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Favorite "I can't believe it's healthy" recipes?

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I need your best "I can't believe it's healthy" snack ideas. I really need to be preparing healthier snacks at home for the kids and I. I would also love to be able to make a few things for various groups/functions we attend. I'm looking for things that are healthy, but not "health food". I love veggies and stuff, but it seems most people want junky stuff when you attend a pot lock, or when you serve snacks at a Bible study or something. I'm so tired of that!

My boys really don't like veggies, but I can add them to smoothies and such and they don't care as long as they can't taste them.

So, what tricks have you got up your sleeve(s)?
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Ooh, hummus, hands down. I took roasted red pepper hummus to a potluck this weekend, and almost everyone asked me for the recipe. Here's the one I used.
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My favorite pot luck recipe is super simple and well loved. I saute a diced onion (in my rice cooking pot) until it's translucent. then I add raisins and brown rice, and saute til the rice changes color (more the opacity than color) (it's color change is much clearer with white rice. the recipe is great with white rice too. it also works fine with soaked well drained rice of either sort). then I add enough homemade chicken stock to cook the rice plus a smidge extra for the raisins, and cook the rice like normal. (sometimes, I pop in a frozen thing of stock from the freezer and make up the rest of the liquid with water). add salt and a little extra butter or olive oil at the end. yummy, easy, and super healthy.

I totally second hummus.

bread sticks with homemade ranch dip (or homemade green goddess?) carrot sticks would be better but if they won't eat them... it's got probiotics, protein, some healthy fat to keep you full and digest the vitamins, and super tasty.

I don't know, most of the people I do potlucks and stuff with want food to be tasty, but also really healthy. not all of them though... but everyone likes the rice pilaf stuff and hummus.
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Guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips. Herb kefir cheese and crackers. Artichoke and spinach dip. Chili or any other homemade hearty soup. Deviled eggs w/ fresh farm eggs or egg salad/tuna salad/chicken salad. Pasta salad with whole grain pasta, kefir cheese, fresh diced tomatoes and herbs. Chickpea and black bean salad.
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My most popular potluck dish is just a simple zucchini frittata (grated zucc, cooked onion, garlic, herbs, eggs, cheese baked in a 9 x 13 pan). It always disappears and is also vegetarian friendly (I'm not veg but am sensitive to the fact that there is often little for them to eat at potlucks). You can slice it and eat it in your fingers.

Hummus is also good, as are other beans made into hummus-like dips.


Chili (I always add heaps of veggies in addition to beans)
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