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Anyone in Fresno?

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We are very very tentatively thinking about relocating to Fresno. While I spent my first 19 years living there (well, in the foothills), I need some info now that I am a mother.

I currently have a SUPER great pediatrician who support us not Vaxing. Will it be hard to find a new one?
Crunchy playgroups?
Homeschooling support groups?
Breastfeeding (beyond infancy) support?
General crunch factor.

I remember it being fairly conservative, which is not a problem, but I would love to know that there is support and playgroups that share some of my philosophies.

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No-one, really?
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ok, never-mind about the other questions....

Anyone in Fresno at all? Wanting to find playgroups.
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I live in Santa Cruz County, so Fresno isn't too far. People in my area tend to not have that great of an opinion of it, but I have never lived there. I would suggest Aromas. It has good homeschool resources and church. It's also very near Santa Cruz which is EXREMELY crunchy.
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There's a huge AP Mommies group on Yahoo.

Here is a link:


I live about an hour north so I'm not on the group anymore but there seemed to be a pretty vibrant AP community with loads of info on good pediatricians, playgroups, etc.

This site has some good general family friendly info: http://fresnofamily.com/

The Discovery Center has a great reputation but I've never been there: http://www.thediscoverycenter.net/
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Went to school at Cal Poly SLO, so kinda near Fresno. I don't know much about it other than it is very conservative as you said. Is this an option or a must that you move?
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Hi! I live in Fresno, though we are currently about to relocate to Salinas. There is an AP mommies group and also a thriving natural chilbirth community (check out http://www.childbirthresourcenetwork.com). Like any place, there are good and bad parts, but honestly I don't know why Fresno gets such a bad rep. Good luck to you! Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

For a pediatrician, I recommend Dr. Donald Fields, DO of Yosemite Pediatrics. He's currently our pediatrician and very non-vax-friendly. (559) 439-7407
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Thank you so much! We will be Fresno residents as of mid november, so getting nervous. Thanks for the links.
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Hi, I'm a native Fresnan :)  Been here all my life and don't plan on going anywhere else anytime soon. 


Have you made the move here yet?  I'd love to get to know you, because I honestly didn't think I'd ever find another Fresno mama on MDC.

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 I totally don't know what I'm doing...  lol 

But i was looking on here for ideas for a new pediatritian and I saw the post about Dr. Feilds...  I was currently with Dr Kratzer and I love that he gets us out of the hostpital fast and with the least amount of intervention.  But the last time I felt so much pressure from him about opting out of the vax. 

Him and his NP were even kind of pressuring me about vaccinating my first child.  I just really want to go to the dr only when we need a dr.  lol 

Anyways, anymore info on Dr. Fields would be great!  Or should I just do like an office interview with him?


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Hi!! I know this thread is old, but I'm a new-to-Fresno SAHM with a toddler and a young baby. I would LOVE to meet-up for playdates for my toddler. I'm also interested in finding a friend to walk with and/or bake with/for. I don't have a car during the day, though, so I need to work around that...

PM me if you want to talk playdate/playgroup, walking, or baking stuff. I'm in North Fresno.
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Hi - we recently relocated for my husband's work to Clovis (outside of Fresno) earlier this year. I was lucky enough to find the wonderful MOMS Club (it's affiliated with the international group). There are a few different chapters in this area according to where you live in town. You can look it up through the int'l website, I believe. I am pregnant and haven't met a *whole* lot of other people interested in nat. birth. But I'm at Fresno Women's Medical Group and they seem natural birth-friendly, at least. It's definitely fairly conservative here but if you look hard there are definitely others interested in these topics!! Good luck!

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Sorry I know this thread is old but I just moved to Fresno this week and am looking for a good pediatrician who would be supportive of non-vax or delayed-vax AND takes medi-cal. Kratzer and fields do not. greensad.gif also just wondering if there is anything else going on that I could be involved with in Fresno. Thanks ladies! orngbiggrin.gif
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I'm a Fresno mama. Welcome!! Are you on Facebook? We have an awesome AP group that is quite active online and for meet ups. If you want, pm me your name and email addy and I'll try to get you connected. I don't know about peds that take medi-cal. Ill post a question to the group though.
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