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Aww Lotus! Sadly I do believe it hah. Jonas has hurt mine a few times and my legs look AWFUL because they are constantly bruised.
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Lotus--ouch! Luke has given me little bloody lips a couple of times, but nothing like that yet. I'm sure it's coming soon though, since he likes to throw his head around when he's mad. One time, he did it and caught DH in the nose and DH was convinced that his nose was broken (it wasn't.)

Luke is in a book phase right now and everytime I turn around, he's coming after me saying "Book! Book!" He especially loves when I read magazines to him--he doesn't care which ones. The other day, we spent a good 45 minutes reading a catalog we got in the mail. In theory, this newfound book craze is great, but in reality...how many times can you read a book about barnyard animals before you lose your mind?
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Originally Posted by Novus View Post
but in reality...how many times can you read a book about barnyard animals before you lose your mind?

LOL, we have one that has a cat (which sprout looooves) and the only words are "Boots" "Bib" "bed" He loves the book, he likes to point to the cat and say "KeyKey" but COME ON! I have started making up stories about what the cat is thinking or going to do next. DS doesn't seem to mind!
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I'm way behind this thread as usual, but I wanted to check in and subscribe, and say hi to everyone.

Katie, I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert! Happy upcoming birthday to Liam.

Lotus, your little guy looks almost exactly like my son! Sorry about the lip, though.

Madalyn, congratulations on being so close to the end of the deployment! That's wonderful!

Catherine, hang in there--it sounds like a tough time, but I'm sure you'll make it through. Hopefully Pixie will start sleeping better and your DS will calm down. What about an afternoon away for your birthday--a spa treatment, or shopping, or lunch out with friends/by yourself? (Maybe a hotel room to sleep in for the day? ) It sounds like you could use it.

Erin--we've been down to one nap for awhile. You do adjust, but it takes time. I miss the days of two naps.

Comtessa, my DS is hard to redirect too. The shoe thing sounds cute, but I can see how it would get annoying quickly.

Kriket, I struggle with frustration and anger myself too. I'm just not a very patient person by nature. I don't have an answer for you about the tantrums, but I do know they won't last forever.

Lotus, it's nice to hear things seem to be going well!

Apologies to anyone I missed. I'm not firing on all cylinders these days.

We're ramping up for a move from MN to MA this fall; DH got a job out there that he's really excited about, so we're moving away from both sets of grandparents and lots of friends. We'll see how it goes. We may move back, we may not, but we have to give it a try anyway. I'm really struggling with it right now, but I think it'll work out fine.

Jules is a real challenge right now; I'm not patient enough to be the mother I want to be all the time. With the stress of preparing for the move I get frustrated easily when trying to watch him and get anything else done. He's starting to tantrum occasionally, so we're working on handling those, and I'm trying to get out and do some of my own things so I get a break occasionally. Ah, the joys of parenting a toddler! I love him more than anything, though, and I'm looking forward to having a second (hopefully not for a year or two). I must be crazy.
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Oh man I totally forgot to subscribe.
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Okay, caught up now...

Originally Posted by JD5351 View Post
He loves to hide behind our sheer curtain where he thinks we can't see him. I'll say, "Oh no! Where is my baby? I can't find him!" and he'll walk out forward until the curtain slides over his head with the biggest smile on his face.
HAHAHA Emma so does this, too. Anything she can get behind (even if I can clearly see her, like she's on the other side of the changing table which is just a few bars), or step into the other room, etc... all we have to do is say 'Where's Emma? Where's the baby?" and she'll like pop out grinning and squealing. Over and over again, rotfl.

Words: Almost none still. She'll say cat (something good), hey-cat (hi), cat-cat (a cat), and "what's that?". That's pretty much it. But I don't know if I could even list the words/phrases she understands. We'll go through a picture book and she knows pretty much anything in there (can point to it when I ask), and also associates it with things outside the book... like if there is a picture of a blanket, and I say "where's the blanket?" she'll point to the picture, then look at me and pat the blanket we're sitting on. She knows all the face and body parts (ear, nose, leg, toes, belly button) etc (it's really funny to surprise her with "Em, where's your belly button!" when she's just walking around, because her eyebrows will go up, she'll immediately drop whatever she's doing and pull up her shirt to point to her belly button). She understands pretty much anything simple that I say to her. But she won't make a peep. I'll ask her to say things, and she'll literally clamp her lips shut, rotfl. I'll give her a few more months before I worry about it. She does babble a lot in her own Emma-language.

TEETH: We've just now got number 7 broken through, and I think we're going for number 8. She's had the four up top and the two on the bottom, and number 7 and 8 are also on the bottom (surrounding the first two incisors).

SHOES: Obsessed. I have to keep them in a drawer half the time, if she sees them she just wants me to put them on, then let her walk for a minute, then take them off, then put them back on, etc etc.

BOOKS: Also obsessed. We keep getting new ones because I'm bored reading the same ones over and over again. If I sit down, at all, that's her cue to race off, grab a book, shove it in my hand, then reach for me to pick her up. She would sit in my lap and read books literally all day.

SLEEP: Still doing good, we've been down to one nap (in the morning, like 9 am - 10 am) for months now. She sleeps from 7 pm - 6 am. Still co-sleeping, but we've started trying to get her to sleep on her own mattress in her room, because of the new baby coming (any day now, practically). She's a light sleeper and I know being in the bed with the new baby, and us getting up to change diapers or whatever often during the night, would disturb her so much. So, we've been starting her out in her own bed, she'll sleep there from 7 pm to somewhere between 9 and midnight, then get in bed with me. Hopefully by the time I have the baby she'll be sleeping through the night in there. We'll see how it goes.

Everything Else: She's really pretty awesome. It's not the easiest thing in the world being this pregnant and taking care of her all day by myself, but she's so good-natured even when teething, that it's not that hard.


Wearing Daddy's work hat:

Fun at the beach with me and my sister :


Eating cereal with Daddy on Saturday morning:
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Hi All - Nice to catch up a bit.

Olivia will have her 15 mo appt tomorrow and I'm very curious as to her height and weight. She seems to have gotten so tall.

TEETH: Just 4. She finally got the front two to come through.

WORDS: Not too many. Mama, Dada, Baby, Hi... same for the past two months. Although DH thought he heard her say Go Potty.

SIGNS: She knows how to sign More and wave Bye, but chooses not to. hmm. We're going to a signing class next week and hopefully we'll get tips on how to do that better.

SLEEP & NAP: She was down to one nap last January. She is still a night owl, oftentimes awake until 10:30 - 11:00 and sleeps until 8:30 - 9:00.

She was weaned last March as my milk dried up. I just used the last of the donor breast milk on tuesday and felt very sad about it. We're headed to the goat farm on Saturday and we'll stock up. Apparently goat milk does well frozen too.

She is not interested in shoes, except to pull them out of the drawer, same with her clothes and the pans in the bottom drawer of the stove. She loves to take things out of the garbage too.

She loves picking up rocks and sticks. She often puts rocks into her mouth. If we suspect she has anything in her mouth, all we have to do is put our hand under her chin and if she does, she'll spit it out into our hand.

There have been some Temper issues, but usually it's because she wants something, like the Tivo Remote, and we won't give it to her.

She loves the water park area which is really just colorful and interesting large showers that spray and squirt water in differing methods. It replaced the wading pool that they used to have.

She's been playing with her stomach in this way - she'll push it out and pat it, then suck it in, then out and in and out, fascinated with watching her tummy change shapes.

Good luck to those TTC again.

Summer has been fun and Olivia has really been quite an amazing baby. I can't really call her a baby anymore as she really is her own person.
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Originally Posted by cheryllynn View Post
She loves picking up rocks and sticks. She often puts rocks into her mouth. If we suspect she has anything in her mouth, all we have to do is put our hand under her chin and if she does, she'll spit it out into our hand.
DS loves picking up rocks too, luckily he hasn't been one to put things in his mouth (even food, le sigh, I wish he would eat more!)

He does spit things out if he took too big a bite! He went up to DH with a mouth FULL of cracker. DH didn't know what he wanted so I told him he wants to spit that out, hold out your hand. And sure enough, DS barfed up a huge wad of slimy cracker! DH was pretty grossed out, but thought it was funny.

BTW I love the name Olivia! I really like the name Olive, and we settled on Olivia because DH didn't like Olive, but BIL named my niece Olivia, so it's stolen
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Originally Posted by kriket View Post
DS loves picking up rocks too, luckily he hasn't been one to put things in his mouth (even food, le sigh, I wish he would eat more!)
Luke pretends to put things in his mouth all the time. He'll have something in his hand, turn away from us, and we'll see the hand going to his mouth, but he actually drops whatever it was and then turns back to us and keeps his mouth firmly closed. Of course, about one-third of the time, he actually does put whatever it was into his mouth, so we can't get complacent & have to check every. single. time. I've pretty much decided that leaves & wood chips are edible, but rocks are not.

He had his 15 month checkup today & is in the 90th percentile for height! Now I understand why I always talk to other moms on the playground whose kids look the same size as him, only to find out they're a good 6 months older.
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Hey ladies! It's been a while since I've been on so it's great to read about how everyone is doing.

We are doing great here. Lily is a great little girl! She's fairly easy going till her sister messes with her, then she screams like someone is trying to disembowel her with a spoon!

She doesn't talk other than Uh-oh. She can say kitty and mama if she really needs to, but she's been nodding her head yes and no for a very long time, so she gets her point across very well. This is nice b/c when DD1 was this age we were dealing with major tantrums b/c no one knew what she wanted.

This a pic of her riding a horse on vacation last week.
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Originally Posted by Novus View Post
I've pretty much decided that leaves & wood chips are edible, but rocks are not.
that is so funny!

Miasmama- That pic was too cute! We had horses growing up and I really miss them. My parents had to auction two, and took the other two to south Dakota.
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Hey all!

Just checking in... we are down to one nap here most days, which has led to a later bedtime. Which is okay, because it mostly leads to a later wakeup in the morning!

We have had some major fussiness this week. Not sure what is going on (assuming molars??) but Olivia has been super clingy to me. It seems to come in waves with her. The past two days have been better, but at times I feel as though she's a bit in the high needs category. She can be quite intense, and demanding of me.

Speaking of, I think bedtime is nearing! I'll have to update more later!
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Anyone deal with some sleep regression type stuff at 14 months? We are having a 3am party every night! She goes to sleep fine, gets up to nurse after several hours (fine) but then 2:30-3 rolls around and she's grunting, arching her back, staying latched on as long as possible and then waking up as soon as she unlatches (this is not typical). She often doesn't fully wake up, but cries out like she is uncomfortable. Could it be molars coming in? I can feel them mostly under the skin but poking through in several places.

Off to get more coffee!
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JPI - I would suggest that it's teething or some other growth change, maybe growing pains. It will return back to normal.
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absolutely teething Erin. Since Griffin got his last molar in about a month ago he has been sleeping great. As in all night most nights, with maybe one early morning nursing session. Its such a relief!! Although I know those eye teeth are not far behind!
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Thanks mamas. We had one glorious night of great sleep and last night were back to restless/wakefulness. I do think it's teeth, I feel around in her mouth when she's asleep and I can feel multiple areas where teeth have broken through just a tiny bit. Top and bottom, left and right. It must be terribly painful! At least she's getting a nice long nap today!
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Ack, we're in the sleep-regression club too! For more than a week now! Between 4 and 6 am it's a constant battle -- flopping, rolling, whining, crying, nursing incessantly. I can't take it much longer, but I don't know what to do. I can't figure out a gentle way to nightwean her that will allow anyone in the house to get any sleep. Plus, she has become more and more emphatic in her refusal to return to her crib after her first night-waking, so she's spending more & more time in our bed. She always sleeps at least part of the night with us, but it used to be just a few hours in the morning. Now, we're lucky if we get an hour or two without her!

DH is totally beside himself about it, and I don't blame him; he can't get back to sleep after she starts fussing at 4 am or so, so he's really sleep-deprived. Every night he says to me, "can she sleep in her own bed tonight???" But I do all the nighttime parenting, and I'm not about to argue with a screaming toddler at two in the morning, YKWIM?

How on earth do I get this squawking, flopping, whining, kicking small person OUT of my bed so I can get some sleep???
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Comtessa - what is with that two hour window? Ours is typically between 3-5. We have the crib in a sidecar position to the bed, so I think that helps get her back in her own space. At this point she sleeps in her crib from about 9pm until 1-2am, then nurses, then back to the crib. Then 3-3:30 rolls around and it's just as you describe. Unfortunately I don't have any answers for you, just commiserating!

The good news here is that her days have been great! Olivia has become quite a daddy's girl recently, which is uber cute. She's also totally into hand-holding (unless we're at the grocery store) and practically demands we walk around the house hand-in-hand. She's eating lots more and trying all sorts of different foods, always makes me feel a little proud when she dives into a curry or something like that! I didn't get too adventurous in what I ate until I was an adult.

She is also working on developing more words. She is such a curious girl with a sense of adventure. Minus the toddler parties in the middle of the night, I am really having fun with her.

She is doing great with redirection these days, and I feel like I'm really getting the hang of "discipline" (for lack of a better word... I guess it's more like redirection and teaching). DH struggles with Olivia's neediness sometimes, and I suppose it can be a bit overwhelming if you don't have the right mindset (as in he's quite tired from work or something). She likes to be involved in what you are doing all the time, likes to be held, etc. She has a lot of my personality, so it's easier for me to see her as sensitive and loving versus needy. DH's biggest pet peeve is when she throws food overboard from her highchair. I am still working on figuring out how to help sway her from doing that... although at this point I think she'll grow out of it before that happens
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What we use is Gripe Water. There is an organic brand at Walgreens. When she starts fussing like that during the night whether it's teething or growing pains or tummy issues, we give her the 10 ml plus water and she slurps it down. That seems to work some times, but not all the time.

Trying out the share feature of shutterfly.

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Cheryl--I love those pictures! I keep wanting to post pictures, but I can't even get myself motivated to upload them from the camera, let alone put it on photobucket!

Oh, the sleeping. Our most recent sleep adventure is that he's gone from waking up at 9 am to waking up at 6 am. Over the course of one day. But I'm not going to complain too hard because at least he sleeps pretty well during the night. He still nurses before I go to bed, but then he usually sleeps until 5, comes to bed with us, and goes back to sleep for about an hour. 6 hours in my bed without a small person kicking and punching at me? Hey, I'll take it!

I've been wondering lately how much of our speech he understands. Of course, he understands things like "Do you want to eat?" or "Are you ready to go night-night?" but lately, he's been responding to things that I figured were way outside of his comprehension. A lot of times, when DH and I are talking to each other, Luke will say or do something that just makes me wonder whether he actually understood what we were saying. (I wish I could think of a concrete example right now!)

He put his first 2-word sentence together today. Of all the things in the world, he said "Bye-bye, Bug" to an ant as we were leaving the playground
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