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I too am in lurker mode.... but everyone is in my thoughts.

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is august over yet? i am so bruised! sending hugs and vibes to all us lurkers, and support all-around as needed.
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Soon! Spetember is coming! It does feel like August is sort of never-ending this year. Normally I'd be thrilled, but this year? Not so much.

Still moving towards resolutions... pretty much 100% certain dh and I will both apply to degree programs (online for me, campus based for him). We need to stay nearby for family, but my mom said she is planning on moving to Albany with my dad in the next year. And if we applied now we'd be talking about programs that start next August. So a year works. It also gives us a year to finish the house and see where that will go.
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Originally Posted by aweynsayl View Post
is august over yet? i am so bruised! sending hugs and vibes to all us lurkers, and support all-around as needed.

we had an incredible week, a huge burst in creative energy and play and fun and walks and park....

then yesterday it got cold again- i miss the sun. I LOVE my apartment and the city I live in- like, love.... but man, i just wish I could get warm.

im thinking my hangup is that I keep saying "but its august! I shouldnt need a scarf and sweater in AUGUST!"

im hoping once harvest season hits and i can mentally embrace the cold a little better..... maybe it wont feel SO WRONG to be this cold.
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Something exciting happened today. I got a phone call asking if I was the mom of 'Roo' (they used his real name).
They want us (ok, him) to be in a parade in the town that I had my conference.

This makes me that at least some people accept my son and all his differences. Gotta love the company I work for and the manager of the store in Concord.
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clay: that sounds like a good plan.

had a talk with dh last nite and found out just how insecure he is about his manliness. it is so strange to me how someone who has accomplished so much can feel so.... i guess insecure about who they are. maybe all this working to be "perfect" at what ever is really just a symptom of that.

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Yay, DOK, that's so exciting!

MO3-- isn't it weird and cool at the same time, when men express their feelings like that? I love it, but it always makes the man feel awkward and, I dunno, effeminate or something. I love when men show their emotional side. It's nice to be able to be supportive of them for that, not just their accomplishments, kwim?
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Dropping in. Not much to report. Dh's good friend is in town, so they are going out tonight and we have a friend over as well. Cleaned the bathroom, mopped the floors and the kids are watching Arthur.

Well, think I will sit and knit for a bit.

Aweyn- thinking of you! --me sending love
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I have noticed that during my pregnancies, dh feels very insecure. More than he usually does. Because I am able to do so many things at once and not break a sweat, he feels useless.

I push him harder to show him his own potential and though he hates it in the beginning, by the end, he's thanked me for helping him "see the light".
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dok- !!!

gals - I'm crumbling today... despite lurker status. Today is heavy on my shoulders and I feel like any moment I'm just going to cry....

which I think I just might do... with my office door closed
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ktg.... : goodvibes

Hope you feel better soon!
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ktg- big hugs and hopes that, no matter what, you find the support and strength you need!
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unschoolin': my mil left a "Shape" magazine here and i was thumbing thru it and it talked about different personality types and exercises to go along with them. dh really needs to do something cardo-vasular. which i have been telling him, so he can decrease his cortisal levels, and help him relax. he is looking into boxing training and also there is a marathon at the end of feb, which he is thinking about. so i am hoping with me pushing gentlely he will do something for himself.

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Well the doctor called. I have an unknown cause for my anemia. My iron is great, b12 is great and folate is great. I was low to begin with so he's not too concerned about my less than 2 point drop since I am pregnant.

Oh well.
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plans for mabon gals? essp mamas with little ones?

I think i;'m going to have a few pagan mamas over and do some pagan thanksgiving-ish crafts and food..... and hoping to maybe make muffins for the local soup kitchen... not sure on the plan yet.
what is everyone else planing?
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coming up with some baby name... sorta feeling like it is safe to do that now.

so far we have
basil or dylan
and lucy or lilith (which would most likely be lily)
middle names will probably be from some one in the family (dh's side)

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Originally Posted by onyxravnos View Post
plans for mabon gals? essp mamas with little ones?
Ye Gods, is it time to think of that already??
DS is 9 and he will be on a camping trip with his class from school. I think the camping trip is on school days, though, so we can celebrate over the weekend. It's so hard to feel gratitude when I'm stuck here and not with M! But I am trying.
5 more days till I can see him

Another open house today, mamas. I don't have the energy to do any more magick right now. Please hope for me, though
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I had a long reply all typed out... and then J clicked the mouse.. Ok cliff notes

Thank you for all the strength yesterday! It helped me find my voice again (loudly too!) (Jack's contribution)

Love to new baby names , great lab work, countdowns to visits and DHs excited about exercise and I'm up for some magick today!

Sorry its so brief! I'm off to grab another cuppa before cruising the pages again. Now I'm trying to figure out a possible allergy with DS. He's got recurrent cradle cap, super dark circles under the eyes and now an explosive temper/emotional meltdowns...I pray its something easy to eliminate...
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Morning mamas

Hugs to you ktg. Mabon right now I am reading a book on Mabon right now it's by Ellen Dugan. Just started it yesterday but I keep getting side tracked.

This weekend looks beautiful. The trees are turning so quickly. Last week there were only a few, today they are all over the place. My favorite time of the year
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