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Ericka- that is just so scary!!!

We had a rough morning. L was tossing and turning all morning long, starting before the sun came up. At 7:30 I put her in the swing where she promptly fell asleep, and I went and told DH he had to go sleep on the couch so he could keep an eye on her, and that I was going to sleep in the bed.

So I got two hours of deep sleep and am now feeling rested.
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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post
Cece has had a bad night. She woke up around midnight with gas pains and has been up about every 30 minutes since. She wants to sleep, I want to sleep, we're both miserable. She's back asleep on my lap now after a manual toot session; here's to hoping it was enough for her to stay asleep for a couple of hours at least. Sigh...
Have you tried Gripe Water?

Originally Posted by jenfl View Post
ericka -- I keep thinking about your situation this morning. It REALLY sucks that your ex can't be trusted to pick a girlfriend who will be good to his daughter. That's just....
This is the 2nd time since I left him he has dated a psycho. This is the first certifiable one though. The first time he couldn't have cared less if he saw C or not...so he saw her at the mall or a park and they broke up when C was 2. Things were really good till new gf entered the picture. My daughter has NEVER kicked, screamed, bit, hit when going with her dad. She won't even go to him. When he calls, she repeats over and over "I don't want to see "her" daddy" over and over and over. The other day we was telling her to be quiet and stop saying it. I have no problems with him, I mean 4 years. I know she did something to campbell..I wish campbell could talk about it. We see a therapist on Tuesday. I want him to see her, I just wish he would ditch the gf at home. Last night he said to C "but she lives with me" and C said "I can't come over daddy, I just can't". She refuses to go with him. She holds onto me with dear life and is screaming crying. Today, I am going to video record what happens so I have proof.
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Oh yes, Erica....gripe water, both store bought and homemade, and gas drops, no effect from either. Might try some very weak chamomile tea next.
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do you think it could be allergies? like something in the milk that could be doing it?
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I think mainly it happens when we switch milk donors and she gets a new milk for the first time. It takes a few days for her body to adjust to the new milk. It's totally worth it, but it's a miserable few days each time.
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Sprout was such a grumpy-pants today! DH is out of town, so my mom came over for a few hours midday. She and I ended up passing him back and forth, trying anything and everything to keep him happy for a few minutes. I'm hoping against hope that he sleeps better tonight.... but it's unlikely, considering that he's only been down for 45 minutes and he's tossing and turning already.
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Ericka That's really awful, I'm so sorry to hear about ex's gf. Yikes. I'm really hoping you can get the judge on your side. Why can't he just leave the gf at home? Poor Campbell.

Thanks for the suggestions. Today we were out and about quite a bit, so there was nearly no napping, but at least T was happy. I was less stressed, but I can see how tired he is. The worst part is I lost track of time and we got home late, so his bedtime is delayed even more tonight. I will put fish oil back in. We discovered our bottle was expired by over a year, and so we tossed it. Normally I wouldn't, but I know oil does go bad. Have to get some more.

DH is going to take T all day tomorrow and do naps however he can. I'm so looking forward to the break. Not because I don't want T, but because I haven't been as good of a mom lately.
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Erica: Sick. One would think that a judge would never let this woman around any children.

Tri: I'll second Jen's suggestion to try and get out with less focus on napping. The simple act of getting out can do wonders. Do you have some grown ups you can get out with? I need that adult time at least once a week or I go a little nuts. And I weave in and out of depression. Riding the hormone wave is what I call it.

We've had a rough couple of days. R has a cold and thus has NEON green poop which hurts her. Plus she's teething. She slept crappy for about three nights, and then last night slept for like six hours. I think she must be feeling better. I am leaking milk over at this point, pump, and then the crying starts. She refuses to nurse, won't settle down at all. She ended puking all over me three times. I finally managed to walk her to sleep (she SCREAMED until she finally dropped off). We went to a friend's house and she was pretty decent until the end. And then she screamed all the way home. Right now she's doing better so I hope we're at the end of whatever was bothering her. It's really not like her at all. It was so sad because she kept trying to smile between the screaming. She's a lovey for sure.

ETA: I spoke too soon. She's up and screaming.
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Smiling between screaming breaks my heart! Ada does that too sometimes. I hope R feels better soon.
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L says she can one up that. She smiles WHILE she's screaming sometimes. It's really an amazing talent.

Oh! And speaking of which- she laughed yesterday! I had heard a few things that seemed like the start of a laugh the other day. But yesterday she kept giggling over things. It was ADORABLE! She giggled every time I "spanked" her.
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We're still waiting on giggles here. We've gotten a few little ones but nothing big yet.

Ada has been asleep all day. I'm kind of worried! She has peed 3 x and pooped once, all on her potty with her eyes closed. She opens her eyes and fussed then her eyes roll right back in her head. She's nursing in her sleep. Her only symptom is a gooey reddish eye but milk already helped it quite a bit. I wish I knew what's wrong! Shes never slept so much ever. Maybe she's sick, or could a big growth spurt make her this sleepy?? She's almost 15 weeks, I think lol.
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