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I didn't do the quad screening since I know there is such a high rate of false positives and I don't want that stress. I figure the anatomy scan is enough. Mine is a week from Monday. I'm a little anxious about it. I just want a healthy baby!!

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Sounds like the anxiety just doesn't go away, does it? I know I'll be a wreck before our big ultrasound, too. From what I've heard every baby is different--maybe this one is just a little calmer! 

AFM, just got back from my appointment. Everything is fine--heartbeat strong, 140 bpm, uterus measuring right where it should be. I am so relieved, and realizing that this was the news I was expecting all along--this helps me put some of my anxiety in perspective.

I'm a little freaked because at the last minute I decided to go ahead and do the quad test, and now I'm really not sure that was the right decision. I was on the fence up until the moment I said yes. My thinking is, the chances of a reassuring result are far, far greater than the chances of a "bad" result, and if there IS something wrong, I would feel I needed to prepare. My doctor said in her practice, she has only seen a handful of women come back with results over 1/40 for Down's, and none of them had babies with the syndrome. At any rate, the next step after that would be a more detailed ultrasound, which would be likely to rule out the incompatible-with-life trisomies as well as NTDs. 


One thing that's a little weird--my doctor said because of my anxiety level, she felt it would be more reassuring for me to have a level II ultrasound rather than the standard 20-week ultrasound. I agreed because I like the idea of being able to rule out as much as possible, and if there were a problem, I would want to be prepared. But at the same time, in some ways it's more nervewracking--ignorance is bliss, I suppose? So many things to think about. It's been a maelstrom of what ifs the last few days. I feel a bit like an emotional gimp, but at the same time, my doctor was with me through my molar pregnancy and was very understanding of the fact that a lot of my anxiety is coming from that experience--I had something out of the blue happen in my first pregnancy that was a 1/1500 chance, so it's hard not to shake the idea that if a bad thing happened once, it might happen again. It's so hard not to think in numbers--before that experience I never would have thought I would be the one out of 1500. But now I keep thinking, "Who am I to think I WOULDN"T be that one?" and the odds of Downs or other disorders are lower than having a molar pregnancy. 


What decisions did you all make re. testing? Do you feel your previous losses affected your feelings?