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Phoebe Louise's due date birth story

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My hungry little kitten is sleeping off a milk feast right now, so I finally have time to write my quick story. Gentle ctx began thurs around 5 like they have so many times in the past week. They usually taper off when I settle down at night but these didn't, and by 10 when I also had some good bloody show, I believed this might be it. My ILs had taken Dd1 to stay with them for a few nights, and I think the quiet and solitude is what finally kicked things off. That and the tomato basil omelet I had overindulged in for breakfast.

By 130 ctx were slightly painful and up to 4-6 mins apart, so I called the CNM on duty at the hospital. I guess I didn't sound distressed and she didn't want me coming in too early so she suggested a shower, some Tylenol and a lie down to see if things progressed or subsided. I did all that and they picked up. At 3-4 mins apart I had made myself relax deeply so they didn't hurt, but I knew that the way they were advancing in frequency, I didn't have time to waste. We got in the car around 330 and called the CNM back along with my best friend who'd be acting as doula. I stayed relaxed through the 30 minute drive but the ctx were now 2-3 mins apart.

I can truly say I was in very little discomfort until we walked into the hospital. I'll tease dh about this for a while-- instead of dropping me at the curb he parked and I had to walk about 200 feet to get inside. Then I went to the bathroom in the ER and that's where things turned momentarily ugly. Things kept wanting to come out of me and I was afraid the baby would be next -- in a nasty ER stall. I managed to force myself off the toilet and into the waiting wheelchair. Things weren't much better in LD, but I got changed and into the bed and the CNM finally came in after what had seemed a long time. In the meantime I'd mentioned an epidural, but my friend talked me down. It didn't matter anyway -- when I was checked I was 8 cm, +2 station and 100% effaced! This was going to happen soon. I calmed down and turned on my hypnobirthing recording to breathe the baby down. I didn't want to push too early like last time so I held off as long as I could. About 2 hrs after we arrived I pushed out my baby in 15 minutes. It took me 1.5 hours with my first. The mw did some fancy perineum support so I only had a first degree tear with my 9.5 pounder.

We came home 24 hours later and everything is perfect. I'll try to post a pic later.

ETA: a picture of Phoebe
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What a quick, easy birth! Can't wait to see pics!
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Congrats!!! How exciting! Enjoy your little kitten.
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little kitten! love it. it sounds like everything went perfectly! i'm so happy! cuddle in, mama!
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Oooh Amy! She's GORGEOUS! Fatty little face, oh my!

Congratulations, and I'm so glad things went quickly and smoothly..hope you are both just eating each other up...well, we know she's eating you up, LOL!

Take care and LOVE on each other!
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Great birth story and a beautiful baby girl! Thanks for sharing.
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She's beautiful!! Congratulations mama!! And what a fantastic birth!!
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Congratulations! What a lovely, fat little face! I think that's the best thing about fat babies! And it sounds like your birth was pretty much awesome.
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Sounds like it was a great birth!!! What a beautiful little girl.
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Little Kitten... too cute! Thanks for sharing!
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