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Intact Friendly Dr.s in Vermont

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I'm compiling a list of intact friendly docs in Vermont to put in literature packets for parents in the state. So far, I only personally have experience with Dr. Jeffrey Wulfman in Brandon.

Would you care to add your favorite tried-and-true(s)?
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We use Harriet Shea at Barre Pediatrics. We haven't had a ton of conversations about this, but no problems either. She's comfortable with and knowledgeable about intact boys.
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Kimberly Bruno at Copley Family Health in Morrisville. She's pretty open minded about all sorts of choices, very supportive.
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Fabulous! Thanks to you both.

Getting a good list compiled:

Jeffrey Wulfman, Brandon
Katina Martin, Salisbury
Adrienne Trahnstrom, Mendon
George Fjeld, Brandon
Harriet Shea, Barre
Kimberley Bruno, Morrisville
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We used to go to Dr Kilpatrick at Mettowee Family Health. He seemed to be "intact-friendly" though we never had any penis issues to deal with. We now see Dr Wulfman, who we love! His wife seems great also (Dr. Carrie Wulfman)
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OT: box of rain--where are you located? i'm also a mama of 3 boys--just curious how far you are from us??
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Intact-friendly peds in Upper Valley

Dr. Mark Harris @ Upper Valley Pediatrics in Bradford (actually, I am sure his nurse practitioner, Nancy Foote and the other ped there Rebecca (something) is too because my son goes there an no one has a problem (Mark HATES doing circs).

Dr. Melanie Lawrence in Newbury
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