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nursing + teeth?

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DS just got his first tooth at 10 months and nursing has become excruciating.

He doesnt bite. Is there some trick that I'm not getting?
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i have to be vigilant as to how she's latched or i get raw. she got 4 teeth in 3 weeks! i have gone back to making sure she's in assymetrical latch (as per dr. jack newman in re to latching a newborn).
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yup, we just got a bunch of teeth here too, ouch. seems like sometimes it hurts, other times it doesn't. Yesterday I noticed that if I supported my breast it felt better (and I don't remember it being an issue with my first one). I would say that if it doesn't feel right, try relatching to see if that helps, adjust baby or the breast, or your body and try to figure out what is most comfortable. Maybe even a different position?? Its just about finding a way where it doen't rub the wrong way.
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I've noticed with the two top teeth coming in for dd, she's latching in a shallow way.. my problem is that i think she's not emptying the breast or pressing some ducts. It happened with the bottom teeth, too, and I had some plugged duct issues that i could hand express my way out of. Feeding her sitting up rather than sideways lying down seemed to help a little.. just check the latch and relatch if it's not a good one.
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Same thing here.
DS cut one bottom tooth weeks ago and the second has come in now as well. However, we're now getting 4 top teeth at once. I think there's something about the latch that either feels good or doesn't causing him to latch differently.
If those bottom teeth weren't so darn sharp! They're like puppy teeth. I guess there's a reason they call them milk teeth, huh?
I haven't come up with any tricks either. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't.
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