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The Rachel Zoe Project

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Am I the only one looking forward to Season 3 of this guilty pleasure? I won't miss Taylor. She was always so sour and negative that I'm glad she won't be on the show.
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I'll be watching. Rachel cracks me up. This show and Project Runway are my 2 faves
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I love Brad. I feel bad for Rachel. She seems really broken up about what Taylor did. I think it's weird Rachel and company can talk about the stealing and what not but Taylor isn't allowed to talk about anything.

Did Demi not want to be filmed? She seemed so uncomfortable and I could barely hear what she was saying!
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I think that RZ is pretty vapid. Taylor seemed smart and extremely capable and it seemed like RZ just wasn't the right fit for her. I can def believe her bad attitude was the result of putting up with RZ for 4 years and all the broken promises of more responsibility etc. I can't believe they insinuated she stole. Taylor can (and probably should) sue them for defamation. These public accusations could make her virtually unemployable and there is no way to prove it is true or not. If she really stole money from them she would have been arrested.

I watch the show, but the only one I like is Brad. I get annoyed when RZ talks about fashion like she is curing cancer or settling the mideast peace crisis. And was it just me, or was it less "stylisty" to just take looks copied exactly off the runway (down to the shoes) and plop it in a photo shoot?
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The looks do look copied right off of the runway. I like Brad too. I think he seems sweet. I could care less about him doing pilates though.

I guess Taylors negativity brought some drama to the show because so far I am really bored by this season. It would have been nice to see Rachel and Taylor have a face to face and hash out what went wrong. I know Rachel's husband is her business partner but he just fired Taylor and Rachel wasn't even present? I think the way that part was handled was really odd.
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something I love about this show is that even though I am a stay at home mom in the middle of the midwest doing normal every day stuff, I know that somewhere in LA on any given day Rachel is having a "fashion nightmare" or knows someone who is committing "fashion suicide".
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anyone still watching?
I feel sorry for Rachel..she seems so distraught over the pressure to have a baby.
Loved her grocery shopping last night.
And proud moment for me...I totally noticed when Lady Gaga wore the Demi Moore giraffe shoes with one of her VMA looks.
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I totally love this show even though everyone I know hates it - everyone on the show is completely nuts. The intensity that they use to discuss coats and sunglasses to unreal, and I actually hate shopping, so I think it's a vicarious thing.
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I also use the phrase "I die" in conversation all the time because of RZ. "This cereal is so good. I die."
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pd, me too! LOL. It's so catchy and gets the point across.

for me, this show is pure escapism. I live *nothing* like RZ does, but I *love* watching her life unfold.

Now, I could have totally helped her in that grocery store
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