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hi all, just back from a vacation and caught up on the many posts... won't respond to all but-
dance, if you have ewcm, then have sex regardless of what your chart says! ewcm is the best thing for getting pg and maybe you are off on your o calculation.
it does seem odd to have it after you think you o'd but maybe your body is gearing up to o and hasn't yet? are you just getting ppaf back? are you temping?
babycakes, glad you are getting the ewcm. it makes me want to try the epo.
good luck to all you ladies.
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Hello Ladies-

I will join you all. We are wanting to TTC our third (and probably last) baby whenever I start Oing! I'm nursing my 9 month old and no PPAF yet, so I guess I'm Waiting Catch the Egg? I was on this forum before getting pregnant with my daughter so it's neat to be back.

I've had some symptoms that my cycles MIGHT be gearing up... face break-outs (my skin is normally clear), tiredness, heightened sense of smell. But not much CM or open cervix yet. Will start temping after my 1st PPAF.
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Wow. Has it really been 3 months since I posted? Sorry! I do check in but posting to 3 groups I guess got pretty exhausting, and I have been disheartened by lack of success we've had so far. So here I am. Wishing everyone here well. I am Waiting to O right now. If anyone wants to put me back in...?
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Wow - such an active thread right now!!!

AF found me this morning. I was super grouchy yesterday & sort of suspected but I was hoping it wasn't. Only 9dpo but who knows if I even o'd at all - it's highly unlikely without the clomid anyway.

Unfortunately my dr was on vacation last week & so I couldn't book an appt. & now it is too late for this cycle so I guess we are doing one more non-clomid cycle. I never did find vitex last cycle so I'm going to try again tomorrow - I think I finally found a place that sells it here - & start it this cycle.
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