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I hate our stroller because it's big and bulky and hard to manuever. But I do enjoy jogging, and as much as I love baby wearing, baby goes into the BOB for runs! When I drag that thing out into the living room, I must say that the babe gets totally excited and climbs into it...so I'll take that as she doesn't mind it too much!

But yes, OP, I do get where you're coming from. When I'm using the stroller, I'm always peering around to make sure babe is okay, hate that I can't see hear her well or whisper little things to her, rub her head...

Why are some assuming the OP is wearing her babe in a Bjorn? I just looked up Yamo and it looks like an Ergo/Beco type carrier.
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Originally Posted by Mom2M View Post
I don't know, my DD's have never stared ahead with a blank look in the stroller, lol! Actually, they sit up and get excited about everything we see and generally have a great time!
That's my DD, too! She pulls herself up and points to squirrels, pigeons, ducks, dogs, you name it. We play "show Mama the ___" and she points and makes the noise of the animal. I also take her out of the stroller wherever we stop--the coffee shop, a park bench, the ice cream shop, wherever.

My back's killing me from carrying her so much, so the stroller is a good alternative. Although DH still carries her around the park freestyle every evening before bed!
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Originally Posted by BrittneyMarie View Post
Ladies, I think we all need to take a step back. The OP came here to be joyous about baby carriers in a forum about baby carriers. Not to bad-talk stroller moms, and not to get reccomendations for another carrier and have people trash talk about the one she is using now.

OP, I think it's great that you love baby wearing and choose to forgo the stroller. I'm another one who feels too far away from my baby when she's in one.
Thank you Brittney, you made me feel much better about posting here, I had started to regret it. I just never expected to feel so distant from her, the feeling was overwhelming, and gave me insight into how much baby-wearing is meaningful to me. I always thought it is important for infants and babies, but not for toddlers, and it took one half an hour walk in the stroller to show me.

I understand, Greeny that you too feel distant with DC in the stroller, I had only used the stroller for stop and go things - like mall wandering and such, never for a long walk.

Desert - I have a Bjorn and a Yamo, we both are happy with either of them. I have started to use the Yamo more since it is padded better for my shoulders, but she enjoy ff in the Bjorn. The Bjorn is also faster to fasten so if I know that she will be in and out a lot I will use that.

Tway, I guess it depends on where you walk. I walk next to a lot of noisy traffic. Maybe that is why it was like that for me, I would have had to yell. Maybe that is why the other babies don't look like they are communicating with their parents, they probably aren't. I haven't seen them pointing out birds, I have seen them staring or whining. I have seen them demanding to be held (with the parent pushing the stroller with one hand,l carrying the baby in the other, that doesn't look comfortable to me at all). I also see parents totally immersed in a cell phone conversation, the baby far below ignored in a stroller. I don't think these are neglectful parents, I think they are missing out on important "together" time with their babies. I am lucky this didn't happen to us. I am amazed at how much an instinctive choice - to go out and buy a baby-carrier, and to not use either of the 2 strollers I have- enhanced our lives.

Again, Britteny, thank you!
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