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How often do you shower?

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I'm not sure if I'm a stinky oddball, but I only shower maybe 2 times a week? I dont like to wash my hair to often, and Ive noticed it doesn't get as nearly oily as it used to. I shave my pits often, couple times a week, I dont like the black stubble and I use deoderant. I shave my legs..oh maybe twice a month? Thats if Im wearing shorts somewhere or wearing a bathing suit. And i mean I wear my clothes until they arent fresh anymore, 2-3 times and I use a couple spritzs of perfume. Im sure I dont smell bad, but..am I dirty? Most people I know shower 1-2 times a day or every other day. I just dont feel dirty enough to shower, i mainly shower just to freshen my hair up
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I don't think you're stinky I actually heard it's better for your hair if you only wash it once or twice a week. I do shower everyday to every 3 days..that's mainly b/c I live in NC where it's crazy hot and I get super sweaty and stinky with these pregnancy hormones I have racing through my body!
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I used to shower more before I had DS, but now I also usually only shower 2x a week.. Pretty much the same as you! I have longer hair, so it doesn't need to be washed as often.

I doubt you are dirty, unless you feel dirty! And think of all the water you are saving by not showering 2x a day!
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I normally shower every 3 or even 4 days. I do wipe down my pits and crotch daily though. As a PP mentioned, I too have had to bump that up to at least every other day thanks to pregnancy stink.
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I feel nasty in the am and shower daily for my mental health. But I think it is better for you to not shower very often. I have short hair that gets oily. Some times I just rinse it with water when I shower instead of using soap. I would like to get to a every other day (a stretch it feels with how greasy my hair gets now) for showering hense the only using water.

I don't think it is gross and my dh will go several days with out a shower and he doesn't stink at all IMO.
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Well, I'm in the bathtub everyday with DS but use soap only every 2-3 days after workouts, I wash my hair every 3-4 days.
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I shower about 2 (maybe 3) times a week unless there's a real reason why I need another shower like I've been working in the yard all day or something.
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I'm with you, I bathe (shower or bath with DD, depends) twice a week. I feel I need to wash my hair about every 5-6 days (by day 6 I really need to wash it) so my "twice a week" schedule doesn't fall neatly into a 7 day routine. I work from home so I get away with it. I don't feel filthy but I do develop body odor between washings in the summer - but I don't find body odor inherently offensive. (Sure if it's really strong or smells sick, yeah). If I go out between bathing and feel stinky, I'll do a little armpit soap and splash in the sink. I'm not anti-deoderant but i consistently find that it makes me smell sour after a few hours (and yes, I've tried 100 brands). So I feel there's no point in applying a product whose purpose is to keep me from smelling, which makes me smell. I only apply it when I really need to smell perfectly fresh for a few hours - like a job interview or something.
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Every day. I don't wash my hair everyday but I shower everyday. I'm overweight, chasing three kids in the humidity at the beach, park, wherever. If I can smell me I shower lol. Now hair washing I do about 2 times a week. It depends on the week and if we've been swimming. Or I should say I try to shower everyday. I have been known to do the "whore bath" (washcloth under arms and crotch area) lol.
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I shower about 2-3 times a week, more if I need to "get away" for a min and that is my relax time lol.

I wash my hair about once every 2 weeks, it is long thick and curly and doesn't get oily for at least 9 days after washing.

I "wipe down" every day
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I shower, and wash my hair every day. Well, every once in awhile if I'm sick or something, I'll skip a day. I guess I'm an oddball - b/c if I don't bathe daily I feel icky.

I also wash my clothes after one wear - except jackets and such.
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Most of the year, I shower every other day or every third day....based entirely on need, not habit finally.

If I am in the shower, I generally wash from top to bottom, including my hair. That is out of habit more than anything else. It happens to coincide with my hair's needs now that the frequency is less than every day, though.

In the summer, between the heat and sweat factor and frequent pool and beach days, I end up showering 5-6 times a week. My hair gets a bit dry and the ends need more frequent trimming as a result.
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I shower every day and put on fresh clothes every day, plus fresh pajamas each night. I think that moist privates get smelly, quickly, especially with the added moisture of my partner's secretions. I am relatively active and ride bikes, walk, go places, scrub floors, load dishwashers, do laundry, etc., and I sweat and get smelly.

OP, how do you know you don't smell to others? My husband never knows whether or not he smells because he killed his sense of smell with smoking (or he just plain never had one, he can barely smell a thing).

I smell other people all the time and it's not pleasant for me (perhaps I have an extra-sensitive sense of smell). I don't mind a musky natural smell (like from someone who doesn't use antiperspirant or deodorant but still probably showers daily) and actually quite like it, but there's something far different about a dirty-smelling person.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
I shower, and wash my hair every day. Well, every once in awhile if I'm sick or something, I'll skip a day. I guess I'm an oddball - b/c if I don't bathe daily I feel icky.
Me too. I know a lot of women who skip washing their hair but I think I must not have the right texture. Mine is really fine and thin. If I skip even one day it looks so gross. I wear my jeans several times before I wash them but I change into sweatpants/shorts as soon as I get back home from going anywhere so I figure they aren't that dirty. I wear a new shirt every day lol my son seems to see to it that I either spill something on it myself or he rubs food or dirt on it. I shower at night so I usually wear the same pjs a few days in a row.
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I work in a restaurant. I shower every day. If it's my day off and I don't feel or smell gross (I have the nose of a bloodhound), I might skip it, but still wipe down with a cloth. I wash my hair when it looks gross....usually every other day. Sometimes if it doesn't look gross but has kitchen stink from work, I'll just rinse it out.

I plan not to be in this line of work for more than a couple of more years. I'll probably still shower every day. Maybe every other day in the dead of winter.
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I shower 3-5 days a week. I always wash everything though when I do shower however. I can't not wash my hair. feels weird to skip it.
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At least every day. Try living in 115 degree heat..., it will make you cranky, hot, sweaty, and crave another shower after dinner.
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Originally Posted by RiverSky View Post

OP, how do you know you don't smell to others?
uh, im not sure how to respond to that, is that a shot?

I have my work clothes (uniform), home clothes(oldtshirts, shorts/cottonpants) and going out clothes. I luckily live where its not really hot weather, I dont sweat much at all. I work in veggies, fruit and flowers so I wear gloves to keep my hands clean and do a good scrub of my arms and hands after work. I wash my face twice a day, clean undies twice a day and all that, i wear a tshirt only to bed so I wear a new one normally every time I shower. If im DTD, then that calls for a shower, but im a solo parent so thats not a daily occurrence I might shower more if i was going to be so close to someone like a DH, just for their preference not mine so much.

I didnt know if i was just thinking like a hippie again here, but I dont like to just consume, consume, consume, just because i "can". Unless my clothing has stains on it or doesnt have that laundry smell anymore, its hung up and kept clean. Or if my hair isnt smelling nice, then ill wash. Other than that I try use as little water and products as I can, I dont use the dryer, i use a clothes line that kind of thing. I trim/shave the pits and bits, or ill use a washcloth to freshen up. I use perfume when i go to work or whenever and i find my hair retains alot of the shampoo smell.

Im surprised how over the last 2 years of choosing a more natural focus how my body has adapted to produce less oils or produce just enough. My skin isnt dry nor oily, my hair stays lights and soft, its great, i feel good about using our resources as needed.

id like to think i would know if i smelt bad, if i can smell my laundry smell, perfume, shampoo etc then i should be able to sense the opposite
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about 3 times per week for washing. I may take a soak in there for a headache or down time too.
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I often shower 2x a day or more in summer but it's hot and sticky down here. I only wash my hair about 2x a week though. I'm just not going to feel guilty for the 2 minute rinse off showers I regularly take.
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