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What sling do you use?

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What sling do you use? How many tries did it take before you found the one you like?

I started with the OTSBH....it was too bulky for my frame because of all the sling padding. Then I switched to the kissasling....I liked it ok...once ds reached about 8 lbs. However, even with the padded shoulder, it was uncomfortable once he got to 11 lbs. The tail wasn't long enough to cover while bfing either. I switched to the maya wrap, and it is AWESOME! The shoulder cap makes it very comfortable, and the tail is perfect as a bfing coverup!
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Woo-hoo! new forum!

I used the OTSBH with my son who is now 5. I loved it at the time because I did not know any better. I was very attached to my sling. Now I see that it is really not that great of a sling and I'll never wear a ringed or padded sling again.

Now I have the KKAFP and it is the greatest sling on earth, IMO. I use it every day and I love love love it. Stella loves it, it is instant sleep, and it holds her very close. When I wear it out in public I'm like a minor celebrity, people stop me every few feet to ask me where I got it and how they can get one. I have started to wish I were a distributor!

I am about to have a pouch made for the summer by Hotslings , she is local and I need a lighter weight sling for Texas summer.
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:LOL I researched like crazy when I was preg. with ds2. I KNEW I didn't want a "front carrier" since i'd used a "snuggli" with my first 2 and hated it. it hurt my back something awful and since I was DETURMINED to nurse baby 3 even in public I had to have a good front sling. After all my research I decided on a Maya wrap sling (have a short frame with big breasts and bad back...horrible combo). that was THE BEST investment I've ever made. I've used it for long periods and often since ds was born 22 months ago. I STILL can privetly public nurse him. I just recently have gotten to where I can't wear him as long, but he's gaining weight and pushing my weight limit anyway. I SWEAR Maya is the only way to go

OH and I find it :LOL when people with concerned looks come up to me asking if i'm going to drop ds since I'm not "holding on" :LOL
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big fan of the maya wrap here!
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I started with the maya wrap and never could get the hang of it. I now have the KKAFP and the KKACP that I use the majority of the time.

I also just got a kozy carrier, which is great - we are great with the front carry, and just getting used to the back!

My DH used a baby bjorn when DS was little, and he now uses a frame backpack that I got at a church yard sale.
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I started with the OTSBH, then switched to Maya Wrap at 5 months or so, and never looked back! I carried my baby exclusively in it until he was 20 months (I didn't use a stroller.)

So those two are my fav's... though the Maya Wrap is the best!

It did start to hurt my shoulder around 8 months. Thankfully I had friends who used it from the newborn stage who showed me what I was doing wrong.
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I started out with a Dr. Sears sling, which is much like the OTSBH. I hated it. I couldn't get a tight enough fit, so ds felt like he was hanging at my knees. The padding was hot and uncomfortable.

I bought a Maya Wrap and absolutely adore it. It's pretty, the tail is wonderful to cover his head while outside, etc. People comment on it often.
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I have a Maya Wrap and an Ergo. The Maya is great for shorter trips or NIP, but after an hour or so it starts to hurt whichever shoulder it's on. I think I'm doing it all right, I always have it very snug, rings up pretty high, fabric spread over my shoulder... but my daughter is just getting quite big and heavy, and my back isn't the strongest.

I LOVE the Ergo! I can do all my housework with Amalie on my back, and it doesn't hurt at all. Only thing I can't do is nurse in it.
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I have a plain mexican rebozo that I use around the house or for short trips with my toddler. I never really got the hang of using the cradle position with an infant though. I've also used the Baby Bjorn - nice for outings with a small baby. I have a frame backpack (Kelty backcountry) which is great for hikes and long walks. I'm going to use it today at the protest march!

I'm planning to make a couple of pouches for my next baby, using various materials.
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I have an OTSBH now, but started with a Maya Wrap, which I hated. I am bound and determined to get a KKAFP for this new baby, however!
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I started out with an OTSBH and used it, but it never felt quite right and I always had to still have at least 1 hand on ds...with ds #3 I started with a homemade rebozo...and loved it until he got to about 20 lbs at 4-5 months. Now that my baby is a year old and 30 lbs we use and love the pea in a pod pouch and the kozy carrier....I prefer the pea in the pod pouch for around the house and arrands that are less than a couple of hours, but prefer the kozy carrier for walks and longer arrands.
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90% don't use a sling but once so often now. A wahm made it for me but it's just like a maya with plastic rings, I liker it ause it's super light and comfy. I use the Ergo 90% of the time now. I love it, I can wear it all day and not have any backaches. I am waiting on a kozy karrier.
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I've had the Dr. Sears sling but never really liked it. I'd like to find one for the next one so which one is good for warmer weather?
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My first sling was a bulky NoJo, but i thought it was heaven sent, anyway, for my high needs baby .

I later got an unpadded sling with a very long tail from an ebay wahm, after trying a friend's maya, and loved it's adjustability and ease of use. I also now have a kissasling with a padded shoulder, and love it a lot. I am completely unable to use anything that requires lots of tying, twisting, and figuring out. I adore my slings! DD doesn't tolerate them much anymore at 20 mos old, but sometimes still does. I would like to have a custom pouch for the next one, in a newborn size so it will proplerly fit a tiny baby.
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Another vote for the Maya Wrap! I still put my 2 year old in it, and she loves it!

We had a New Native and I hated it. I didn't like that it wasn't adjustable.
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I actually think that the perfect babywearing collection has at least these three things: a pouch, a sling (padded or not, your choice) and a back carrier. I love my KK pouches, fleece in the winter and coton in the summer. I go back and forth about which sling is my favorite, depending on the weather, the phase of the moon and my mood. I think the Kozy is a very versatile back carrier. I am looking forward to using it on the front with the next baby.
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I used the Parenting Concepts sling (Sling Ezee) for a while with DS, but he just got too big to comfortably hold him.

I found the Moby Wrap at LLLI conference and fell in love. My son was hefty and 18 months old at the time and I could comfortably carry him... even pregnant, the sling made it easy to carry him. There is just something about all the additional support it provides. And, I love that the babe/toddler/kid can face forward, backwards, be on the back or front and can have lots of support or little. It's just so adjustable. I used it with my 4 day old baby and it was great! Plenty of support and she slept so comfortably!

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I wear:

Maya Wrap on Daddy

Maya Wrap on Daddy

Homemade Pouch on Mommmy

Homemade Pouch (14 months old, looks like a newborn!)

Homemade Pouch Back Position

I wear the pouch the most... just ordered an adjustable pouch from ebay... hope I like it. I want a MamaBaby Maya.

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yay for the new forum!

i have an otsbh, a kkfp, a baby bjorn, and an old LL bean backpack. i really wanted the fleece pouch to work for dd2 'cause it seemed so cozy and warm for my winter baby. she's not into it, though. she's a big baby (9lbs 4 oz and 22 inches at birth -- got to be 16 lbs or so now). her fave is the otsbh with head and legs dangling free in the cradle position. she'll fall asleep nursing like that. dd1 loved the baby bjorn facing out. she liked to be carried that way when not in the bjorn, too. dd2 is not too into the bjorn either, which i would like 'cause it's easier on my back. haven't tried her in the back pack yet. dd1 rode in it once or twice, but she liked the otsbh in the hip carry after she outgrew the bjorn. it's funny how different kids are. people told me "babies like to be sqooshed", but dd2 really hates it. she wants to stretch out! :LOL
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Started with a bjorn (which I didn't like but ds did) then at 3.5 mos finally got the hang of the OTSBH which I loved and still use. I don't have any issues with the padding. Then I tried a maya when ds was about 10 mos. Loved it. Use it now mostly for nursing to sleep. Ds is 15 mos and about 30 lbs and I am loving our Kozy carrier for the back carry. I can carry him for a good hour no problem and making dinner is so much easier with him on my back now. I love the Kozy.

Tried a KKFP and it didn't work for us. Same goes for the Hip Hammock.

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