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Someone did tell me that it is hard to go from homeschooling to regular school because at homeschool, you are always moving forward and doing meaningful learning and such. But in a regular classroom, you might spend 2 months on review because the rest of the class needs it. You just do not move forward or have the challenge or good quality academics in a classroom that you have at home.

My sister is a teacher and finishing her grad degree now. She faces this all the time. She is one of the more qualified teachers in our district. But then the administrators, who don't even work in the classrom, will dictate everything they do in the classroom and keep them from doing things that would be good. She wanted to do spelling this year and borrowed one of my spelling books to use as a resource. It is Spelling Workout, so it was not religious or anything. But the principal saw it and informed her of the district policy of not doing spelling. She knew they said that spelling is not a part of what the district does, she did not realize that she was outright banned from doing spelling. But then she will get informed throughout the year of constant changes they make to the curriculum and she just has to adapt on a moments notice. They are always adding things in, never taking away. And if the children do not all finish whatever is on the list, then she gets a bad review. So when a parent goes home and says they are not going to do something for whatever reason, the teacher gets in trouble.

In advanced math at the public school, the kids all had to hand make greeting cards. This is for high school preAP geometry. It took days for them to make it and has nothing to do with geometry. But, it is something that the district orders to be done. They said they have to add something extra in, a project basically, to make it preAP over regular. So the greeting cards were what they decided on. These are not handmade greeting cards to be sent out. These were simply thrown away when done by the teachers. It is that sort of non academic yuckity yuck stuff that is a complete waste of time that bothers those of us who want our children to get a real education. Not just do arts and crafts all day in high school math and such. (although arts and crafts in grade school is fine).
UGH. Yes, this is a major reason why I left my other life as a public school teacher. It became increasingly difficult to do any of the things that were so meaningful to me as a young student back in the day.