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C has been doing better....although I am going to predict now that it's going to get worse. Her dad just had me served the other day. His stupid psycho gf probably forced him into it.

I took J in for some cranio sacral work done. The chiro also does pt, so he kind of gets a two for one. She started off from the bottom first and is working her way up. She definitely found some trouble spots and I already see a difference. She got to his upper back and neck and WOW. Release of tension and feelings and WOW. She reminded me how trauma can be stored in muscles and if a baby is touched in a certain place it can bring back those traumatic events. Which is why she thinks he may not be nursing. He is so tight there and above that he can't nurse. So the goal is to unwind those spots and hopefully things will fall into place. I really like her. She also thinks J has reflux I don't want to put him on meds though...
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Oh my the facebooking!! It is going to take me quite a while to get everyone straightened out!
DH is on a business trip until Thursday, so we are flying solo over here, so far so good. Last night was National Night Out so we went to an event in our town and got free ice cream and a bunch of stuff from the police. Got home, got everyone in bed and starting doing random chores around the house and didn't stop until 11 pm. I find every time DH is not home I am more motivated to do stuff at night, where as when he is here once the kids are in bed all I want to do is veg out. I ended up staying up until 1:30 am and then DD1 woke me at 8 and DD2 woke up at 8:30. Usually DD2 starts the night in her crib and then when she wakes we cosleep in her very dark room for the rest of the night. Last night since DH was gone I ended up bringing her into our, much more comfy bed, but forgot about the much brighter bedroom in the morning so she woke about an hour earlier than normal. It'll be naptime in about 45 mins and I'll be taking a nap with her too while DD1 watches a movie.
Of course, the week DH is out of town, I had a playdate planned for yesterday and another for today and they both got canceled, hopefully tomorrow's won't! Although it hasn't been too bad, kind of nice to not have to be anywhere at any time or have my house totally picked up for someone to come over. I think after DD2's 1st nap we are going to head into the city to go to the aquarium and check out a natural baby store to try out the new Beco gemini. I rented one to try from Pax Baby but they emailed me this morning and said it might be a while and I am itching to try it. We have a Beco 4th generation that I love, love, love so I am eager to try the Gemini although I probably won't buy it yet, I'm not thrilled with any of the prints.
So yesterday we rediscovered the joy of these:
I had used them to attach a bigger toy to DD2's carseat but the bigger toy fell off and she had much more fun playing with the rings - they are lightweight and easy for her to hold, easy for her to get to her mouth, the texture feels good on her gums and I can clip them to stuff so she can't drop them. We've only got like 4 or 5 leftover from DD1, I need to go out and by another pack.
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DH is on a business trip until Thursday, so we are flying solo over here, so far so good. Last night was National Night Out so we went to an event in our town and got free ice cream and a bunch of stuff from the police.
So here is what I don't get about national night out. My neighborhood hosted an even, too. isn't that just like posting a huge bright neon sign to criminals that many houses will be unoccupied while everyone has a potluck in the name of crime prevention?

I wonder if the irony is lost on the criminal set.
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Rhi, I read your vent post and I agree that he is scamming you. It sucks because, as you said, he's a nice guy but, you guys did what you were supposed to do. No tenants ever repaint unless that's part of the lease or they have agreed to it with the landlord; it's certainly not an expected practice. And it totally does count as usual wear and tear. I think you really should consider small claims court. Comedy option: The People's Court or Judge Judy.
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wow rhi - what a PITA

AFM, supposed to be working but dealing with anxiety again and can't focus. I may actually leave to get coffee or something, I am rather distressed.
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reposting from my facebook status for those of you who don't use FB...

so, i'm on a roll today. i just called the birth center's billing service to check on the status of my deposit refund, and evidently they get to keep the whole $500 since I gave birth at the hospital and not the birth center. So, my birth that would have cost me $150 of I'd been at the birth center is going to end up costing $1050 dollars. I'm glad I have this pumping room in which to sit and cry.
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Rhi: I'd totally go to small claims court. That's wrong. Frankly I've always had bad experiences with private landlords. The only time I've gotten a fair deposit return is when we've dealt with complexes. And so sorry about the birth center money (hugs).

Snoopy: Those links look cool. I need to pick up some teething toys and these are so on my list. Good luck with the alone overnights. Haven't had to do one of those. Thankfully.

AFM: I realized my anxiety is totally out of control. I laid awake last night worrying about the world ending because I FOOLISHLY watched 2012 on instant view. Seriously freaked me out. Sigh.
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4 is a hard age. A friend of mine calls it the "f-you fours" and I totally agree. That was the peak of the PITA for all my kids (so far, the oldest is only 10).
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Rhi, I'm so sorry.

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rhi -- I'm sorry. That all sucks. I hate fighting about money; there's been a couple of cases where maybe we could have fought and gotten more (our 1st homebirth, for instance), but I just hate conflict.

Went to Sprout's 4 month doctor's appointment today for a general check-up and a shot. He's still holding steady in his growth percentiles, so there's really no reason to subject him to the tongue tie clipping. *sigh* I just wish he weren't nursing so badly these days!

Anyway.... the doc saw a few ridges on his bottom gum and thinks he's got teeth on the way. So she suggested we give him 2-3 oz of floridated water a day. Okay. Let's count the ways this is bad advice.

1 - An EBF baby (which is knows he is, and verified earlier in the appointment) doesn't need water. It replaces nutrition.
2 - There's little evidence that ingested flouride helps tooth health, and especially in a bottle, almost no water will actually touch the teeth -- if they'd even erupted yet, which they haven't!
3 - She also knows that he doesn't take a bottle or any feeding method other than my breast. How, exactly, would we get it into him?

I called her on it -- made it clear I thought that was bad advice and we wouldn't be following it. Not a great way to develop a relationship with a doc, but I didn't want her to be telling other moms the same thing. She backed off and kept saying that was what the dentists recommended, and she didn't really know, but that was what the dentists say.... I'm not buying that excuse. If you recommend it, your patients are going to think YOU'RE RECOMMENDING IT.

Anyway. I really like this doc, she's the best and closest we've found. But she knows so little about breastfeeding. She BF hers until 4 months or so until someone convinced her she wasn't pumping enough, so she thinks she's got experience behind her.

I really need to find the time to make up those breastfeeding educational pages to leave at her office for her patients.....
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4 is hard, but really rewarding. My 4yo is SO sassy, but also thoughtful and inquisitive in a way 3's just can't be. 3 was actually the worst with DD1, but we have 2 more just itching to prove me wrong.

Becky's teeth are really hurtingher. last night was the worst nights sleep we've had in a while. I hate worrying that it's something more (ear?).

Rhi- i'd call today a wash. Tomorrow will be better?

More later, when the computer agrees to power up.
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Oh, today hasn't finished having its way with me just yet!

Day care just called... L has only taken 2 ounces of milk today and is refusing to take a bottle.

She had a cold, and is still slightly stuffy, but she's nursing just fine. So I guess it's still related, but I'm not sure.

I forgot my lunch today, too. So I have to go nurse her at lunch (thankful I have that ability, at least), and then manage to get myself some lunch.

And now I'm worried about L on top of everything else.
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Rhi s
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Oh, Rhi, what a crummy day! Sorry about all of it, esp. to hear that L won't take a bottle today... hope it gets better soon.

Sleep was better last night. Seems to be one day off, one day on. She is definitely wiggling because she's finding her legs and arms, which is great! BUT she is obsessed with sucking on her fingers, and just cannot do it in her sleep at all. I had to stick my finger in her mouth for the last two hours of sleep this morning. Any time I took it out she would wake up and cry. Please please let this be resolved soon...

On the other hand, lots more giggles every day! The nap schedule is so weird, 4 tiny ones all day long with short (1-2 hours) awake/ play times in between. She'll be 16 weeks this weekend (!!) and I'm going to try experimenting with napping schedules and bedtime routines more rigorously in the coming weeks. But I'll also be bringing in a new daytime babysitter/ mother's helper, so who knows... I'd love to experiment more with the NCSS but I don't think she's going to be able to self soothe until she can fall asleep finger sucking. Trying to keep patient. Every night's a new opportunity for change!
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i want to see 2012. we tried to start watching it but the kids were bouncing of the walls and just couldn't hear anything! which is why we also have to wait until the kids are in bed to watch LOST.

and is it bad that i'd welcome the end of the world in 2012? at least banks would blow up and i wouldn't have to worry about paying the bills.

super hugs rhi cause not getting back what like a grand (?) of money especially now is really really tough to handle (or at least knowing that you'll have to fight for it). its a crummy world we live in when even our own money has to be fought for over and over and over again.
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jenfl, thanks! i hope i'll be around, but i'd feel terrible if i wasn't. to copy the list i posted in the LWB thread in our DDC, you hit "reply with quote" to my post, and paste that into the new thread you start. that way it takes the formatting. so, you could do it that way? i've been updating it when i can, as you can see if you glance at the thread.

let's see, i put charlie down for naps. he's never been a big carrier sleeper, except when i'm walking for exercise or to town. sometimes i can put him down when he's almost asleep, but with his new wiggles this is harder. i am putting him on his side these days because it helps him get his thumb when he's tired. he's definitely waking up after one sleep cycle. strange, he doesn't have this difficulty at night!

i just typed a whole response and managed to highlight it and delete it all !! don't have time to rewrite, but i'm reading and thinking of you all. s for the anxiety and stress to those of you having hard days/weeks!

i want AC NOW
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P+H, next time, the second the highlight-delete occurs, press CTRL+Z, if you're using Windows, Apple+Z for Mac!

Just had friend over for a bit with her almost 3 year old. She's 6 1/2 months pregnant with #2, and her belly is SO tiny. I am jealous! My postpartum belly is smaller than her 6 1/2 months pregnant one!
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So, I love the fact that Isaiah will give me a good long stretch at night from 9pm-6am, but the downside of it is that my period returned todat at 11.5 wks. It didn't come back for like 6 months with Eli! The sleep is nice, but now we have to worry about preg. prevention...

Naps: Isaiah will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (it was 2 hrs this afternoon! Yay!) It just depends. I am thankful for any nap though, because Eli ever, ever napped until he was 2 yrs old. And he's done with naps at 3 1/2 yrs too.

DH's job changed his schedule to four 10 hr days per week and a 3-day weekend. The long work days stink, but I know I will LOVE having him home Fri-Sun.

Isaiah's 2 month stats: 15 lbs & 25 1/2 inches long!
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silverspook -- Your LO is HUGE! Sprout had his 4 month and he was just 14 pounds, 12 ounces!

AFM -- Having a generally annoying day. The kids aren't being particularly bad or anything, I just seem to be extra annoyed at little things. I can't wait until they go to bed and things will just be quiet for a while. Thankfully, DH is just now taking the two of them to the bathroom for baths. All I've got left is bedtime stuff -- nursing Sprout down, reading to DD -- and then I should be in the clear for a few nice, quiet hours and a big stack of cookies.
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Originally Posted by Peace+Hope View Post
i want AC NOW


That is all.
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