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Go Wilhelmina! I love the video of her babbling, super cute! Sharla, your little muffin is adorable!
Ethan has started army crawling. At first he would only go after things he shouldn't have (like paper or something that isn't a toy) but now he maneuvers his way to anything he wants. He managed to get from his tummy to a sitting position today, and he tries to pull himself up on everything. I guess I better go buy a gate.
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Hi Everyone! Little Ben and I are doing very well! He is a little over 6 months now, and quite the chubster! He is still EBF, we let him try chunks of strawberries, bananas, and mashed potatoes at about 5.5 months, because everytime we sat down to eat, it was like holy hissyfits batman! He loved being included in mealtime, but had crazy poops, lots of tummyaches, and didn't sleep right at all! So we have decided to wait a few more months as he is doing wonderfully with boobie milk. We have dubbed the boobs, "ninnies" and when I say that word he gets uber happy! He loves to just play with them and squoosh his head into them like pillows! He started sitting up and crawling at exactly 5 months, within days of each other, then last week, began pulling up on furniture! He hasn't tried cruising yet, but I can only guess it will be a matter of time! My other son is still very territorial and doesn't want Ben touching any of his toys, and he really hates watching him crawl....anyone else have bad sibling rivalry already? Ben still loves his big brother so much; he just lights up when he sees him! No sleeping problems here, Ben usually goes down around 10-1030, sleeps til around 3, sleep-nurses, then wakes aroung 730 for the day, but takes lots of catnaps during the day, just enough for small tasks like laundry or cleaning around the house. I love seeing pics of all of our babies growning up! They are all so beautiful! Here is mine:

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Just another quickie post to share photos

These photos on my blog are about a month or so old.
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He is starting to eat!!!!

Bumping us up again!
Sasha is starting to actually swallow food. He's been really interested in sucking on flavorful things for a while (I would give him things that we ate that were safe) but when I tried cut up avocado he really wasn't sure what he was doing with it. Well... the last 2 days he is actually swallowing things. Yesterday it was a banana chunk which made the little "worms" in his poop, and today when we were out eating sushi he ate a piece of pickled ginger, and then topped off with some orange. It is exciting but I feel mixed emotions about it. My little bun is no longer 100% mama-built, , but he is growing well It is fun to watch him experience new tastes, but on the practical side EBF diapies are so much easier to deal with. We do EC but he poops frequently and we have lots of misses.
The good thing - so far no reactions to foods, so I'm introducing things kind of fast, although I'm avoiding dairy, grains, sugar, and trying to only offer foods with all known ingredients. We're doing 100% BLW. He hasn't had any purees.
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I enjoy reading about your babies (and you!). How are the moms doing? We focus so much on our babies (not that it's a bad thing), that I would love to hear how everyone is doing, themselves!
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I've loved reading all these updates!
Alexander is doing great. He turned 7 months at the beginning of the month. In the month of July, he started sitting up, crawling, and pulling himself up to stand, all within a span of about 3 weeks. He's busy! My other ds was like that too, super active (although he started even earlier). I love it but at the same time, sometimes I long for the time I had with my dd at this age when she would sit, surrounded by toys...and I could leave the room for a second, come back and she'd still be there. Not my boys! He is all over the place.
He is babbling a bit and is the first of my 3 to say mamama before daddada. ha. I know it doesn't mean much but it feels good!
The other 2 just adore him.
His sleep is pretty good. Naps are still not consistent but I'm hoping they will become moreso once school starts and we are back in a routine. We've been out and about a lot this summer which means lots of shorter naps in the car, stroller or Ergo. At night, he goes down pretty easily by nursing and I put him in his crib. He wakes usually sometime between midnight and 3 am and spends the rest of the night in bed with us.
BTW...do any of you have an Ergo? I bought one at the beginning of the summer and I love it. LOVE. it. I honestly don't know how I would have survived the summer without it. DH loves it too.
Eating...he's made a ton of progress here too. I was not ready for it but he pretty much skipped the purees and only will eat soft finger foods. Our favorite thing to do for lunch is to split a sweet potato. I just bake it and spoon it out to him. he pretty much eats little pieces of whatever we're eating...he is already starting to nurse a bit less, which breaks my heart (he is probably our last) but he is showing me that he is ready. The other day, I tried to nurse him when the kids were eating their lunch and he kept popping off, trying to see what they were eating...I finally handed him a little piece of carrot and he was happy as a clam.
As for me? I'm doing pretty well. I have good days and bad days. I had PPD BAD after my other ds but so far, I think I am OK this time. Some anxiety when things get overwhelming but overall I'm doing much, much better than expected.
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Howdy, all!

We just got back from vacation and I found out the photographer put Griffin's six month photos on her blog - http://sundbergphotography.wordpress.../baby-griffen/

Vacation didn't suit my little go-with-the-flow man so well...over a week of nothing but lobster, butter, deep cream sauces = uber loose stools. Poor kid. He's teething, too, so his nose pretty much ran the whole time. Good thing he's so easy going because he did it all with a smile on his sweet melon.

Those of you with older kids will appreciate this - G was nursing and my 4.5 year old came up to snuggle into my other side (not nursing, just loving on me) and they both held out hands at the same time to just hold on to each other. MELT! Best. Kids. Ever.

Still not eating. He's had little tastes of this and that, but always makes the "get this crap out of my mouth!" face. Not sure when he's going to take the plunge and eat.

He's finally getting up and rocking on all fours, but refuses to roll over. Seriously! The kid will scream bloody murder if he accidentally rolls on to his back until rescued and placed back on his stomach. Weirdo.

All is well with me. Preschool starts tomorrow and my life gets to go back to a routine. Yay!
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Hi ladies?

So we are settling into our new digs in Bogota. Finally feel like we can slow down on the shopping for little details like a broom or coffee cups, and the kids seem to be adjusting well. Emily is sleeping from 7 or 8pm to about 6am, which is just FABULOUS though I wish I wasn't back at work so that I could actually take advantage of this new trend...as it is I am back to teaching full time, from 7am to 4pm...basically I leave around 6:30 and get back around 4:30 or 5pm. Then I'm up after DS goes to bed until about 12 or 1AM doing marking or planning. Luckily dd trained me to be fairly coherent on 4-5 hours of sleep at night.

DS started school at the same colegio I'm teaching for. So far so good, except that he is the tallest and the only one who speaks English fluently, so he's a bit of a weirdo, but he also speaks Spanish fluently so I am sure it will be fine.

Apart from that...Emily is really up on all fours now, but when she crawls it's still more of a soldier's scoot, but man does she book! She is into everything and loves loves loves caves. we have this coffee table and she always crawls into the space where books should go, and she's forever heading for the empty space in the TV cupboard. She also sleeps at night with her head pushed right up against the head of the crib.

What else is she doing? She poops in her potty regularly now and even crawls over to it when she needs to go and gives a funny little grunt if we're not paying attention. She'll wait to pee in the potty if she is naked, but if she has a nappy on she'll wet the nappy.

She's eating all manner of fruit and veggie. Her favorites are banana, broccoli, potato, and peas, but she loves almost all fruit. She also loves oats.

She's a very chilled out baby and really her brother set the bar pretty high for chilled. We have been super lucky.

So nice to read all these updates. Your babies are so cute!
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Quite right Mulvah...

I am pretty boring for most people but I am SOOOO happy to be back in the classroom. God, I missed this part of who I am. I love teaching so much.

I am feeling a little disillusioned with my co-workers who seem to think the rules of the international exam system we run here do not apply to them (giving already filthy rich children an unfair advantage over kids from much less privileged backgrounds who work their bums off and happen to be in schools who actually follow the rules...it really pisses me off!) I was told they had been doing this program for 31 years, and it seems like no one has read the guides or regulation updates in as long.

It means a lot of work on my part getting people on board with the changes and retraining a staff of 10 English teachers and trying to train as many Spanish teachers without pissing them off or insulting them by accidentally insinuating that they have been behaving unethically for the last at least 5 years (even though they have...they are beyond reproach, of course, ha ha)...oh my god, and the meetings! I forget that meetings in most schools do not mean workshops or discussions like my last school, it means we sit and shut up while the PTB wax lyrical on philosophy and theory that hold no water in the real world of teaching. I keep expecting to get somewhere or change something, or at least be able to say something, but that is not really the point...it seems the main point is to ensure that we are occupied...like planning for, teaching and marking for 4 groups of 20-25 students wouldn't do the job.

see, I told you it was boring...

Jamie and I got to see downtown yesterday with the kids, it was so beautiful. We are interviewing sitters this week so we can finally have a date night and explore some of the nightlife here. I am so looking forward to hearing a live band again and having a conversation with my husband that isn't tainted by thoughts of homework to grade or interrupted by the musings of my five year old...well, a girl can dream, right?
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It's so nice reading updates from everybody...here's a quick pick of Emma.

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Wow! Griffin is a real cutie!! LOVE his pants

Emma looks like a real sweetie too

Skylar is full on crawling as of this week and really keen on pulling herself up on everything - she is still unsuccessful at this though. We still haven't properly baby proofed the house and are sort of doing it on the fly...as she gets closer to things we move them! Her sleep is all over the place the last few weeks - I'm assuming it's again because of everything new she is learning. This is such an amazing time developmentally...every day is something new! She loves to clap now which is so cute.

She eats a bit of solids and is now able to feed herself small bite sized pieces fairly well. She doesn't eat much though. Still nursing lots and lots!

As for me, I try and get out of the house at least once a day and interact with other people. It's hard because most of my friends work during the day. We get together with a small baby/mom group every two weeks which is loads of fun for both of us. I sometimes feel really overwhelmed and exhausted with DP away from the house for such long hours (she is gone by 6:30am and not home until around 8pm). Neither of us have direct family close by and no living parents so I basically never get any "me" time. Most of the time I'm ok with that but some days I wish my mom was around or I had someone who could hang out with Skylar for a couple of hours so I could have a break. Oh well, I keep reminding myself this is a really short time in our lives.

I visited my workmates last week and it felt weird being there! I am not back to work until next April at the earliest!
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So here is my little Rowie wearing a hat my mama made for him I couldn't love it more!

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Love the hat! It reminds me of a boob. So cute! Boobs are very respected in this house.

and just look at those cheeks!
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anyone else thinking about getting pg again?

(it's not in the books for us, just curious....)

anyone else starting to think about life again? after 4 months of colic induced hell and weight issues, I think that things are starting to right themselves. Margaret is a little behind physically (not pulling herself up or crawling), but she is very happy, and starting to sleep reliably.

I'm finding myself thinking about the future again....beyond the next nap or crying session.

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@marinak1977 --- Thats exactly what it is meant to be. I've seen them all over etsy and wanted one really bad, so my mama made me one. I was so happy
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HI Ladies!

It's so nice to hear from all of you! Everyone looks just great...

geo_girl - I am always thinking about getting prego - I'm definitely not done having babies and can't wait - but I have to wait because I'm working full time right now and need to focus on my two kiddies and my job. So, I'll wait. Not very patiently, but I'll wait.

Rosie started crawling at 7 months and is working on pulling herself up to standing now at 8 months. She's pretty strong and very motivated to keep up with her brother. She's a great eater and a great nurser - and just a really happy baby. She always has been. She's also the drooliest baby ever but has NO teeth yet. I swear I go through 5 bibs a day and they are each just soaked. She's still waking up at least once at night to eat - and that's getting old, to be honest. I'd like to nightwean soon. She's still in our room in her own crib but will soon bunk up with her big brother. I feel like she's growing up too fast .

I'm doing well - working full time now and making the transition to being a full time working mom is pretty consuming. My job is great - but challenging just now because everything is so new. I physically feel well - I've been running more this past month and doing my sit ups/push ups - I can tell the difference. I'm tired though - working/mothering/wifing is a lot to handle all at once. Wondering if I'm going to be able to keep all the balls up in the air and going smoothly.

Anyway, that's me! Lovely to hear from you all - brings back memories from last year - I can't believe how fast it's gone!
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Baby N just turned seven months on last week. She is "army crawling," uber active, and not very interested in solids, yet.

We are still co-sleeping, but she mostly snacks at night, mainly I think, to help her with going back to sleep. Her naps during the day are also pretty consistent. Generally, she naps in the morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon.Two of those three naps generally last for two or more hours, while the third nap is shorter, usually between 45 minutes-1 hour.

She can sit up, briefly, unassisted, and she is beginning to pull herself up, to stand up. It's so exciting!

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It has been lovely to get to "know" you ladies.

However, for a variety of reasons, I will no longer be posting here.

I hope that all of your children continue to grow and fill your lives with love.

best wishes.
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Charlene, it was wonderful to get to know you and Margaret as well. Sasha and I are sad to see you go. I hope that Margaret continues to thrive and gain weight and everything goes well for you.
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Originally Posted by geo_girl View Post

I hope that all of your children continue to grow and fill your lives with love.

best wishes.
And yours as well Take care!
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