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Ok Ladies, I know I should be smarter than this, but I have to ask.

I do nto get a normal period. I have not had one since April when I came off of the pill, so I have been testing every 4 weeks just to be sure. I came home from vacation on July 10th and bought a pack of blue dye CVS brand tests. (I know, I shpuld know better.. blue dye). The test I took the next morning was negative.

So yesterday morning I took the second test from that pack. It was less than 10 minutes, but nothing was coming up on the test, not even a control line, so I threw it away. I though it was faulty and I will just have to wait until my docotrs appointment Wednesday. Well last night I looked at the test again and it was positive!!!!!

So i ran out and bought a First Response (pink) and it was negative, but not FMU.

So the question is.... what should I think?? Negative right? Until the docotr tells me otherwise on Wednesday? I have to be sure because Wed. if everything is negative I will be going on Provera to start my period.

Please let me know your thoughts. I have never seen tests change, even after hours of sitting. Especially change from nothing to positive. And since it has only been 4 weeks, could it be that I am and its just too little of HCG to tell after 12 hours of drinking water????