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Whoa, so much going on! Very exciting!

Miss Scarlet - Sorry about your family loss. Hoping O hasn't happened yet. Sending lots of positive vibes.

Bunny - I apologize if I am asking too many questions, but I am new and playing catch up. Are you and DP set on using a KD? It sounds like you're costing yourself more $$$ and time by using a known. Is a sperm bank not an option? Just trying to catch up.

AFM - It's 3dpo, and it feels like it's 487dpo...haha! The waiting game isn't fun. I've had mild cramping here and there, but I know that's normal for post IUI. I am trying to not look at every single 'symptom' out of fear of driving myself nuts! Hoping to get a massage this weekend to help relieve some of the waiting game stress.

Sticky dust to all!
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Painefaria~ Ugh, I'm so sorry about af. So frustrating! Especially when you feel like you have a significant birthday looming into the process. Will you try again right away, or take time off? Will you have a glass of wine?

Scarlett~ Sorry you're having to go through such a stressful time right now. I hope it passes as smoothly as possible for your family, and doesn't disrupt your process too much. And thanks for the tip about your friend. I've been trying not to get too hopeful, but I'll admit to skimming the internets looking for hints.

2ez~ I know what you mean about it being day 478! This wait has taken forever. Of course, I don't make it better by getting all the way to a good testing day then chickening out!

AFM~ Well, I chickened out of testing today, but my temp didn't go down, indeed it went back up to that 97.9 that it loves so much. The major cramping is gone, but I've still had occasional twinges (last night while I was trying to fall asleep I felt like my cervix was squeezing shut as tightly as it could). But still no blood, not even the faintest tinge on the toilet paper (and believe me, I'm really looking...) I'll test tomorrow for sure, and report back no matter what!
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Max~ I'm sorry about your spotty crampiness. I hope it's not true, do keep us posted.

Wehrli~ I don't feel like you're rubbing it in. I'm glad to have updates on your progress. I feel like we've all been here together through so much, I want to know. And like someone posted a few days ago, it's never as jealous-making or painful to see success from you ladies as it is to see random pregnant strangers, so please do keep us in the loop!
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Originally Posted by wehrli View Post
bunny, that's great you found a new potential donor!! FWIW, both of my parents have blue eyes and i have hazel...
Delurking (I'm following all of your journeys avidly while I wait impatiently to start my own queer family) to say that I also have hazel eyes while both my mother, father (and only sibling) all have blue eyes. In fact, I got very excited while studying genetics in 9th grade biology when we learned that blue eyes are recessive. I was convinced for a happy moment there that my mom had had an affair and my father wasn't in fact my father (he's kind of a jerk). Sadly, my hopes were dashed when my biology teacher informed me that hazel eyes are considered blue. Actually, it's apparently even more complex than that, but you're still in the right camp genetically speaking with a hazel-eyed donor.
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Fille~ Welcome and yay for de-lurking. Your info is also fascinating. Hazel eyes are considered blue? Even though they're, like, green and brown? How is that determined and by whom? So odd! My mom has hazel eyes and my dad brown ones. My sister's eyes are dark blue and mine are a kind of everything/nothing grey that's heavily influenced by the color of my clothing (my students think I'm magical because I can 'make my eyes change colors'). I'm also the only person in my family without AB blood, mine being simply B. Ah, science!
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fille, i also find your info very interesting... my eyes have green, blue and yellow/brown flecks all mixed together. they also "turn colors", with the clothes that i wear and also with my mood. ie, excitable/extremely happy = green, somber = blue, etc.
gotta love me some science!
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count me as the third person interested in what you had to say fille! ds2 has hazel/green eyes at 6 months+. dp has dark brown eyes (she's 1/2 asian) and our donor has blue. we thought for sure ds2's eyes would be brown - and they may yet turn brown of course.

ds1's eyes are a beautiful blue. mine are like yours wehrli, gold flecks and all. we used the same donor for both boys.

library, your symptoms and lack of af approaching are very promising. i have everything crossed that it's not another p4 mindscrew.

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Painefaria- So sorry about the BFN! How are you feeling? I know I was depressed for a good couple of days.

indigoscot- Thank you for the article link. I found useful information there!

Wehrli- Wonderful news! Yay! Good for you! Stay sticky!

escher12- Yes, since January I have been spotting from 4-7 days before my period starts. I’m not sure what it is. I am going to bring it up to my nurse today and my RE later in the afternoon. I’ve already had numerous blood tests and so far they have found nothing unusual.

Miss Scarlett- Are there any other ovulation signs you can track to help balance the ambiguity of the LH surge? I know for me I felt like my LH surging was an unreliable sign. I focused on my temperature and cervical opening. If you O while you are out of town, is there anyway you can get your sperm delivered there?

Bunny- Good luck with the new donor! Sounds promising! I wish I had fresh sperm.

You really have some will-power to wait till tomorrow! I would be so excited to test if I were you. Good luck and

fillefantome- Welcome! My entire family also has blue eyes and I have green eyes. I also thought my mom had an affair when I was younger, also it was a mysterious and happy thought. I guess my green came from a mix of brown in my grandmother’s eyes.

AFM- Getting my annual today with my nurse practitioner, who I love and this afternoon speaking with my RE about the next cycle and my spotting.
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Max~ I hope your doctor visit went well, even though I wish you didn't have to have one at all. What did you learn about the spotting? I hear your wish for fresh sperm. Thinking about the tiny partial-amount we get for our $500 is sometimes infuriating.

I've spent all day thinking about testing. I'm very apprehensive about tomorrow morning, but am ready to face the music. I've continued to have twingy, poky cramps from time to time, and (TMI ALERT) I have so much lotiony cm it's like actual lotion. I don't know that this is really truly it, but I know I've not had a cycle like this one before, so we'll see how that goes.
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Well, I couldn't hold out until the morning and had to pee on a stick and guess what!??!!?!?


The Scrabble tiles were right!!!!! Cycle started on DP's birthday, implantation on my birthday~ exactly what I wanted!!! We're cautiously excited~ can't believe it really. I can't stop giggling!
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Wonderful news Library, it was about time we had a BFP around here!

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Thanks ladies!! I can't believe it. I have the stick on the bathroom windowsill and I just keep looking at it and giggling! DP keeps crying, but I haven't cried yet, I just still can't believe it.

You guys are so wonderful. You make this whole process so much easier xoxoxoxoxoxo
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Thanks Escher. And that's quite an assortment of smileys~ I didn't even know the belly dancing girl existed! That's my fave so far, along with the jump roping sheep.

Thanks again everyone. I just want to tell a million people now x
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:ba by

stick stick stick

Remind us how long you'd been trying?
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SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I had a feeling this time... Go team Amanda! I fully plan on joining you in about a month.
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Library, can you test later in the day? Here's a link Escher gave me a couple months ago that I've found really helpful http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/...ine_sample.php I'm impatient for you to test because last night I had a dream that you got a positive! I was busy typing out a broccoli parade for you. Oddly for some reason you knew it was going to be a girl and you were going to name her Cassidy.

Wehrli (and everyone else who is pregnant) I really like you still being here and checking in with us. I like hearing the updates, and getting your advice.

Painefaria I'm so sorry about AF!! Do you want me to move you somewhere on the list?

Scarlett I guess it's good that your grandfather died peacefully, but still sad that he had to go now. I really hope your timing works out.

Max I also hope your doctor's visit went well! I've always spotted for like 5-7 days before my period, but that has significantly decreased in the last couple years. I think it may be from a combo of thyroid meds and progesterone supplements. Sometimes even if your progesterone is borderline you can benefit from supplements.

Fille welcome to the thread! Thanks for de-lurking and that's a really interesting story! I know I would have felt that way too.

I can't believe how many people have hazel or green eyes with both parents having blue!! That makes me feel a *lot* better. We will of course tell our child about our TTC journey including how our donor helped us. But we're not positive who else we're going to tell or not. In some ways it's been such a huge journey for us that I feel the need to be open about it, and in other ways I feel like that may be more the child's story to tell. So I will be happy if they look enough like us that they at least don't have to deal with nosy people in the grocery store constantly, you know?

It's frustrating with eye color charts. They all seem to calculate on brown/blue/green and there's no hazel option. I don't think hazel would count as brown. I found this pretty interesting article http://www.thetech.org/genetics/ask.php?id=126 that basically hypothesizes eye color could also be determined by a modifier gene that determines how much melanin is produced and that it could make blue or green into hazel.

So here's our family history - My husband - blue (1 blue sister, 1 hazel sister), MIL blue, FIL hazel. Me - Blue, no sibling, mother green, father blue. Donor we're using now - blue, not sure of parents or sibling eye color. New donor hazel, not sure of sibling, mother "martini olive green" , father hazel.

2ez you asked about our decision to use KD rather than bank. It's always been very important to my husband that we use KD. Just a personal thing but he feels a little creeped out by banks, that it was just some guy in college looking to make a few bucks. Also we can't stand how little info you get from the banks, and we both know how easy it is to lie and present a false good impression. Also banks are so expensive and I've heard that it can take much longer because of the lower numbers. We know someone who tried 4 cycles with bank sperm and then got pregnant their first cycle with fresh.

So it's important to us to know the donor fairly well. We like that we can pick facial features that appeal to us and/or are similar to my husbands. We want our donor to be willing to talk to the child(ren) if they have questions growing up. And it feels to us like a nicer story to be able to say "Our donor saw Mommy and Daddy struggling, and how bad we wanted you, and he believed we'd be wonderful parents, so he helped us make you", and to know that his motives are more altruistic than possibly financially motivated (Not that a lot of guys might not be donating to banks for both reasons). We also feel more comfortable with the small amount of half-siblings that may be out there using a KD vs banked sperm. Especially since my dad (assuming he was my dad) wasn't exactly faithful to anyone lol and who knows how many half-sibling I may have out there! I know there are 5 or 6 for sure, and I only know a couple of their names, and it wouldn't surprise me if there were MANY more.

In other news (wow, this post is getting long lol), I finally reached my midwife and...turns out I'm NOT Rh negative!!! We read the paperwork wrong because it's always listed in a different order, so I'd been worried for months, for no reason!
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Rofl well obviously I took too long to post the last message but ....yeah...so apparently I had a prophetic dream!


(no variety, just like in my dream haha). So, are you going to name the baby Cassidy? rofl.
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Team Amanda Power!!!! AmandaH, you'll totally be joining me in a month, and after Amom's fabulous honeymoon, she'll join us too.

Burg~ thanks for your smileys and encouragement! And yes, PLEASE stick little bean!! This was our sixth try in about 14 months. Isn't the average six tries? So there we are, right on the average.

Bunny~ I love your dream! And apparently you're psychic about the positive. I'd love a girl, too, though I'm sorry but I'd not name her Cassidy.

I plan on peeing on all the other tests in the house over the next few days, just to watch the colors change.
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