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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post

why arent we supposed to bring old stuff with us? i bring all my old stuff. brooms ( i have a special broom i've had for at least 10 years). cant all the energy of the stuff be cleared and recharged?
I bring decorative brooms with me, just not the ones I use to sweep the house with. I don't bring mine because I don't want to bring any of the negative energy from the old place. I guess I might reconsider if there were really good times had while I was there?
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I'd actually never heard of not bringing stuff from the old place for symbolic reasons either. Since this subject came up earlier this month, I decided I could actually use a new broom and went out and bought one.

I guess I did something similar symbolically though, last time we moved. I decided I *could* *not* bear using our old broken vacuum any more and insisted that we buy a new vacuum for our new home. We got a cute little red Miele and it is still going strong a decade later. Helps that we ripped all the carpets out, but it still gets used once a week or so.

Hugs, aweyn -- I know it is complicated for you - but hey, you are finally settling in to your home on your own! The love and creativity you, your dh and ds share will fill the place and overcome anything negative.

Thinking good thoughts for those of you dealing with depression and/or addiction in the family.

ETA just peeked back on the last page and found posts I missed. Cari for manifesting an even better situation for your dh asap! Take care of yourself, mama - this stuff hits you in the gut. Be gentle with yourself.
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Well, Mamas, looks like Earl is going to stay near NC over the next couple of days. My old friends from when I lived there are posting on Facebook about evacuating, the current state of the vibes over there, etc. Makes me kind of miss the days when I lived there. Hurricanes are so exciting to be in the middle of! I love severe weather.
But I'm UBER-glad this one is staying the heck away from Boston. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see M tomorrow!

Cari-- ugh. I posted to your FB. Happy birthday Daim, but they just totally did him wrong on all accounts I hope this opens the door to something even better for him and your family

Brooms: I never bring brooms to new places. Except for my hand broom (dust broom? What do you call it; I forgot?) which I love and I consider to have lots of good energy in it, and my swiffer wet thingy which I lurve too, cause a friend taught me how to make an essential oil blend instead of using the toxic crud that comes with it
My vacuum-- I love that thing. My mom bought it for me. It was like a $400+ vacuum, but it was mismarked at Walmart and I got it for like $250 or so, after a hassle with the management I really need to take it to the vacuum place and have it serviced.

Happy September! Did anyone start a new thread yet? Maybe I should go start one?
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Here is the first post! I don't know how to do links like Clay does and aweyn with writing "here" and having it be a link
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