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Potty Learning & Setbacks - Has this happended to your DS/DD?

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A little background: DS is 25 months old. We did very part-time EC'ing since 6 months old. A few months ago he really started to peed/pooped on the potty when we were home. About 3-4 weeks ago, it really started to click and DS was pretty good about telling us when he needed to pee/poop and started wearing undies full time (except nights/naps).

I don't give him any sort of rewards for going pee/poop in the potty.

Today DS has peed in his undies 3x and pooped in them once. He isn't sick (or at least he isn't acting like it). It was just the two of us at home today, so we weren't even out doing anything.

I'm just trying to figure out what to do, if anything? I don't want to put him back in diapers, but he nows seems to get too involved with playing and forgots that he has to go until it is too late.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any insights or advice would be great.
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It's happening to us right now!

I think they really are just too distracted and forget. DD was doing great w/the potty -- just like your DS -- and all of a sudden this weekend it all went out the window. Pooping in her undies twice in one day, full releases on the floor. it was as though she'd never been introduced to the potty. But with just one day of reinforcing the rules, she's back on the wagon. Maybe just take some time and remind him of where poo and pee go, and tell to keep his undies dry, etc.
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we've been ec since dd was 10months, she's about 25months now. we get setbacks whenever new teeth are coming in (does your ds have all his teeth in?). dd will have just a week or two when teeth come in, she starts nursing like crazy and hardly sleeps and just won't potty. we just remind her and we've started to have her help clean up the mess. she's been really good since her cain-9s came in, but i know once those 2yr molars start, we're going to have another setback.

i also try to mention the potty about every 45 mins just as a reminder, but she usually tells me she has to go and runs over to use it. if i try to push the issue and she's not ready to go, she gets mad, lol. but she's at a leavel of recognizing when she has to go and can do it on her own as long as she doesn't have undies on (she's usually naked most of the day or in a dress because she will just take her clothes off when we try to put them on).

don't go back to diapers, it will pass and he'll pick up right where he was, it may take a few days or a few weeks. i know it can be frusterating at times, when we have days like that, it's a challange, to say the least. and if it's not his teeth, than he's just meeting some other milestone. good luck!
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We didn't do EC, but a combo of EC and PLing when he showed signs he was ready. DS was wearing underwear at 23 months and telling me 90% of the time when he had to go. Never had a miss with poop. Dry all night at least 6 days a week.

Well, he started getting his 2 year molars in last month and it's been a month of misses. Hes 25 months now and doesn't even tell me anymore when he has to go. He even pooped on the carpet once

Right now we are ECing with the hopes that DS comes around after those blasted molars come in. I will NOT go back to diapers, and most of the time he holds his pee until I put him on the potty.

We don't use rewards either, but the fact that you started EC from such an early age probably means that your LO will jump right back into the groove of things once he's ready
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Another possibility is an allergy. We've done part time EC with my DD and several of her food allergies/reactions result in pee/poop misses.
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Thanks all. This made me feel a lot better. He had another miss/accident today. I'll just keep reminding him, but he is quick to tell me no when I ask him.

I was thinking that maybe part of it has to do with DH has been gone for the past 2 1/2 months (military) now he is back but his schedule is crazy and not consistent at all. I just wonder if that is effecting him, since it is doing a number on his overall mood.
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When DS deoes this, we go back to naked time for a bit, he's really good about getting to the potty when he is naked.
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