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Southwest airlines Breastfeeding problem.

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Today I was on a flight from Denver to Portland with my 7 month old son, sister and husband. I was sitting in the middle seat of the row..

My DS got hungry, and so I waited until everyone was seated and the plane was about to take off to BF him. No one that I was aware of was even watching us.

Once I started, the flight attendant approached me. She asked me if I had a blanket, then when I said no she said she didn't have any on the plane and I would have to find something because I 'would need to cover up because there were other people on the plane'

I am shocked and disappointed at Southwest airlines. Is there anything I can do? I checked Colorado law, which states "a mother may breast feed in any place she has a right to be. Additionally, exposing a breast is not considered indecent exposure. "
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Wow...I'm amazed that this is still happening with airlines given the negative press they've received lately. Sorry you went through that mama, and hope you're contacting their public relations department with a complaint.
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So did you cover up or just ignore her?
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I am in utter shock that that happened to you!
Write to Southwest and explain their mistake!
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I did nothing., the women next to me who was equally shocked jokingly gave me her sweater
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Is that the policy of Southwest Airlines or just the wacky flight attendant?
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The first step must be to contact the airline and file an official record of the incident (did you get the name of the flight attendant?). Your goal should be clear: you want southwest to apologize and in order to ensure this does not happen again, you expect them to conduct employee training about the issue.

Further steps may be required to ensure this actually happens. But you first need to give the company an opportunity to respond.
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Thanks. I will contact/email them now.
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Please keep us posted. I'm sorry you had to endure such ignorance. Hopefully the airline will do a better job training employees on the subject.
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Also, I did get her name and a description of her.. so hopefully that helps. I dont want her fired, just educated.
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Wow! I would contact Southwest. It sounds like a bad flight attendant to me. I have flown Southwest out of Denver multiple times and nursed with no issues, so I am hopeful it is not a Southwest policy. Please update if you get a chance I would like to know how it turns out.
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For sure, please contact SW and let them know what happened. I hope it was an isolated incident -- I usually fly SW, I nurse all the time, and I've never had the attendants be anything but supportive. In fact, I've had them suggest that I nurse.
Still, SW and all airlines really need to have company-wide education about breatfeeding for all their flight attendants. Even if it is an isolated thing, it still shouldn't be happening.
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here's what I got back.. I find it really frustrating that they basically said it didn't happen (even though I have 'witnesses' to the incident)
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"LUV" ?

Yeah, sounds like they've come up with a cover story to cover their butts. Take the refund, but send them a nasty letter about calling you a liar. Maybe something about apologising for calling you a liar as well or perhaps they'd rather more bad press?
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Just a note that I have removed the email from the OP's post, as posting emails without express permission is against MDC's copyright policy. I've PMd the OP and hope she'll choose to post a summary of the email. Please feel free to PM me with anyq uestions or concerns.
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Sounds like only a flight attendant issue to me. Call customer service and make a complaint about this particular flight attendant as you would complain about the poor service of any other flight attendant.

I flew Southwest twice while still nursing and didn't have a problem either time nursing without any kind of cover.

I will add, however, that I had a totally separate problem with Southwest a couple of months ago and their customer service department was completely dismissive.
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they basically said it was obvious confusion and didn't happen.. and Southwest does not have a policy regarding breast-feeding...

Not sure exactly how to respond since I have witnesses to the situation and am confident in what I heard/experience.
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I didn't get to read the email - what was their "explanation" for your "confusion?"
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that the flight attendant wasn't telling me to cover up but rather was offering her assistance in retrieving something for me from the overhead bin.
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While this blog post is two years old, it is a good summary of airline policies concerning breastfeeding on the plane: http://www.phdinparenting.com/2008/0...ding-policies/ If your post has Southwest stating a policy, you might want to let this blogger see it as I think she keeps track of what airlines say (or won't say) their policies are.

Sorry if the airline is denying it happened.
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