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scarlett, is it possible to go in for an u/s today or tomorrow to see how big those follies are?? it might give you a better idea on how far until O you are... just an idea...
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Wehrli-- Thats an excellent idea, and one I had been contemplating for this cycle.... THANK YOU!

We had a death in the family over night, so I will be flying home probably Sunday and Monday for the service. Hoping I don't miss my egg. Priorities though.
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Oh Scarlett I'm so sorry to hear of the death in your family! I hope your family recovers OK and that your timing works out. Is there any chance you could have the sperm shipped in time and then bring it with you on the trip?

Is anyone testing today? Any good news yet?

I'm feeling pretty "out". Started spotting today, and my cramps seem even worse than usual (which is already pretty agonizing). I'm feeling so upset and frustrated. I know it's only been a couple cycles, but we are not starting from scratch just trying to have sex around day 14 of a cycle you know? I'm doing so many things to boost my fertility, and working with fresh sperm and tons of insems and on clomid. I know so many of you have gone through this exact same feeling. I just don't know what could be going wrong? I feel like we've tested so many things it doesn't seem like there are many options left for why it's not working.

Meanwhile the drive is just killing me. It's not a destination we would choose to go to at all. I'm wishing so much there was a way we could have someone local or at least a little closer. We don't feel like sperm back is the right choice for us. The situation with our donor and knowing him so long and his family situation is all ideal. And I really like our donor and he has many great qualities. But I'm not attached to him above any other sperm in the world you know? I just don't know how to go about finding other sperm lol, and I feel uncomfortable thinking about trying with someone we don't know very well. But a teeny part of me is feeling like I should put an ad on craigslist or something and just see what's out there. I do know another couple who found their donor that way, and got pregnant their first cycle with him!
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hang in there bunny... it's not over yet...

not to mention it takes up to an average of 6 tries for a person to conceive. i know you are doing everything just right and increasing your odds, but it still seems to have something to do with luck. have you thought about getting your donor donating at a fertility clinic? they could store it so you didn't have to drive there every month... maybe you could have it washed and then do IUIs? maybe you've thought of all of this, maybe you don't want to/can't for some reason. i'm just trying to brainstorm for you... thinking of you. xo
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Wehrli thanks so much for the encouragement and ideas. I know it can take an average of 6 cycles, but I think that is based on straight couples on no fertility meds and with no special knowledge about timing or anything. I wonder what the average is for timed clomid cycles. And I ovulate just fine on my own so clomid should just be an added boost!

I've thought about having him donate at a clinic. It's pretty expensive though, and then they have all sorts of rules, like they want to quarrantine for 6 months. Plus then it would be way less potent after the freeze/thaw. And he'd still have to be able to get to a clinic. There isn't one near him at all. I'm thinking we probably should do that just as a backup for the future though anyway.
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Hey all~

Scarlett~ I'm so sorry to hear about the death in your family! I'm glad you're going to do what you need to do, but I understand what you're saying about hoping it doesn't mess up your cycle. Please keep us posted and know we're thinking of you.

Bunny~ Your problem does sound frustrating, though I'm not sure I could go the craigslist route. Lord knows what you'd end up with! I'm sure it'd be so easy to lie about family history, etc, it could be problematic. I hope you're not out this time. Keep your fingers crossed!

Day 13 for me. I might test tomorrow, and I might wait for another day. DP is housesitting this week in a house I'm allergic to (we don't know why, but I can't be in it for more than two hours without breaking out in hives/being unable to breathe) and I'd hate to test without her here. So maybe Saturday if af hasn't shown up. My intermittent cramps yesterday afternoon gave way to steady cramp pain in the evening (with occasional twinges, at times feeling like I was being jabbed in the cervix~ fun!) but today it's been much better. No blood, no spotting, but CRAZY amounts of creamy/lotiony cm. I keep feeling like I've started, and running to the toilet expecting blood, but it's just more cm. So I don't know if this means anything, or if it's just progesterone mind F@#* part 5, but that's what I've been experiencing. Temp went back down to 97.73 again today. I just live in fear of waking up tomorrow with a 96 temp and knowing it's all over once again. I'll keep you posted, of course.
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Scarlett: Sorry to hear about your family member.

Bunny: Craigslist sounds like a scary way to pick someone. I understand about not wanting to use a sperm bank, but at least you know they don't have STD's etc. Plus - you have to wonder about the legalities and custody issues that could come up. Hopefully this will be your month and you won't have to worry about it.

Library: Those sound like symptoms I had when pregnant with my DS. But I don't know what effects the Progesterone might have. Still I think it sounds wonderfully promising!

AFM: Twiddling my thumbs waiting for AF and the beginning of my next cycle. Time is draggggggging.
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Solejean~ I don't want to get my hopes up, but I have to say that the fierce cramping followed by no blood has made me wonder. Thanks for your input! I'm not looking forward to more disappointment (though who of us does?) but I guess it could maybe possibly actually happen. Fingers crossed!!! I think I'll wait til Saturday to test, just in case.

OH! I forgot to tell you all~ when we played Scrabble on my birthday, DP drew tiles out of the bag and placed them on her rack, and the way they came out and lined up spelled BABY OUI. So let's hope that's an omen from the Scrabble Pixies!!
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Originally Posted by BunnyLullabye View Post
I wonder what the average is for timed clomid cycles. And I ovulate just fine on my own so clomid should just be an added boost!.
Our doc told us that 60% of his patients get pregnant within 6 months...
Have you done the HSG test yet ? It can boost your chances for a few cycles... but its not a fun test...

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Bunny~ I did the HSG. It wasn't fun but it wasn't nightmarish, and it is supposed to increase fertility.
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Library (and everyone else too) I really hope this is the cycle for us! That's great either way that you're having tons of CM. Even if it's not a sign, maybe you'll have great CM for insem next try. I've been feeling like I have more creamy CM than usual too. The annoying part was that it seemed like hardly anything when it was insem time.

I don't think I've exactly done a HSG. I had an exploratory laproscopic surgery right before we started TTC 4.5 years ago. At that time they ran dye through my tubes and said everything flushed through just fine, but I guess they didn't do the x-ray or whatever to watch it going through?

Our insurance won't cover anything infertility related. I wonder if there's any other coding that could apply. I mean obviously I have tons of menstrual pain but I'm not sure if an HSG would diagnose anything associated with that.

I don't know what else could really cause issues. I mean with the IVF I made tons of eggs and both times all but 1 fertilized. My CM isn't usually too bad. I guess implantation failure seems most likely to me from what I'm aware of.
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Really short post, as we are still on vacation. I tested today, at 10 DPO, and it was a BFN. I know it's early, but I am feeling little hope for this cycle (WITH DD, I got my BFP at 8DPO). There were two mature eggs....how could it be that neither one of them fertilized? Ugh. I will probably test again Friday morning (12 DPO).
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LibraryLady and 2ez- I also wish it were helpful to drink large glasses of wine. Sad, I miss it already!

Dental Work- The documentary I saw on the issue is called The Beautiful Truth and it's available on netflix. After seeing it, you probably would wait to do your dental work throughout the whole process. Brill also recommends doing dental work several months before TTC or taking a break if it's necessary to do the work right away. (Yes, I have the book memorized.)

AFM- Still spotting, expecting AF any day now. I have an appointment on Friday to speak to my RE about switching from Femara to Clomid. I read Femara could possibly be more dangerous for the baby. Not sure if it's true so I'm going to speak to my RE about it.
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I can't believe it, we might have a new donor!!!! I really like the donor we're using now for a lot of reasons, but the new guy is a really close friend AND it looks like he'd have time to come here when we need him, so it would save a TON of time off work and money. It's funny cause we've both been saying off and on for months "Why can't we just use M? I wish we could..." but we'd been discounting him cause we had no idea he'd be willing, and because he has hazel eyes and we both have blue. But a few weeks ago we were chatting and he told me that he'd love to donate sperm and had wanted to offer but didn't want to put us in the awkward position of figuring out how to politely decline lol. I thought that was just about the sweetest thing ever! So we've been tossing the idea around more and more. Today I actually asked him and he said "Omg really? Yeah of course, just let me know what you need and I'll be there for you guys". And turns out his daughters both look a *lot* like us, and one of them actually looks like she could practically be a twin of my MIL at that age! So aside from hazel eyes I think he actually looks more like my husband than our current donor!

I'm SO excited! Even if we end up not switching, or alternating cycles or something, I'm just SO relieved and excited to feel like we have more than one option. I've been really stressing out about how long it might take and how much pressure that might put on our donor, plus how much it costs. It's costing around $800 at least per trip right now. If our other friend can do it, it would probably cost about $300 or less, plus no missed work!

At this point it looks like I'm probably going to book him a plane ticket as soon as AF gets here (assuming it does, which is seeming most likely right now) and I know what the right dates will be. We figure the worst we have to lose is a cycle off and less than $300, and either way we're getting a visit with an awesome friend!
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interesting article i found on cnn (m/c mentioned as a caveat):


the hospital the study was done at is the one my sister and sil delivered their babies at.

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indigo, thanks for the link... it made me feel even more relieved about this pg!

bunny, that's great you found a new potential donor!! FWIW, both of my parents have blue eyes and i have hazel...

max, damn that witch, playing games with you!! clomid worked for me!

2happy, sorry for your bfn... but it's too early. FX that you get some good news with your next test.

library, i think maybe the scrabble tiles know something we don't! i'm pulling for you! stay away AF, you ugly witch!

afm, i feel bad posting about myself here... i don't want to rub it in that i'm pg. but i'm 6 weeks today! that's farther than i got last time!! only 2 more weeks until we get to see the heartbeat.
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Please move me to WAITING TO O

Good Morning Ladies... just wanted to check in quickly
Bunny- that is so exciting! I can not imagine having to do that much travel.
Library - hopefully the scrabble pixies are right!
2happymamas - good luck in your testing.
Everyone else in TWW good luck.

AFM - AF came this morning so it looks like I will not be having this little one before my 35th birthday. We are going on vacation and will be spending most of the time at th IL's so I will be MIA. Hoping to check in to see all of the BFP'S

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oh, i'm so sorry painefaria...
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Good morning, everyone!

Painefaria: I'm sorry. What a disappointment! Will you be trying again next cycle?

Gellybean: Your temps still look great, but I'm sorry you got a neg test yesterday. Have you taken progesterone before? Sometimes it does wacky things. I hope you're going to get your two lines very soon!

Wehrli: Hooray for making it to 6 weeks!

Library: Did you test today or did you decide to wait until tomorrow? Your cramping and CM sound like good signs!

Bunny: Have you tested yet? Hooray for your possible new donor! He sounds great!

Indigo: That's an interesting article. Thanks for sharing it!

MaxK: Do you usually have lots of spotting before AF arrives? Have you tested recently? I'm glad you have an appointment to discuss meds if that is needed.

2happymamas: I'm sorry about the BFN. Hopefully you'll get better news soon!

Solejean: I hear you about time dragging when you're waiting for AF!

Scarlett: I'm sorry to hear about the death in your family.
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Thanks for the sweet It was my Stepdad's Dad, so my step-grandpa I suppose. They live next to my parents and we are all really close. My gma came to get my parents yesterday morning because she couldnt wake him up. He was healthy and active and went peacefully in his sleep, I suppose we can all wish to be that lucky. Thanks again for the good thoughts and hugs.

Library--FWIW My best friend here was like 6 wks pg, m/c and then a few weeks later was cramping and bloated and just knew she was finally going to start and be able to think about her new cycle. All the signs were there and AF just would not come. She ever wore her nice white panties just *KNOWING* that would do the trick. She's now 37 weeks and about to pop. She never even had a visit by AF in between pregnancies. So based on her experiences, I think your cramps but no AF sound like GREAT news!

Painefaria--So So So sorry. Enjoy your vacation. Hopefully that's just the break you need to get ready for your BFP

Bunny-- How exciting about a new donor! Maybe it hasnt worked with the other one because THIS guy is supposed to be THE ONE! Congrats!

AFM-- CD-11 My swimmers will be here tomorrow. I leave Sunday morning for the funeral, and will come back Monday evening. From the CBE monitor sticks, it looks like my Estrogen line is fading, (thus the "high"), but my Lh line hasn't budged. I just have realize that I have no control, if I O while out of town, then it wasn't meant to be this cycle. If I catch it, then WOOHOOO! My ovacue is still playing coy, but *what* would I do if I had completely clear signs of O?!?
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