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birthday.gif  Happy Birthday to my sweet boy Malachi! It has been an amazing and wonderful year!  I have loved every moment and am so excited to see where life takes us, I am so blessed.


I cannot believe it has been a year and yet it feels like I have lived a lifetime in this year.  It is a little crazy and if I think about it too much it gets overwhelming.  Being a mom is hard but soooooo very rewarding.  Love him so much!

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Hi all, I dropped off the board after J's delivery. It was a very traumatic birth for me. I still tend to shut down when I think about it. 


J will be one on the 24th. That is amazing. He started walking at 9mos 1day. I think it was out of self defense (from his older brothers).


I am going to be a grandmother in September! 


It seems like a lifetime has passed in the last year.


Hope you are all doing well. 

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birthday.gif  Happy Birthday to my sweet boy Malachi! It has been an amazing and wonderful year!  I have loved every moment and am so excited to see where life takes us, I am so blessed.


I cannot believe it has been a year and yet it feels like I have lived a lifetime in this year.  It is a little crazy and if I think about it too much it gets overwhelming.  Being a mom is hard but soooooo very rewarding.  Love him so much!

Hah, I agree wholeheartedly!

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Hi Mawood!  Welcome back :)


You are not alone.  Although I am no longer breastfeeding, our LO refuses to eat real food.  If we try to force it a bit, he has a serious gag reflex and vomits.  He will not eat solid food, but he'll eat stage 2 baby food so we're having to make do with formula and baby food. 


I've talked to our Ped about it and they told us not to worry until they are over a year, but I mean, come on, it's only a few weeks away for us, and I don't see anything changing any time soon.  I'm going to be contacting the birth to 3 folks to see what they have for resources, and I'm also going to push it with our Ped to get a referral to a feeding program at a nearby hospital.


In the meantime, we're following the Ped's advice to offer food all the time and let him explore and be messy.  He has alot of fun with the food, playing with it, but not once has he been interested in putting it in his mouth.  I've even put food on his tray and eaten off it with my fingers to show him how it's done, and he smiles and thinks it's great fun for mommy to be doing that, but I guess it doesn't occur to him that he should do it too.

Thanks Catubodua!!! Your LO looks very healthy and happy to me on the picture :)) I am a Speech Therapist licensed in Germany and I know a bit about eating issues. I would agree with your Ped to wait and let him explore as long as you can. Does he mouth toys, orally explore objects? Olivia does all that and she talks up a storm. I really don't have the impression that she needs medical or therapeutical attention. I just would like for her (and me) to get more into solids as I am working Saturdays and it would be so much easier if we could substitute a nursing session with a solid meal. I am a tiny bit jealous when I see my friends feeding their babies and see how excited they get about eating and how much fun they have. My husband has a lot of food allergies and some people say that babies in families with allergies start eating later as if their bodies tell them to wait out...? I don't know. I do think about it a lot. And the grandparents keep asking...are you still nursing.... I don't even bother telling them how long I am planning on nursing...


Happy Birthday to all the birthday babies!! How do you post a photo within the thread. That is so neat!!!  


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It was my little sunshine Melodie's birthday yesterday!!birthday.gif Wow already a year has gone by....I am so looking forward to the next stage but am still a bit sad to lose my baby..... She started daycare today..for half a day and I think it was harder on the mama then on her, she had a blast...I had all this time on my hands and didn't know what to do with it....


I'm going back to work in two weeks and I am a bit sad to leave hergreensad.gif

I guess I'll have to get used to it....

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Angela, he is adorable!

Happy birthday Melodie and Malachi!  

Welcome back to those who have rejoined us.

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Happy Belated Birthdays Griffin, Malachi, and Melodie!
So glad to see everyone posting on the thread.
Sasha had his well baby visit and he dropped down to the 5th percentile from the 25th. He is just shy of 19 lbs. I'm not worried because he's constantly moving and burns a lot of energy, but it did make me take notice and start introducing more solid foods that are easier to eat and richer in calories. Almost in 1 day my little guy got a lot more interested in food (as if he needed to hear that he needs to gain weight). He is learning to use a spoon with hilarious consequences and loves sharing his meals with the pups.
Yesterday we had our first official tantrum. lol.gif He was tired already and then I didn't let him eat lotion. Oh, he was so mad at me and screamed and rolled on the bed. Then he switched to whimpering and we snuggled, nursed, and went to sleep and all was forgiven. love.gif
This morning he was cracking up at giving rasberries to my belly button. I love my little man. love.gif
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Today I started to sell some of his outgrown gear on craigslist, and as the exersaucer and pack and play were toted away, I thought about how big my little Rowan is getting and how much I wanna squish him. He's absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. joy.gif

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We have first steps! For the past week and a half to two, DS would take two steps at a time.  Now he is up to four.  He doesn't want to fall down and could completely walk across the room with how steady he is but he wants to do it perfectly.  Don't know where he gets that from... :)  It is so fun to see him figure it out and randomly walk some then remember he would rather crawl lol.

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It's Wilhelmina's birthday today, I can't believe that it has been a year... here is a little update post on my blog with new pics...




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Happy Birthday Wilhelmina!!! Paxye, your family is so beautiful!
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Happy birthday Wilhelmina!

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Happy birthday, babies! It's been such a wonderful year and I loved sharing it with you ladies. smile.gif
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Alright, now I need to get back to talking about my boy.  He nurses in 4-6 hour blocks during the day, but nighttime is still all over the place.  Always goes to bed at the same time and always wakes around the same time, but some nights he will only nurse once (RARE!) and other nights it is 4-5 times.  I'm so tired.  Anybody work on scheduling nighttime nursing sessions?  Because last night he was up too many times and I can barely function today.

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Ethan's the same.  Last night he woke up 3-4 times between 10pm and 4am (when I got up for work), but the night before he only woke up once between 10pm and 8am.  I have no idea why the huge discrepancy, it's kinda frustrating.  Some days I really want to start trying to get him to sleep more at night, and other days I think "it's the most we see of each other now that I'm working, how can I take that away?!"  I have been trying to get him to sleep in his crib for the first part of the night, I'm hoping I can work it up to him being in there for more than just 2 hours.  

So, yeah, I have no suggestions.  Hopefully someone else will chime in!

On another topic, Ethan keeps surprising me with the words he's saying!  He said turtle the other day (he has a stuffed light-up turtle), says grandma ('nama'), cracker, cookie and has been trying to say balloon.  I'm pretty sure he's a genius baby, lol.

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Wish I had nighttime suggestions. We're all over the place. Some nights are great and some are terrible. Yesterday he threw up around 2 pm and then wanted to nurse and be awake for over 2 hours. I've been worried about his food intake (the ped freaked me out) so I definitely nurse him as much as he would like but zzzzz... sleepytime.gif
We're also hearing lots of new sounds and experimental words here. Sasha's favorite word is "doggy" - he is a true son of mine. love.gif
But no walking yet, just some really speedy crawling.


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Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for the nighttime nursings either. Olivia still nurses to fall asleep and that falling asleep can sometimes take an hour which is hard on me because I so would love to spend time with my husband or just read a book... She turned one on Sunday and still sleeps best with me there. I lay down with her for naps too but that usually doesn't take longer than 10-20 minutes. As for the night I honestly don't know how often she nurses. I bet it is 4-5 times but I never counted. My back is killing me and have been thinking that our sleep nursing isn't age appropriate anymore. It still works for us most of the times but of course I would love to have my husband putting her asleep as well. Also a lot of people think I am crazy for doing the sleep nursings for so long. For us it has been key though to get the maximum sleep for all of us. Do any of you still do that too? I guess I am lucky to have the time and opportunity to do so. We don't have grandparents near by and not other caretakers either so it really is me since my husband works all day. I believe if we 'd were in Germany it might have been different as my Mom would have liked to watch Olivia and spend time with her and that might have changes the pattern. Who knows...

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Mawood - Griffin nurses to sleep at night. In fact, only at night. During the day I can put him down for his two naps without nursing first and it's never an issue.
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When I put Ethan to sleep, he usually nurses down.  Occasionally he will let me rock him to sleep without nursing, but it doesn't always work.  His dad is able to get him to sleep by patting his bum and singing him songs, but this usually doesn't work for me.  He still nurses during the night, probably 2-4 times on average.  

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Malachi still nurses a lot at night.  For naps I will nurse him and then either he falls asleep nursing or I have to walk him to sleep in the ergo.  At night, I nurse him and if DH is home from work, he will walk him to sleep in the ergo.  Over night, he nurses at least 4-8 times after I go to bed.  We had one really amazing night of just 3 times.  It is what works for us to get the most sleep too.  We also don't have anyone else around but I am not sure DS would go to sleep without nursing during the night anyway.  He will take a nap without nursing if I am not there.  It just goes fastest and he seems to need the calories since he is super active and not eating enough calories to make up for it.  I think the night nursing half that he can't figure out how to get to sleep and half he is actually taking a full feeding in.  I am tired and my back hurts but it doesn't seem like the right time to change anything for us right now.

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