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Waiting4SJ, you've been moved. I hope your next TTC cycle results in a pregnancy.
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Please move me to Waiting to Try Again...AF showed up on Thursday after a couple days of spotting that had me sort of hopeful for implantation...It was a short period but still definitely a period.

We're going to wait until October to get back to business. We have a busy couple of months ahead, some work and travel stuff and it wouldn't be a great time to be feeling horrible. If anything changes I'll check in, but I'll be back in October.

Fingers crossed for everyone else still waiting this month, and s to everyone who'll be back at it next month.
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No more spotting since yesterday afternoon, but I'm still cramping a good bit. I had a big temp drop this morning, but it's still above coverline. I was tempted to test this morning, but held off. Maybe tomorrow, if my temp goes back up or at least holds steady.
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I guess I'll join in here! Last time I thought I was pregnant the DDC was up pretty early, don't see a May one yet, seems like someone should be over there by now.
Weekend Check-In
Name: Sara A.
Date: Aug 21
Where are you in your cycle: CD 24
Symptoms if they apply: hot flashes, smell aversions, a little itchy in there.
When are you thinking of testing: really want to wait til missed period
Thoughts: I don't remember it being this hard to wait when TTC DS #1
Appointments: none til BFP
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: om namah shivaya when overthinking things.
Do you have any stress triggers: crazy toddler throwing things!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: hooping
Partners feelings if applicable: ready, but he's chill about the waiting
Plans for this weekend: mom is coming tomorrow to visit, i know she'll be watching me like a hawk for signs!
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Fingers crossed for you heathenmom! I'm hoping for a temp jump up tomorrow for you! And a BFP whenever you decide to test
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Actual temp stayed the same (just above coverline) ... adjusted temp went back up (yesterday's was taken over an hour late; this morning's was taken 45 minutes early). Still no cramping, no more spotting. So I tested again and got another bfn. WHY do I do this to myself?
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BarefootinBrooklyn, you've been moved. Hope you get pregnant right away when you start trying again.

naturechicplus1, you've been added. Welcome! At CD24, you must be getting close, right? Good luck! BTW, in your signature, you mention being married to a "German professor". Is that a professor from Germany or a professor of the German language? Sorry to pry. I'm just curious because my husband is German.

heathenmom, I still have my for you. You're still early. A positive might not even show up yet, especially if you have a late implanter. How long is your usual LP again?

So, all, I'm 11DPO and feeling optimistic at the moment. A bit anxious to know, but still staying positive. Test day is Wednesday.
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Sweet.bee, you're my hero! You just seem so ... chill.

My average lp is 12, but has ranged anywhere from 7-15 days. The lp's from the last 2 cycles were 13-14 days. Looking at the last couple of cycles has helped me to get a grip. The spotting isn't normal for me, but the temp shifts are. So I'm out of tests and will NOT be buying anymore until my period is actually LATE. And I'm seriously considering stopping temping once O is confirmed by ff. Analyzing every rise & dip is making me NUTS.
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Thanks for adding me. My cycle is around 30-31 days usually so I'm trying to hold out for a while! Dh is a professor of German.
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Ok, so I've been off not stressing/obsessing and also not checking in with you ladies! Interesting development... I posted in health&healing too...

2.5 yo DS is still nursing many times daily, and nothing has changed routine or diet wise that I can think of besides adding vitamins... Recently (last 3 weeks?) started taking the vitamins I should've been taking Nothing crazy, just prenatals, B complex, and fish oil. And Maca.

I'm not temping as it seems to stress me out, but last two cycles I did do OPKs and I am ovulating. My cycles have been consistently about 26 days for 6 months or so, but this last one was 31 days. Had a negative pregnancy test on day 30. This is now the 3rd day of AF, and I'm still bleeding so lightly I could wear one pad all day long. Which is WAY less than usual. Should I be concerned?
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I added maca this cycle, too, and it's been a little weird for me. Maybe that's it? Just a thought.

I had the big temp drop this morning -- expecting af today or tomorrow. On to cycle #4! I'm embarrassed to complain about that ... I know there are lots of ladies on here who've been ttc'ing for years ... but my other 2 pregnancies, we just decided we were ready and within 2 cycles I was pregnant. I know, I was very lucky and should quit my bellyachin'.

Fingers crossed for y'all who are still in the 2ww ...
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My temp was still up this morning at 13DPO (it's always dropped by now) and no spotting, so I was naughty and tested, even though I said I'd wait until tomorrow. And I was punished. Negative. Not even a hint of a line to imagine.

Next cycle will be #5. We didn't even try for our son. This is so depressing. My husband and doctor both insist nothing is wrong with me (not that I've been tested at all yet), but it's hard not to worry. And of course pregnant women are popping up everywhere around me.

Anyways, sorry to be such a downer. I think I need to step back a bit and relax, so would someone like to take next month's thread? Thanks.
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AF arrived this morning. So there goes May for me...here's to June.

Sweet Bee I can take the thread next month unless someone else wants to.
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Thanks, BarefootScientist.

I'm thinking I won't even temp next cycle, which will probably begin tomorrow. Maybe just check CM here and there and BD when I get EWCM. Probably won't follow the TTC board so closely either, just to get keep my mind off of it as much as possible. I really need to de-stress.
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I hear ya, Sweet.bee ... I'm thinking the same thing. I know I'm o'ing, and approximately when, so there's not really much point in getting all wound up temping and obsessing. I need to back AWAY ... from the thermometer and the computer. LOL
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New member!

Hello! I'd like to join this list since not stressing/obsessing is a definite goal for me this time around. Here we go:

Name: blackbird2
Date: august 25
Where are you in your cycle: cd3
Symptoms if they apply: -
When are you thinking of testing: 4-5 weeks. I'd try to hold out longer, but my thyroid meds might need adjusting and, man, it's hard to wait!
Thoughts: When ttc #1 it was a total rollercoaster. I'd like to be a little more even keeled this time.
Appointments: I've been interviewing midwives. I recently moved, and I like to have lots of time to make up my mind.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: My ND has me on prenatals and calcium supplements. One of the midwives I talked to ended our conversation by saying, "so this is the fun part; enjoy it!" That's my focus right now. We've been using condoms, and it will be so nice to DTD without that! Also, while I wasn't particularly sick during the first trimester, my libido took a dive throughout the pregnancy and some time after, so this is definitely my time to have fun.
Do you have any stress triggers: thinking about ttc too much, worrying about the transition to 2 kids, thinking about work that needs to be done on the house
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: regular exercise. we'll see how well I can keep that up when DH (professor) is back at work next week. I also try to take 5 deep breaths a day. In a row. It's much more challenging than I thought it would be
Partners feelings if applicable: ready to have fun
Plans for this weekend: farmer's market, play, have fun, relax, go biking ....
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Please add me

Date: 8/25/2010
Where are you in your cycle: 6DPO
Symptoms if they apply: Tender Breasts
When are you thinking of testing: 9/1/10
Thoughts: I am more zen than I have been. I made a deal with the universe that I would rather not get pregnant than get pregnant and miscarry (which is what happened with my last two pregnancies; one at 11.5 weeks and 10.5 weeks)
Appointments: none at this time. We are thinking of changing OB's
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: none
Do you have any stress triggers: pregnancy symptoms
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle:
Partners feelings if applicable: Yvonne is very zen about this whole thing. She is also in denial until I show her a BFP.
Plans for this weekend: Visiting old neighbors and hopefully working on the house. We totally worked the entire last weekend Shampooing carpets, rearranging 3 rooms in the house and scraping the peeling paint on 2 sides!
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Welcome, blackbird2 and painefaria!
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Weekend Check-In

Doing my check-in early. This will most likely be my last for awhile, as I'm taking a no-temping/no-boards de-stress break as soon as my time as thread keeper here is up in a few days.

Name: Sweet.Bee
Date: 26 August 2010
Where are you in your cycle: CD1
Symptoms if they apply: Temp dropped this morning. Starting to bleed.
When are you thinking of testing: Well, I got burned for doing it at 13DPO this cycle (LP is usually 12 days, but was 14 this cycle), so much, much later.
Thoughts: Sigh, is this cycle #5 already?
Appointments: None.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: De-stress cocktail this cycle of no temping and no boards.
Do you have any stress triggers: TTC. My chart. Pregnant women everywhere.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: I'm going to give this laid back approach a try and see how it works. My thermometer has been exiled (or given a long vacation, depending on how you see it).
Partners feelings if applicable: He was also bummed, as this was supposed to be our cycle, but he's mainly calm and relaxed. He thinks I need to really de-stress, though, so he liked my idea of not temping.
Plans for this weekend: Maybe a bit of clothing shopping for our son. He needs new pajamas. Other than that, just trying to relax.
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Still waiting waiting waiting... it's SEVENTY DAYS since my period!!! This is like twice my normal, so I'm pretty sure I skipped one because of the stress induced by TTC. Still technically in my first cycle TTC!

Things I've learned:
I've learned all about temping and have started to do so
I've learned about the friendly mucus and am checking CM
I've learned about CP but don't feel really good about calling it one way or the other yet
I've learned about Oing
I've learned that I thought I Od earlier than I probably did
I've learned about OPKs
I've learned lots of acronyms and jokes

Now I ask the universe PLEASE let me bleed before 90 days shows up and I go back to the doctor to be referred out!

Good luck everyone!!!!
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