a full on opera, and even then there are those weird "I swear I had my period for my WHOLE pregnancy and I didnt know I was pregnant and I had my baby in the toilet" stories.... As much as I wanted to do it myself, and even though DP is a nurse practitioner, I'm thinking I may have to break down and go to the doc too, if for nothing more than some peace of mind...

Bunny--I've read that too, but Im *hoping* that since I'm planning on triggering that will kick those eggs right out of there Who the heck knows at this point. This has been the WEIRDEST cycle ever. I really think that you should go ahead and go to a full on OB/GYN. Coming from a family practice background, it's going to be hard to find a regular doc that has the time/energy/ and patience to deal with your regular "female" problems PLUS the infertility. I think you will get a faster and more accurate diagnosis from an OB. Just my :twocents

2Ez--I completely agree with Amanda. This was my first cycle also, and it has been the craziest cycle in history, so Im not sure what a good example I'd be BUT I did my first on CD 11 (Monday), the lead follicles were 13 & 15mm so I have my next one this morning CD13 (Wednesday). I think it would be almost impossible to correctly time an IUI off of only one ultrasound and UNLESS you wait long enough, get lucky, and happen to hit the nail right on the head with one u/s of mature but not yet ovulated eggies. Once again my :twocents

Painferia-- SO sorry hon. Hoping you can relax for a few days before the TTC fury hits again. Glad you'll get the threadkeeper dust for September

Solejean/Indigot--Second u/s this morning, thanks for chiming in! I don't feel super clear headed now, and it's so nice to have yall to think for me sometimes

Escher--WOOTHOOT! Eat that pineapple!

OK AFM-- Me= (once again)
This cycle is KILLING me. My Ovacue is totally tripping out. I got ovulation confirmation AGAIN last night (it was a super dark purple color, which I've never seen yet on the monitor...). I think the Clomid must goof my hormones up so much that it can't make heads or tails. My temp is still relatively low (compared to other cycles) so I think I'm still okay, but that didn't keep me from being a wreck all night. I go for my second u/s in an hour, so Im just hoping/praying/wishing that the eggs are still in there, and growing like weeds. AND that this u/s gives me a definite trigger time period. (My therapist always used to say "When setting ones intentions one must be *VERY* specific..." SO there ya go, those are my intentions. Ill keep yall posted.
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Amanda - thanks! We have SOME that insurance pays for, but most is out of our pocket. On the u/s, I think we have to pay $300, which I don't mind if it's going to help. My doctor hasn't mentioned a trigger shot, so I doubt I'll be having one.

Scarlett - I am with you on the crazy cycles and the clomid doing weird things, but I think I am adjusting well.

The called my doc this morning. She initially wanted to do an u/s on cd12, but that will be this Sunday. Since Monday is a holiday, I am guessing she'll want to do it Tuesday - cd14, which SHOULD be fine. I have been O'ing cd16-18. Anyway, today is doc's surgery day, so I hope to have a call tomorrow about when she wants to do it.

In talking with my nurse this morning, I found out that they did want me on 100mg of clomid this month. After last month's IUI, my doc wanted to increase me to 100mg, but when I picked up the prescritpion, it was onnly 50mg of clomid, cd5-9. I assumed that the doc changed her mind and didn't question it. Today, in talking to the nurse, it WAS supposed to be 100mg and the pharmacy screwed it up. Maybe it was meant to be, and the 50mg will do the trick. Oh well!
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