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I was just thinking of what I would do with our current house.

Most of my ideas include renovation projects I want to do and custom storage.

We were just talking about redoing the deck outside and possibly putting in a sun room instead. The basement would be finished, we might split the large bedroom back into two bedrooms. Built in cabinets next to the fireplace for the stereo equipment. Really I would probably just upgrade the furniture we have, buy a nice rug for the living room. Refinish the hardwood floors. I'd go on vacation and have some one strip all the painted trim and refinish the floors. Redo the garage as a studio for my husband, some landscaping for our overgrown yard. Basically most of the stuff I have planned to do over the next 10+ years.
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Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl View Post
I would live here. But with a larger backyard so I could urban homestead. Although living in Sonoma (where this house is) you wouldn't really have to.
I adore craftsman style homes!
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I would live here.
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I don;t think our finishings and so on would be much different to what we have now. However I would have decorators come in and finish off the painting, re wallpaper the hall etc.

We would definitely have a gardening company in to sort out the mess that is currently our garden.

In general I'm content with our house it's just all those little jobs which never actually get done that bug me
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I would have it decorated in a clean western style, lots of leather and wrought iron, with touches of Craftsman artistry, like tongue and groove, dovetailed, wood pegged, hand planed woodwork and leaded glass everywhere. The extra houses would be for my family, because I would love nothing more than to have everybody in the same place . I also would have a full stable (no pun intended, lol) of hosuehold and farm staff to care for it all, because I hate chores.

If money were no object, lol.
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If money were no object I would have a home built with all sorts of secret rooms and passageways. I would have a special movie making room (because that's what the kids are into) as well as a movie viewing room... and a pc game room... and a game room for a pool table and board games... definitely a huge library with a secret passage to the romper room, a room completely padded with swings, climbing ropes, tunnels, slides, definitely a ball pit, my dining room would be a sun room with walls that could open, same with the bedrooms, preferably they would open to water of some sort (ocean, lake, stream, waterfall) and would just have enough room for beds. I would have a tree lined path leading to the house... oh and definitely a race track and go carts... a greenhouse, maybe some sort of hydroponic set up to grow all my own veggies... a place to park the hovercraft... a living maze, and a huge tree fort with bridges going from tree to tree... I would buy up all the property for miles around for friends and family to live... definitely geothermal... I can keep going, haha!
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I'd replace some of what we have now with high quality handmade things purchased straight from whoever made them: furniture, rugs, tapestries or paintings or ironwork on the walls. I'd add some shelves and other beautifully made storage. I don't think I'd add much to the amount of stuff taking up floor or other horizontal space though.

Our dream home will be made of strawbale and have about the same sqft as we have now (a little less except plus a finished basement), that wouldn't change with financial changes.
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Beautiful little cabin in the woods. Sturdy, warm, cozy furniture, nothing too fancy that I would have to worry about anything.

Just cozy and quiet.
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I'd have the same house that we have now. I love our house, and it's so small that we were able to afford the finish quality that we wanted.

But I'd buy the two townhouses behind us and tear them down to make space for more garden and one more room, maybe two. Actually, maybe a bitty two-room cottage, because tacking on two rooms would spoil the house.

And I'd have early framed Maxfield Parrish prints on the walls.
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lots of open space, modern but comfy furniture, natural materials (wood, stone)
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If money were no object I would live on some property in the south of France that had multiple houses so I could bring my mom and sister and we would spend the days watching the kids run through the fields.

But if I reel it in a little I would gut my house and our coach house.The coach house would be an artists' studio and in our house the walk up attic and the basement would get finished.

I don't think our style would change too much but everything we owned would be hand made.That's our big fantasy.
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yeah, i'm like a few PPs here.

first, i would have land. not a ton of land, but a fair bit. i would have a cob build, off the grid house. i would likely grow bamboo or some other sustainable plant for burning in the wood burning stove (a friend of mine does this). it would have a lot of gardens, as above, and be very minimally decorated. i like the furniture to take prominence--so i would buy beautiful, natural pieces built beautifully and built to last (and also eco-friendly/sustainable).

i would use jars (as i do now) for flowers, as i love to have bouquets around.

so, yeah. i would just be more of what i do now.
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We just custom built our home last year so it is absolutely perfect for us. It isn't cluttered or overly full with "stuff". I would just like it to be moved to a huge piece of land somewhere. Not possible at all to afford in Belgium though so I am happy with what I do have!
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The outside would look like this:

I'd want it a bit bigger, but this is the general idea. Off grid, surrounded by acres and acres of land that my like-minded family/friends would live on as well. Not to mention the whole assortment of homesteading things that would go with my strawbale, off grid hobbit home...
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I would not have a larger house, what we have is great. But I would have a few houses that are smaller. Such as an apartment in a metro area with an awesome kitchen in every property I own since I love having a great kitchen.
I would also have a home in a beach or resort type town. This is a goal we have someday.

We have always been DIY etc so we pretty much can have what we want such as craftsman furnture etc. Its more of the timing and $$ resources stopping us from having it right here right now. But we kind of like the waiting and dreaming instead of just having it all right now. Make sense?
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If money were no object,first off I'd have a house and not an apartment! Then, I'd pay for Sara Janssen to come fix up my house. http://www.flickr.com/photos/happyja...7622958743825/
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Originally Posted by Hopefulmama View Post
I would have an old small farm/cottage home that was renovated but still with old style features and charm. It would be located on a farm with no other homes in sight with plenty of animals, garden, orchard, barn, etc.....
This gives me such a sense of longing
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If money were no object, our home would be decorated much like it is already - very minimalist with good quality but "buy-it-for-life" furniture. Probably the quality would be better and more environmentally friendly, but I like what we have now. I don't decorate. I don't like clutter and a blank white wall is beautiful to me.

Basically, it would be a typically minimalist Scandinavian home, with the smallest carbon footprint we could manage. It would be self-sustaining and next to a large, beautiful northern lake with lots of land. Something like this would be nice.
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