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Being a mother is a tough job. Period.

My mother has been a single head of household for most of her life and I periodically frequent these discussions. I often find inspirational things to share with her and I appreciate the insight that you all provide. Having said that, I was shocked to see SAHM bashing. Fo me the point of this community is to hold up mothers everywhere and acknowledge how difficult it is to navigate parenting in a world that devalues it so blatantly.

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OP-I feel your pain. I was a former military wife and the worst is to go on my facebook and she all these SAHMs to school aged kids whose husband bring in the money and they get to be ladies of leisure all day while I work two jobs and no man wants me....good times....
While I am not a single mother, both my husband and I were raised by single head's of household. Although my life has been very different than either of theirs (I am soon to be a WAHM), I will always admire and respect them. I have been a nanny and worked in managerial positions in luxury good sectors of retail (while at the same time getting my degree). In my experience taking care of children is as difficult as any other job or educational endeavor. I have to say that the idea of SAHMs being "ladies of leisure" is incredibly offensive. Working and being a parent is stressful and difficult whether you work at home, your work is taking care of the home, or you work outside the home. For many people taking care of children and a household is a full time job (meaning 7 days a week). Both my mother and MIL will attest to how hard it is to be single head of household. However, both of them will also say that their friends who were SAHMs worked their butts off. Perhaps if a SAHM is wealthy and can outsource things like cleaning, cooking, childcare, errands, driving, scheduling, decorating, and organizing a life of leisure would be within reach. However, most of the families that I know where one of the parents (mom or dad) stay at home do so with great sacrifice. The parent who does not bring home a paycheck generally makes up for it with TONS of extra work.
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The way I'm starting to see it, I made a bad choice. When my husband proposed, turns out I gave him the wrong finger.*
this may have to be my new sig
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