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oh maia . i am so sorry. that darn weather! sheesh. maybe you could have another one in a couple weeks. keep the faith. i know it is so hard. i can't imagine doing what you are doing. mike and i had talked about him moving here and the kids and i staying in maine until the house sold... i have no idea how i would have handled that. ((hug))

well i haven't heard anything yet about the house. it is either 6 or 7 there now, so i am sure the house has been seen. i hope she didn't cancel, although our agent would have emailed about it. maybe they are wheeling and dealing.

is mercury in retrograde? if so does it affect communication? i am feeling so freaking up tight. my chest is tight, i am snapping at everyone, i just feel all pissed off.

i did go to the phoenix farmers market... i am so glad i did. it was really nice. i am gonna have to get my butt there at 8am, instead of so close to the end at noon. lots of people were packing it in. but there was so much lovely stuff there. melons, tomatoes, honey, fresh baked goods. art stuff. just like how a framers market should be! i really should have been having a great time, but i just was so pissy. bleck. i would say i was PMSing, but i am pregnant! lol

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maia Keep the faith, my sista!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Merc is rx now. Til 9/12 but gets to its starting pt on 9/27 I believe.

Good luck, everyone!
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This is what a very wise Wiccan priestess friend of mine wrote on her FB page about merc retro, yesterda:
Okay, stop panicking. Yes, Mercury is going retrograde in mere minutes. One of the wonderful things about this time is that it is terrific for finishing up projects. Sure, you have to be careful with travel and communications but if you are like me, there are always a dozen projects in mid-prod. How nice to look forward to a completing time, like Merc Retro.

And most of the comments were about "Way to go, reframing!" So I am trying to be positive, really I am.

Thank you, MO3. I hope your showing went better than my open house. I am so tempted to have another one next weekend. What do y'all think? I mean, while my house is this clean and the flowers are still fresh?
I have to say, it's nice to have fresh flowers and new candles in the house. But it's going to be hard to keep it this clean in here for very long.

I can't wait weeks. I just can't I want to plan another trip to MA, then...I can't go much longer without seeing M in person. I feel such a huge hole in my life where he needs to be.
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maia: ((hug)) i say yes do one next weekend. hopefully the weather will be better. you do get better turn outs with better weather. also it is before the holiday weekend which people may be out of town, so that way you can get them before they go. then maybe you can get over and see M on the holiday weekend?

still haven't heard anything.

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Maia- Yes, I would have another one next weekend. This is a tricky time to sell a house with back-to-school.

Mof3-- Hoping you get some good news.
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still nothing. of course that doesn't mean it is bad news... no news is good news? lol

so while watching a movie there was a commercial for intelligender... i know LAME. but i am so temped to go get one and do it. lol i will have to check the price.

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Maia- I'm so sorry.

mo3--hoping news comes soon.
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Good Morning Mamas

Clay, I wish we started school in September. We did at one point, but for some reason they start the last day in August.

Maia, I wish I had some words of wisdom but I only have hang in there. It is a very emotional process to try to see a home. It will sell though. I would have as many open houses as you can, fliers what ever. It will sell though.

It's raining and so sticky out today but my plants need the water. Today we will be hanging out and doing a bit of cleaning. I hate to do laundry today because I can't hang the close out but it has to be done.

I hope everyone has a great day

Cari, How are you?
Val, thinking about you
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Clay- Happy Birthday Tor!

Maia - sorry about the weather and it affecting the showing

Mamaofthree- I hope your nibble becomes an actual bite and the house sells quickly

Well, after having spent a week at a training, kids at camp and general busyness, I am ready for a quieter week. I am looking toward autumn and the change over. In fact the kids have been discussing Halloween costumes.

Well my dears, have a glorious day!
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Originally Posted by aweynsayl View Post
hey everyone. hope you're all riding out the astrological insanity of august with some small measure of grace. i bottomed out really hard, let myself stay there for a while, then slowly, bit by bit, started climbing back up... things are looking very different from my new perspective, lol... hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
(((hugs))) I followed a very similar path.

Originally Posted by redveg View Post
Val, thinking about you
Thank you!

(((Maia))), ya, do another open house next week!

Merc. retro: I'm using the energy to finish up my next article.
Magazine is suppose to be lauched this week... Exciting and scary!

Went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and got two Paprika peppers... I'm baking some beans this morning and will mix some with rice and veggies (including the peppers) into tortillas then I'll cover it all with a sauce (maybe bechamel) and warm in the oven. I guess it will make a very yummy dish for our supper.

to all!
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I'm putting together a classroom gift for ds's teacher. It's going to include The Boy Who Grew Flowers (from my website) because it's a great, subtle book about accepting differences. Will also include Yoga Planet deck so that kids can pull a card and do the pose when they need to chill out. Will also include Ruby's School Walk (a great, silly way of tackling back-to-school fears.)
Yep, I'm bribing the teacher in the hopes of getting on her good side. My son is going to be a lot to handle this year and I want to show the teacher that I want to work with her to make it as smooth as possible.

Happy Birthday Tor! And happy birth day to Clay!
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I mean't to mention that I picked up some inexpensive silver bracelets with charms on them like surivior, faith, courage. I am wearing faith, courage and believe. I like how open the bracelets were to people of different faiths. What courage, faith and believe mean to me, could be completely different for someone else. I need a little twinkly reminder that I have faith that everything will work out, courage to keep going and belief that life is an amazing journey. BTW-I found these at our local dept store.
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UGH! again loved the house, the lot, the history... but doesn't want to do any work at all on the house. so the bathrooms that need up dating and kitchen that needs to be painted keep putting people off. i don't get it! ugh! even with the idea of getting a loan to fix it up included no one seems like they want to actually DO anything.
well apparently there is another viewing today. so here is hoping.

ok i am going to go and grumble a bit now. blaaaah

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Originally Posted by mamaofthree View Post
well apparently there is another viewing today. so here is hoping.
It's pouring out today. Not a great day for selling a house.
I hope the viewer today thinks it cozy and perfect...and buys it!
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i just looked at the weather in brunswick and so far no rain. hoping they see the house before it rains.

i think i might go get gardening stuff this week and get working on our fall garden. i need to do something that makes me happy and feel like i have some control over my life right now.
we have a contract with our agent until dec. if the house doesn't sell by then, then we will winterize the house and give it back to the bank. i am done with this whole mess.

dh is talking about buying another house already! i want to strangle him. lol I AM NOT DOING THAT AGAIN for awhile. i am happy to rent and raise the kids here. i don't want to screw it up again and be stuck someplace and have to sell again. we are not even sure if this is the area we want to live in. but dd is going to school here. she has this year and next year and then if we want we could move. i am just not packing up all this stuff again and moving for the fourth time in less then 3 years. he is NUTS! plus we will have a 5 month old baby!

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I had this whole reply typed out and then I hit X instead of "reply" Drat!

I have emailed the realtor and want to do another open house next weekend.
AND, Mo3, I emailed my ex-roomie and asked if she's available to care for DS so I can go see M over Labor Day weekend
Oh Gods I hope she can! I so need to see him. I really, really do.

I'm so glad I can now take the train and get to/from the airport by myself now! Because M will have to work and I will have to do that. And now I know how! And am not scared! Plus it's so cool that there's free WiFi on the train.

Oh mamas. I so need to see M. We got to cam last night and this morning but it's not the same.

Figures today is bright and sunny. Yesterday's pouring, streaming rain and gloomy weather is just what I've been wanting for weeks. And we got caught having to stay away from home during it

ETA: MO3, that blows about your house, again. What is wrong with people? I mean-- I bought this house and with the bit of extra I had left over, the first thing I did was install a dishwasher. The fact that there wasn't one didn't deter me from making an offer!
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maia! i hope you friend says yes! i think you need a bit of this... from M. lol

feeling a bit better. we have a plan, not a great one, but a plan and it is a last resort so... at least it is something.
i gotta go vacuum.

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hugs and bugs... Torin is one!

It's a rainy rainy day here today, and nice and cool. The autumnal vibe is starting to hum!

We are making loaded baked potatoes for dinner and the girls made a cake for Torin. I have a few gifts wrapped up in the addition and our "happy birthday" banner hanging in there too. He's getting two little dump trucks, a little tykes tool bench, a penguin-on-a-stick (), a stuffed Tigger, some clothes, some books, and a pair of winter shoes. I picked up most of the gifts at the thrift shop and then, in a quirk of fate, family members actually gave us stuff that went with what I'd bought! Nifty! Pictures will be online at some point... dinner is still cooking.


Houses- hang in there mamas, it's going to happen! Any chance of just slapping some paint up in the kitchen to make it look fresh? I remember our Boston apt... I painted the dining room using a "mistake paint" from Home Depot and it cost something like 20 dollars for the paint and most of an afternoon (I painted quickly, then did a really easy wash finish... it looked amazing!). The landlord said we needed to paint it back to beige when we moved out. No worries, right? Well, our roomie hired a painter to do the work after we left and the bill was close to 800 dollars! For one room! So maybe people think it'll be a bigger cost than it should be?

I wish people were using their imagination! Maybe new (to the house) curtains or something that would "stage" it a bit more? Personally I love the house and wish we could move... if only there was a job for DH there!
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Long time no see!

I have been out at many births and supporting a mom with twins for the summer. It has left me very little time at home or on the computer. I have also been teaching many prenatal classes (all good stuff because I put it on my TM this year).

Thanks to Maia and Awen for saying hi and *hugs* from the TM thread! I felt so welcomed and cared for! Thank you ladies!

I have been reading up here for the last few days - house selling vibes your ways mamas. Also happy birthday to Tor and to you Clay!

Other than that...I will be going in for some bloodwork and a test to see how my fallopian tube is doing. If all is good, maybe we will move into the ttc boat! But I am taking it easy and I need to get back to my daily meditations.

DD's speech has improved significantly! The program we have had her in this summer (day camp with different themes each week) has been something that she loves. New toys, lots of friends she already knows, and friendly caring staff.

*hugs* to those who want them or need them!
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clay: we can't do anything to the house being all the way in AZ now. lol although we had put fresh paint in the living room and dining room before we left. and we washed the walls, cleaned all the cabinets. i don't know. the house is definitely dated... very 1970's (i think the last time it was updated) i guess i could always look past that stuff and see a home, not just a house. i don't think many people can do that. because honestly it wouldn't matter what we did to the place, they have to make it their own somehow. oh well it will happen.

took the kids to this place today... http://www.makutusisland.com/index.html
oh my gods! what a freaking mad house! i could stand about 2 hours and then i just had to go. it was like a ADHD playland! lol the boys had a great time, i wanted to hid in the bathroom. lol
dh is going to take three older boys on a hike now... maybe they will all crash early! (i can dream can't i? lol)

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