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Hey you guys! I'm here and reading, sorry I haven't responded sooner. Things have been crazy with school starting up again. I'm really throwing myself into my studies and trying to focus on that as much as I can.

Holly is 7 months old now, how did THAT happen? She is turning into a big baby, getting super chubby and long -- she's in her 12 month clothes!! -- sitting up, and enjoying lots of solid foods. She wants to feed herself so bad but I am choking paranoid . She is rolling all over the place and starting to do that forward flop thing that comes before getting up on all fours/army crawling. I can't believe it. She is a peach, I absolutely adore her sweet and funny little personality, and she and her sister have lots of fun together. She's still a bit of an early bird, getting up between 5:30 and 6 am, but it's not too bad. I hope she starts taking longer naps, but it's working out ok for now so I'm trying not to fret. She is STILL cutting teeth, I can see them just below the surface but they have yet to really pop through, ugh!! I hate all the pre-teeth pain.

Here's a link to my flickr page with lots of baby cuteness.

Good to hear from you guys!
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Hi! Nice to see everyone doing well!! Lollo is 7 1/2 months old now and is a mover - she can get across the room in 5 seconds flat crawling and can walk around her little activity table (holding on with one hand) and pull to standing. She is impossible to let be for longer than a minute, she has no interest in her toys and loves what she can't have. She also can't stay still to nurse, she's always trying to crawl up my shoulder, taking my breast with her or crawl while I'm feeding her - my boobs are so sore all the time.

No teeth here and she just showed a little interest in solids about a week ago but I can't feed her with a spoon or she just gets all distracted and wants to chew on the spoon. She loves applesauce, sweet potato, and banana but other things she's not so sure about. I gave her a little mango but it went right through her so I guess she's not ready for that yet.

She takes one good nap a day and the other one is usually hit or miss. She sleeps from about 8-6 every night but wakes anywhere from 3-6 times. I really want to get her out of my bed but I made the choice to move across country to be with my husband and we didn't bring anything with us. We are living on a couple items of clothes and yard sale things and so her crib is still in storage. We just bought a pack and play but its downstairs and it serves as her little restrainer while I'm cooking or cleaning. I know she'd sleep more if she were in her own bed though.

I have a little lower than my postpartum weight due to a health scare that has still not been resolved so I totally revamped my diet and have lost quite a bit of weight. Still waiting to see if I have thyroid cancer, an enlarged parathyroid, or just a harmless thyroid nodule. Military doctors take their sweet time. Anyway, happy to see everyone here!
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Charlene - Griffin and I are sad to see you go. I hope you and Margaret are doing well and can make it back from time to time.

Remijo - my thyroid cancer was found when my daughter was just over a year. I'm going to PM you so we don't bore everybody else with thyroid talk.

Can I just say that I think Griffin might be the sweet kid ever? I'm so over the moon with him!
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I lost us for a while!! Glad to have a new thread going.

Liam is almost 7 months (on the 10th) around 15 pounds & quite the charmer. He doesn't nap well nor sleep well, but oh well. His two older brothers are loving on him alot & I'm so happy we are a family of 5.

We are thinking about getting pregnant one more time to even us out though We'll have to see how it goes. I had horrible PPD stemming from Liam's cesarean birth & how I was treated by the hospital staff. I wrote letters of my complaint & kinda feel that I'm over it now. I still am sad about how he was born & how I lost my way--but I can't do much to change the situation now.

We just started solids tonight & it didn't go over so well. We did mashed bananas & had our oldest feed him. I think we'll wait another week before we try again.

I'm so glad to see everyone's beautiful babies! I have missed you all so much
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I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted in this thread, and I still haven't posted any pictures! I will try to get some up this week!
Ethan will be 8 months old on Wednesday, holy moly. Time sure does fly. I guess the countdown is now on for me returning back to work. I don't go back until the end of December, but I'm sure the next few months will go by too quickly

Ethan full-on crawls now, and pulls himself to standing on just about everything (even toys that are low to the ground, he gets up on his feet with his bum in the air, silly kid). Remijo, Ethan has little interest in his toys most of the time as well - he would much rather play with the tv stand - the XBox, Wii, cable box, etc.
He has 7 teeth now, and seems to be getting another one. He got 4 teeth last week, the few weeks leading up to it were not fun at all. He had almost a week of calmness, but now the fussing has started again.
Now that Ethan insists on standing all the time, the injuries have begun. He is pretty stable, but sometimes forgets to hold on and falls over. He currently has a few scratches on his face, and last night a bottom tooth cut his top gum, so he has a bloody scab in his mouth. I think babies should come with safety helmets!
I hope everyone is doing well!
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Yay for all of the updates! I really love this little group of ours! Rowan is almost 8 months and is already begining to let go and balance himself when he stands up. It seems young to me, although my oldest Liam started to walk at 9 months. hmm. lol. I guess it just feels like he should still be a little baby and now he's becoming this big guy. Oh its so wonderful to watch your children grow Hope everyone is doing great!
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Those Videos are AWESOME!

I am loving coming home from work and getting greeted by an amazingly smiley baby who is all giggles and sunshine until beditme. She is sleeping pretty well...mostly waking once, sometimes twice for food. But also sometimes sleeping through from 8pm to 6am...It's a pretty good system at the moment.

She is crawling like crazy now. She feeds herself just about anything you'll put in front of her and is managing with a sippy cup now which makes dinner times a lot easier and more family oriented. She eats bananas,slices of avocado, slices of mango, oatmeal crackers, broccoli florets, peas, rice, cooked carrots...if she can pick it up and gum it to a mush it's food.

No teeth to speak of yet. She ocassionally seems to be showing signs and then nothing for weeks.

She says Dada and Baja (which we think might be her word for Benjamin or possibly banana, we are not sure) and makes an exaggerated grunt and then a PTHPTHPTH noise pretty consistently for when she needs her potty. Still no mama, but then she just has to go "MAAA" and I'm there with milk and cuddles, so why bother learning my name.

It's so cool watching her communicate more and more everyday. She is just the most wonderful little peanut.

Tomorrow is 8 months! Holy cow!
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It's amazing to think we are almost at the nine months in and nine months out point. Ack!

I love reading about everyone.

Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
...We are thinking about getting pregnant one more time to even us out though We'll have to see how it goes....
I'm so happy for you.

Originally Posted by devasma View Post
...He has 7 teeth now, and seems to be getting another one. He got 4 teeth last week, the few weeks leading up to it were not fun at all....
Wow, 7! My DS has 4 and I'm really nervous about additional teeth and getting bitten while nursing. Heh.
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I'm sorry to see you go, as well, Charlene. I always enjoyed reading your posts. I wish you the very best. Per an earlier post of yours that I just saw in which you were inquiring about parents in our DDC thinking of having another baby, DH and I are planning to. We want to wait until DS is at least 12 months old, though, before we TTC. We don't want my milk to dry up before he is ready.

Malachi is almost 7 1/2 months. The time goes by so fast! He has 2 teeth on the bottom and I think he's going to cut another soon. He can hold himself up for a few minutes in a sitting position, but he can't actually get himself in that position. He can also stand on his legs with assistance. He has been rocking back and forth a lot, so I think crawling is soon to come. He says Mama, Baba (for Boobie--I'm thinking I need to start calling it something else!) and Dada. He's also very interested in our 2 cats and gets excited when he sees them.
I noticed he outgrew his swing one day when he could lift his body to sit forward. He could also reach and pull at the animals dangling from the mobile. Malachi LOVES bath time!

I enjoy reading everyone's updates.
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Mulvah, Ethan has only bit once. It was during the week he got 4 teeth, he was biting everything that week so I figure I got off lucky. Thankfully, he hasn't bit since.

Here are some pics of Ethan and food. We've been sort of doing baby-led weaning. For the most part, we give him chunks of food and he feeds himself. Sometimes we are eating something messy (like soup or pasta), and then we spoon feed him. Ethan doesn't care either way - he loves to eat! He goes up to anyone who is eating and stares, grunts and drools until they give him a bit. Ok, he drools anyways, but you get the picture! My bf jokingly said we should watch how much we feed him, we don't want to end up with a fat toddler on Maury Povich in a few years, ha.

Sweet potato



Pita and hummus
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Great photos

I was thinking the same thing about the 9 months in 9 months out as we approach the 9 month mark at the end of September. Wow...

Skylar also has 7 teeth and is very mobile. She tries to cruise around furniture but falls over. I foresee lots of bumps in the next few months!

She is feeding herself bite sized pieces of food really well now. Loves yam and avocado the best so far. She doesn't eat a lot of solids though and is mostly just breast feeding still. I'm not sure how much she weighs now...my guess is around 21-22 lbs. She was 19 1/2 lbs about 2 months ago.

Oops, she just woke up from a nap...must run I hope everyone is doing well!
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Wow, everybodys babies are so adorable! Devasma I love pictures of Ethan - he is such cutie!
We're doing well - approaching 8 1/2 months rapidly (eep). Sasha still has no teeth, is scooting around (not crawling) and is very interested in pulling up. He is doing better at pincer grasp, is sitting really well, and started clapping. We're practicing baby led eating - so far Sasha loves sucking on different foods and playing with them, but it is mostly play - he is still pretty much breast fed. Which thankfully makes for more pleasant pottying. We part time EC and catch almost all the poops. Pees are still mostly misses. Recently he's started to get off the potty when he's done, which removes some of the guessing on my part.
We had some trouble with a persistent infection on his little bum but it looks like it's finally getting better. Thankfully he enjoys getting epsom salt baths, and the only antibiotics we had to use so far were topical.
Overall, Sasha is a very happy, easy to smile little man, and is just a joy to be around. He loves playing peekaboo and flying when Daddy tosses him up in the air. I really did not expect that I would enjoy parenting so much!

Here is my little man hijacking my computer


I still have not seen AF, and I'm sure breastfeeding around the clock has something to do with it. When she finally shows up I think we will practice TTA but not too seriously. I would like to space our kids by a couple of years, but I'd rather we have a second sooner instead of not at all. So I don't think I'll be using any birth control besides charting. It took us over 2 years to get pregnant the first time, I worry that it may take that long again.
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so, are we the only ones dealing with babe not being interested in food? he'll eat some baby food sometimes, almost always refuses to eat anything i make for him, can't be bother to touch, taste, etc, food i put in front of him.

it's so strange. i thought he was going to go gaga for food once it was offered, but so far, not so much.

he's still growing fine, and has wonderful fat little thighs, so i'm not worried about him not getting enough food.
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Cat, I really think babies eat when they are ready to eat. Emily loves feeding herself and just TRY to help her with the offer of a spoon or lift a morsel to her mouth for her...she will either give you the dirtiest look a baby can muster, or full on scream like you have insulted her to her very core and she will never be able to overcome it.

She's a such a drama queen!

She's still super into the boob as well, such a little gannet.

He'll eat when he's ready, I'm sure.
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Originally Posted by Catubodua View Post
so, are we the only ones dealing with babe not being interested in food? he'll eat some baby food sometimes, almost always refuses to eat anything i make for him, can't be bother to touch, taste, etc, food i put in front of him.

it's so strange. i thought he was going to go gaga for food once it was offered, but so far, not so much.

he's still growing fine, and has wonderful fat little thighs, so i'm not worried about him not getting enough food.
Malachi is a little interested in food, but not terribly so. He's actually becoming LESS interested in the baby food that we offer him and MORE interested in what's on our plates. I think I'll have to read up on BLW. I actually just became aware there was such a thing. Aside from pureed and canned baby food (fruits and vegetables only so far) he's enjoyed a slice of a peach to suck on, as well as an apple slice. He does enjoy playing with the spoon, which makes DH nervous. But he grips the handle with both hands and guides the spoon into his mouth where he proceeds to chew on it.

Also, we've done finger painting with him, which he LOVED. And we've begun to introduce him to home made playdough. These are the things he wants to eat! LOL!

Like you, I don't worry about his health or weight. He is so chunky and, besides, I know he gets everything he needs from my breast milk at this point.
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Just curious if anyone else's babies have discovered their privates. My son did for the first time this morning. I was changing his wet diaper and his hand immediately flew down to his penis, where it stayed until I fastened the new diaper.
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^^^ YES! Griffin found his penis last week and won't.stop.yanking. every time his diaper is off. My favorite is that he is a total Chatty Cathy and speaks *very strongly* while loving on his junk! I so want to video that, but don't need to end up in jail over baby boy bits on my computer.

So, Griffin wants to shove food in left and right and is super interested in drinking water. The problem is that he won't take a bottle and we only have glass for drinking. So I picked up a Born Free sippy thinking that might work, but he can't get the water out (I guess he just doesn't know how to suck from a non-nipple). Anybody know a fool-proof sippy for a wee one?
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Sasha grabs his privates AND his ears a lot. Ouch! He is also very interested in drinking water and only wants to do it from my glass. He also figured out a straw and would drink that way. With the glass I just help him hold it and he will push it away when he's done. He usually spills a bunch on his clothes though and has to be changed.
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Benjamin grabbed his penis a lot from that age until recently when we told him it was freaking out his cousins.

Actually they are studying the amazing human body in Kindergarten and has recently become re-intrigued with the "vines" on his penis and wants to show everyone!

So today I come home from school and Benjamin says "I lost a tooth!" I didn't even know it was loose! Then our nanny says "and guess who got a tooth!"

That's right, Boy looses first tooth a sister cuts her first tooth! Same day, Same position tooth!

Freaky or what?
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