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induction tonight

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I'm 42 weeks today. We are only comfortable waiting this long. Although the MWs recommend induction at this point, they didn't push for it and we could have signed a waiver. Tonight at 8pm we go to the hospital and the MW gives me Cervadil and we wait 12 hrs to see if it gets labor starting. I have to sleep @ hospital. If it doesn't work I *think* I get to try another dose. If that doesn't work we start a small bit of pitocin and work our way up. The only labor sign I've gotten is losing the mucus plug (or part of it) yesterday morning. I have lost faith.

I don't get to be surprised by the start of labor. I don't get to labor at home. I don't get to walk around my neighborhood and park while laboring. I don't get to do anything except be at hospital and hope for the best. It's a good hospital with a great birthing room and great MWs. I have a great doula. I can eat and drink and move around, unless labor hasn't started and I'm on pitocin or whatever, in which case I have to be monitored.

I'm just so disappointed. Angry. Defeated. Worried. What if pitocin makes the contractions so bad I can't handle them? I'm not supposed to have an epidural because of a back problem and I respond badly to narcotics. What if there's an avalanche of intervention and I end up with an emergency c-section? I won't have an epidural so they'll have to put me under.

This is so not what I expected or wanted. I know ultimately the goal is to have a healthy baby, but now I'm scared and I wasn't before. However, I will also say I'm glad I waited. I've heard others (not here) say they wouldn't do it this way because what if something happened they'd be so disappointed, etc. This way I feel like I did my best, it just didn't happen. I'm sure that will be a comfort later.
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So very sorry!!! Hoping that things work out well for you. Try to relax and think about the best case scenerios. Not everyone who is induced ends up with a C-section. You'll do great and you'll get to meet your sweet someone soon!!!
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If you lost your mucus plug then you are on your way...

I would wait another 48 hours. either way GL
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Good luck, we'll be thinking of you! I think the mucus plug is a positive sign your body is ready, hopefully all you need is a tiny little push to really get going.
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Thanks mamas! I'll be back soon to let you know how it went!
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Good luck neonalee!! We'll be thinking of you! I might be in your shoes soon, as my MW/doc team won't let me go past 41 weeks, so they will induce Friday if Baby isn't here yet.

I really hope this goes well for you!
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s, mama. I'm looking at a similar situation to you: I've got an appointment for an induction on Sunday if I don't go into labor before then because I will be at 42 weeks exactly. My dd was also born 15 days late (I went into labor 3 days prior to her due date, however). So I know *exactly* how you feel in terms of feeling defeated or defective.


The truth is that labor is SUCH a mystery. No one can say exactly why babies come when they come and why some seem to come past when is safe for them to (because it does happen, although not as much as many medical practioners seem to believe!).

And so if you lived in a different time, you might wait and your baby might be born at 15 days, 16, 17...or at 43 or more weeks, even! (And of course, this is still a possibility for you, since it sounds like you are given a choice. Although--having made the same decision myself--I understand why you are choosing not to wait longer, too). But there could be complications. (Not always--but the increased risk is certainly there).

My point is, some babies are born later than others and no one can say exactly why, but it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. I know for me, I want and wanted to experience spontaneous labor to have the confidence that my body could do it. I wanted to feel empowered by that. On the other hand, I worried that being induced would make me feel the opposite: like my body had failed. But I realized that it just isn't the case; I *could* wait and let my body labor (it's a perfectly reasonable option for some people!) or I could decide the risks were too great and let science give me a nudge and then let my body and my baby take over.

Which is also an encouraging sign for you, that your body is ready and it seems like all it will take is a little nudge to get you, your body and your baby moving and bringing your sweet babe into this world!

So many hugs, happy thoughts and strength to you!!!!
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You can do it. Take it one contraction at a time.
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Just wanting to wish you all the best. Hopefully the cervidil will be just the push you need to get things going. Good luck and hope to hear good news from you soon.
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Thinking of you mama, and hoping everything went smoothly for you and your baby
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Thinking of you, too, mama, and hope that everything went better than you expected.
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neonalee you can do it! With DS I was induced at 8pm at my 41w2d mark. I had a doula and was able to have a wonderful empowering birth. No complications! I'm too looking at induction next Thurs if she doesn't come before that. Have a NST and u/s today at 40w6d.

Your baby will be here soon and nothing else will matter
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I know you're done by now, but I just want you to know that you're not alone. I, too, felt disappointed and angry when I hadn't gone into labor with my first child. I was induced at 42w1d. I was bitter that I didn't have a real labor story. All my anticipation about where I'd be, how I'd summon my husband, what last-minute things I'd do--it was all for naught. We sulked to the hospital for my induction.

However your birth went was how it had to be. If your comfort level ended at 42 weeks, and you chose to induce, that's how it had to be for you. And that's okay.

Hugs, and love for your sweet new babe.
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Thanks mamas for all the support! Breakfasty Michelle - it's funny you say that. I was STILL in labor when you posted. Cervadil was enough to get my body started, but not enough to finish the job. I will post the story very soon if my lo doesn't wake up first
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Oh yeah, and I did sulk my way into the hospital and I even cried a little! But it's true, in the end it just matters that we're all healthy
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Originally Posted by neonalee View Post
Thanks mamas for all the support! Breakfasty Michelle - it's funny you say that. I was STILL in labor when you posted. Cervadil was enough to get my body started, but not enough to finish the job. I will post the story very soon if my lo doesn't wake up first
Hope you get a chance to share your story soon -- I've been wondering how you're doing! Glad to see all is well.
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good to hear that your baby is here!
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Oh! So sorry that you had to go through this! I'm glad that it sounds like things worked out well. Good for you for trusting yourself to wait as long as you thought fit and also for making the right decision for you and your baby! Sounds like a good mama to me!
Welcome baby!!!
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