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Hilary: I take capsules of vitex. I take 1 400mg capsule. I don't know how that compares to the tincture? So no bad taste here, sorry.

Mayakas: Congrats on your first PPAF!

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welcome to the new ladies here and congrats to those with their first ppaf's!

af is finally gone (first 2 days were miserable, but the rest was totally tolerable this time), so i'm back to temping as usual. (what a boring update, huh?)

looking at my calendar though, i notice that my dh is most likely going to be oot during our dtd time...but then again, who the heck knows when i'm going to o anyway, so it may not even matter. bah, frustrating.
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woohoo socali! for finally being in the 2ww....best wishes

mayakas~congrats on ppaf

Becca~Hope ur stay here is short and that you are indeed pg
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So what cycle day does everyone generally test?

I'm not charting as my nursling is up at night but we DTD on CD14 and CD16. EWCM was on CD12-14. I have 3 FRER's and a bunch of dollar store. When should I get started?!?! Today is CD21.
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nolliesmama - I usually don't allow myself to test before 14dpo - I just can't handle the bfn's. The earliest I would even consider testing would be 9dpo.

afm - my nipples are SO sore. It's really unfortunate that this o has timed itself around dh's best friend being in town. It's been really awkward to dtd. I keep trying to remind myself that technically it only takes once! Haven't had a temperature increase yet but I also haven't been temping very regularly so I'm not really sure - I think I will count tomorrow as o.
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NolliesMama~ The earliest is 10dpo but i have tested as early as 8dpo.


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Thanks guys!! I got a negative at 10dpo while charting with my son. I keep reminding myself that until AF shows I'm not out! I'm not even to 10dpo yet though =)

I really want to know by Wednesday, 11 days past my best guess of O, because we have a pediatrician appt. and I want to discuss nursing and pregnancy!

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Please move me to 2ww.

My nipples are crazy sore which I'm oddly glad for 'cause it feels like proof my body is doing something.
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I am going crazy! Today is 11 DPO and I teated this morning with a IC a could swear I see a shadow of a line, it instantly came up. Had to get close to the light to see it though. So not sure, I think I will wait a couple days before I test again.
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Originally Posted by Daisy420 View Post
First off welcome to the newbies! Marnica and 4butterflies

Socali~Grrrrr.....I'm sure they tell you retty much everything you've already read and know , but you're on the track to a bfp !

Lifeguard~ for a + opk!!!! Get busy!

Becky~Best wishes to you girl .

Cindy~ Great to seea longer lp, though. We both had 9 day lps last cycle lol. Better than my previous 6 also .

Don't get me started on baby weight lol. Touchy subject! I have always lost the weight before getting pg again, though it did take as long as a year to get there (I've gained anywhere from 55 to 35 lbs during pg since I'm usually a bit under to start). This time I'm still holding onto 15 lbs of the 35 I gained . Not much, but when you're 5'3" and an A cup when nursing, it all goes to my rear end . I've been riding bike with the baby seat on the back to try to get rid of some of it!

And for nursing and fertility, I agree it depends on the person significantly! That said, for me I know it usually takes a few months after completely weaning before I'm able to get pg. Of course I'm always hopeful its possibly before that .

Sorry I can't respond to everyone today, but trying to get some housework done and Katie isn't cooperating lol.
This is exactly what I'm afraid of. DS is over 2. I know I could wean him, but I had always planned to let him decide when he was ready to wean. He barely nurses as it is, but knwoing my luck, this is the reason Im not conceiving. How can I know for sure what the reason is? I have an appt with my OBGYN tomorrow to discuss this. I will show her my charts and talk to her about my short LP. I don't want to wean DS unless I know that is the only reason Im not conceiving. Ugh. I hate being in this place in my head

Any suggestions as to what tests or levels or things I need to address with her tomorrow?

Becca - sorry about your cousins. I'm also terrified of having a miscarriage.

Hilary - I take Vitex liquid 60 drops (90 seems like a lot!) and yes it tastes yucky! I just take it as a "shot".
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amanda~Hope it turns into a nice pink for ya soon!!!!

Nolliesmama and lifeguard~Best wishes!!!
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Question: Cervical tenderness on CD20- good sign? bad sign? I know it's not from too much BD, because we haven't increased our time DTD. I am still not sure about my O date because I didn't start temping till CD12, and I got a dip on CD14 and a spike on CD16/17. Temps have stayed up since the dip, but FF didn't give me crosshairs and I think it's because I didn't temp the first part of my cycle.
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I have a question about FF.

On some of my charts the crosshairs is a red dotted line and on some a red solid line. Does anyone know the difference here?
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Updated List To Here



Marnica~ It's because it's not totally sure on it's calculation which is the reason for the dotted line. I would have your OBGYN run bloodwork and check your thyroid and prolactin levels. That is what my doctor just did to rule those out as the cause of not getting pregnant.

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Hi Socal - can you please remove me from the success list on the first page. I am having a miscarriage.
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I am very very sorry, rcr. Thinking of you.
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Originally Posted by rcr View Post
Hi Socal - can you please remove me from the success list on the first page. I am having a miscarriage.

Praying for you, rcr!
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rcr - I'm so sorry.
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rcr~ Was so happy to see you finally got a :bfp; wish you didn't have to go through this dear
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Your chart data does not allow ovulation to be pinpointed to within a 24 hour timeframe.
Your temperature suggests, however, that ovulation may have occured between CD 14 and CD 18.
Today is CD21. Still bloated and crampy. BD hurt last night. We'll test Saturday.
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