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Am just posting here because even though we only have three kids...I am feeling lonely. Almost everyone I know has 1-2 children. We're already weird for having three but we're going to try again in December for #4 and I know I will need some form of social support. I know only one family IRL with four children and the fourth one was a surprise...I would love to meet some flesh and blood families with lots of littles but for now, I need SOMEBODY...so, here I am. Anybody have any tips for meeting large families IRL? Where did you find your friends?

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Hi, there is another thread on here - Summer '11 - check thar one out for some discussion about finding support.... I can't write a post right now, but i wanted to direct you to the new thread.

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Hey mamas. Tell me about meal times.  Not so much dinner, but breakfast and lunch. I'm SO tired of being a shorter order cook!  NO ONE can agree on what they want to eat. Half of the kids don't like oatmeal, they ALL want their eggs cooked differently, most don't like sandwiches, one won't eat a lick of produce, AAAAHHHH, snacks are impossible. I'm just tired of it. I would just like to put the food out and have them ALL eat it for once.  Mealtimes and snacktimes (so, uh, 5 times a day) are a HUGE energy suck for me. It's like this dark cloud that hangs over the house. What do you do??? I'm so, so, so tired of the pickiness. 

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