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Originally Posted by flavorfull1 View Post
Night nursing is easily 4-7 times a night and that is just about to kill my back.
Do you nurse with a pillow behind your back? I try to keep Juju night-nursing for my supply (she's more agreeable to nursing when she's half-asleep), and as long as I have a pillow above my shoulder and another tucked behind my back, I sleep quite well that way.

Originally Posted by Nicole730 View Post
I'm totally nervous over something that is probably silly, but I am a freak when it comes to illnesses.

Yesterday we went to a playgroup and a little girl there kept touching Elsa and getting her face and grabbing her hands (which Elsa contsantly puts in her mouth). I tried to keep the girl back, but there is only so much you can do without sounding like a rude b****. Plus, I am trying to be more relaxed about things because illness is an issue for me. Well, turns out that little girl got diagnosed with strep throat today. I just want to cry (doesn't help I am PMSing). I'm sure Elsa won't get it too bad, if she does get it, because of breastfeeding. But DS will probably get it too then and so will I. And UGH I am just dreading it. Plus, the kids insurance didn't go through (state) and who knows what will happen at the doctor's. Do I even have to go to the Doctor for strep? Anything we can do to prevent it? We have ACV and probiotics in the house, guess I better just load us up...

And linchi - that totally sucks!!
Nursing will help! And healthy kids usually take illnesses better than adults. But next time just cheerfully 'teach' the little kids "Oops, don't touch baby's hands b/c [any reason -- they are spitty, she needs to keep them clean, whatever you think would work]!" Especially if you are cheerful about the correction, the kids won't even really think anything of it.

Originally Posted by flavorfull1 View Post
Anyone have experience with this: DS has occasionally woken up screaming/crying hard. Nothing seems to preceed it, he will just cry and not stop. He is not actually awake and no amount of me talking, moving him, or lights will wake him up. We literally just have to wait until he wakes up. Once he wakes up, he is totally fine. Is this normal? Has anyone had this happen before?
My oldest sleep walks and sometimes has night terrors. I have not figured out how to avoid it, but maybe it is when she is over-tired. This has happened with Juju once, and, yep, they don't wake up!

Originally Posted by linchi View Post
Yup, I'm getting shipped off to his folks! haha
My MIL is a good person, hell, she raised her son to be the man I fell in love with - so I really shouldn't complain too much. I just think we are very different and often our opinions fall on opposing sides. (ie. she heard from someone and now believes that babies get sick when they don't wear socks/ shoes and there is no way I am gonna put socks on a baby when it is almost 40 degrees celcius in southern Spain) So, if I come back on here in a couple of days with lots of non-smiley posts please bear with me.
I hate when my kids don't wear socks! But mostly the older two -- because I do not like dirty feet in bed (the floors are cleaned every day, but we still have black socks by nighttime!). I wear socks all the time, too... And so does Juju... It's pretty rare that I think it's too warm for socks, I admit!

Originally Posted by NicoleS View Post
Anyone have any experience with weaning where the child wasn't sleeping through the night?

We had to switch Caleb to formula - I was hoping to nurse at night but my milk dried up in 2 days. But he's used to nursing to sleep, and the bottle just isn't cutting it - he's not hungry, so gets angry when there's milk. If I try to lay him down awake he's up again less than an hour later. Last night I ended up holding him (while holding a binky in his mouth) for over an hour at 1 AM to get him to go to sleep. There has to be an easier way! My other kids didn't need to eat at night by the time they switched to formula, so we've never had this problem before.
Not weaning, but when I have trouble putting Ju to sleep, I still swaddle her and rock her in the bouncy seat. Have used a paci only once or twice before, but Ju doesn't have much of a need to suck. She still sleeps very well swaddled.


And Ju's first tooth came in yesterday! She turns 8 mos today (6 mos developmentally). No tears, not really any chewing or much drooling...

And I finally bought a baby book for her! Feeling a little bad about that, forgetting for 8 months... Better late than never, though, right?
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Just got back from Aug's 6 month check-up. He's 22 lbs 7 oz! Holy baby! He's huge. In 12 month clothes. 90% for weight, 95% for length and off the charts for head circumference! He's actually too big for his snugride, we have to move him over to our Britax.

Our naturopath (who's our ped) gave us the go-ahead for food to play with (not so much sitting there feeding him purees with a spoon) but to give him, say, a slice of apple to gnaw on, or a mesh bag with berries in it to play with, just to give him the sensation of food in his mouth. I think she said chip-sized was a good rule of thumb for the chunks. Excited to see what he thinks! She also wants us to start giving him some supplements: 800 IU of vitamin D (we're in Seattle, so not a whole lot of sun here) and 1/2 tsp of unflavored nordic naturals fish oil everyday. Not so much looking forward to the last one, because whenever we've given him ibuprofen in the past (which is berry flavored!) he HATES it. Looks like we're trying to poison him and spits a lot of it out. My older son LOVED it, so not sure what to do there...

I attribute much of my post-partum weight loss to carrying around my Michelin baby!

Oh, he's also starting to proto-crawl - kind of scooching army style. And rolling a LOT! And I'm seeing some pincher grasp coming. And I think I saw a tooth poking out on the bottom!

So much. So fast. All at once.

Here's a pic of him lazing at the beach.
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Haven't posted here in a million years but I enjoyed reading and catching up with everyone! I just posted about my babe's sleep issues, really hoping for some MDC wisdom.

Nicole730, strep is very uncommon under the age of 18 months, and I've certainly never seen it in a 6 month old so you should be fine!
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Elsa is scootching like a champ. I don't know what made me think we didn't need to worry about babyproofing until she started crawling. She's EVERYWHERE. We spend most of our time in the living room so we'll probably only worry about that room for now, and gate it off.

And she started babbling this weekend. She's been noisy for awhile but now there are actual consonant sounds in there. Lots of ya ya yas and ma ma mas, which I know don't mean anything to her but it does warm my heart to hear it. Plus every so often she does the happy shriek sound, which I love.

Unfortunately we're running into some pretty heavy money trouble. We have so many bills to pay that my husband's checks are pretty much gone the day he gets paid. And that's if we're lucky - if we're unlucky there's not enough to pay for food and we have to charge our groceries. And there's really not much we can cut - we have a contract for our satellite and internet as well as our phone service, so if we cancel it we have to pay out the wazoo, and the rest is rent, electricity, insurance, the hospital bill, and credit card payments. Even better, my husband's student loan deferment runs out in October.

So we're pretty much stuck with slashing the grocery bills by existing on sandwiches, pasta, and cereal, until we can get our debt paid down.
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Ninetales, can you get on WIC? At least then it would subsidize a little of your food costs. Sorry you're having money troubles, I know that's really stressful.
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I would also suggest WIC - as a nursing mom you'll get food until she's a year, and at 6 months she'd get infant cereal and jarred baby food as well.

We've been feeling the squeeze here as well: I've started looking for a parttime shift where I can work a couple of hours in the evening. DH is home by 3 most days, and Caleb is taking a bottle now, so if I could find something that was say 4-10 a couple of nights a week it would help.
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I am so freaking bored!

I love babies more than anything else in the world and am so in love with Juju's cheerful, pudgy little face, but there are just SOME DAYS when I almost want to jam a fork into my hand to feel ALIVE! Ugh! So bored!

Ninetales -- Sorry about the money troubles. Hope things look up for you soon. I've been reading through the Frugality & Finances board every so often; they've got some good ideas & systems over there sometimes.
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Unfortunately we don't qualify for WIC or any other kind of assistance. All they look at is my husband's pre-tax income and say that's enough. They don't care how many bills we have.
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Pics: Julianna in Jan (2 wks old, 2kg), and Julianna now (8 mos old, 9+kg)

Seems like all of our board's preemie's are doing really well. Have been keeping track of Ficus's and Zevy's babies, too, on their blogs. All big kids now!!
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Ohhh those are great pictures of Julianna! LOVE the basket pics...

We are also feeling the money crunch. We are trying to figure out how I can quit my job (50% of our income before I went on mat leave) to stay home until DS is in school. It should be doable - but it's meaning a lot of changes...
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Ninetales - that totally sucks on the lack of money our tax money just ran out this month and so now we are going to be cutting it close until DH gets his Christmas bonus and taxes come back again. I'm not sure where you live, but my neighborhood is full of apple and pear trees ripe with fruit right now...and when I ask they all say to take as much as I want. If you live anywhere like that you could totally get some fruit, eat some now and then make apple/pear sauce for later.


And thanks for the reassurances on the strep - so far we are all still healthy. We have a birthday party tomorrow though and I'm not sure if I should bring the kids or not...I guess I'll see what the day brings.


I applied for a partime job, I would work 4 hours an evening and it's a 5 minute drive from my home - so totally perfect - no childcare, no weekends, and no summers! I haven't heard back yet after my interview, so we'll see.
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Juliana is such a cutie!

Keeta-love that pic!

DS: he's off the charts in length (above the 95% curve), 65% for weight (he's long and slim like daddy, but chunky thighed like mom ) and I always forget the head circumference. Rolling all around, sitting very well, and side scooting, but no crawling. He's starting to lean forward on all 4's from sitting, so it won't be long. He was 6 months yesterday and DH gave him some mushed black beans which DS went CRAZY over. Then today there were little bits of bean skin in his diaper He's been babbling. Mostly baba and dada (which sends DH over the moon!) with a few mama, wawa, and yayas in for good measure.

Money: ugh. Our car finally gave out. So, we'll be buying a new one at the end of the month when I start getting paid again for teaching. Bye bye paycheck. And here I wanted to buy an ergo and start saving for our end of the year move.
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we are doing fine over here. I got freaked out about posting after that thing I mentioned which I won't repeat- but then I missed posting so here I still am

no huge news here, just growing along. We lost our Sophie the giraffe recently- argh! Right now ds is ALL about the chewing. Until we find it (or get another one!) I am trying to give ds things that suffice but seriously nothing is as good as sophie imo for the need to chew that he has. Right now he is playing w- one of those annoying crinkly books that was in my get rid of this pile- but he is thoroughly entertained so I can deal with the annoying noise for a while!

We have been having good success with ECing. Starting to catch more poops in the toilet again which is satisfying- got one today and one yesterday.

finally have a moms group so that is nice too.
ds is singing all the time! It is really baby babble but is sounds very musical to me. I sing to him all the time and we listen to music a lot so it may really be singing. He is making all sorts of cute sounds. and laughing a lot

aramat- Juju is as adorable as ever and so chubby (in a good healthy way of course!) I love the pics of her at 2 wks with the doll and then holding the doll! Sorry you are bored- gotta change that! What inspires you other than family? what do you wish you could do? what can you add to your life to regain inspiration?
hi to everyone else. sorry I can't respond to more personals, baby is need ing me- gotta go
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Ohh I don't know what we'd do if we lost our Sophie! She's pretty much always with DS... what a great toy! I'd definitely buy another - worth the price!

DS is on his way to sitting independently, which is great! He pukes a lot though when he's sitting up - he always has. Anyone know when this tends to stop? DD rarely did this, but it's predictable with DS - every time he sits, regardless of whether he's wearing a diaper or anything... baby goo everywhere!
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Perdita I agree about the Sophie. after 2 days of thorough searching I think it seems that we lost her on an outing and will not be able to find her. I ordered another one because nothing else is cutting it! One of the fantastic things about Sophie is that almost any angle or place that he chews on it satiates his need to chew! with many of the other chew toys it seems he has to get it just in the right spot and even then they don't fit quite right in his mouth. I just learned about those basic teethers I guess they sell everywhere but I haven't seen until recently- the ones with water in them that you freeze. But I am just gonna hold out and wait for my new sophie to come in the mail! I agree, worth the price.

It is funny (in a good way) how when you have a baby life becomes focused on things like this!
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I had a bunch of those fluid-filled teethers for DD, but in between her being a baby and having DS, there were so many of them recalled for bacteria in the liquid that I'm staying away from them now. I'm sure they're not all created equal - but now we have Sophie, I don't feel the need to get a bunch of them. We also will freeze cloths if it seems he needs something cold, but right now Sophie does the trick. AND she's so cute!
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yeah- yesterday I was in the grocery store and I saw those fluid filled teethers so I bought a pack- but they seem kind of yucky to me.I put one in my mouth to test it out and it had a taste I didn't like- I did give it to ds to try though- and he wasn't really into it. I think I am not gonna use them either. Hopefully Sophie will arrive today
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We must all be busy lately - our thread was all the way on page 3!

Elsa's six month stats: 20 lbs, 5 oz, and 28.5 inches long! Whew!

She's scootching everywhere like a fiend. I can't take my eyes off her for a second now. I have a gate coming tomorrow for the top of our stairs, which will put my mind somewhat at ease. Though that won't do much for her love of power cords.

I still haven't offered her food yet. I still might, but now that she's mobile she almost doesn't seem interested anymore, so I don't know. With her scootching and screeching and all these teeth, I'm in no hurry to have her grow up any more, you know?

Got the bill today from the dentist for the last year's work. Another bill to pay, whoopee. I'm thinking about offering proofreading services over the internet and see if I can't pull in a little bit of income while I'm at home.
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What up, homies?
Slow thread...sad...where is everyone? Come back!

Thanks for the comments on Juju's pics! She really is huge; I'm thinking ~22 lbs by the way her clothes fit. We've got to go out and get her new stuff now in size 12-18 mos.

Juju tried some (very fresh) coconut water from a cup recently; she LOVED it and lunges for the cup when she sees it. Cannot suck from a straw yet, though...can't remember when they learn that...

Sophie is a definite favorite of Julianna's, too. And after reading how Katie lost theirs, our Sophie is banned from travel outside of the house!

I am weaning off of the galactogogue I've taken for most of the last 8 months, and I am now producing slightly MORE milk!!! But I am also having mood swings, blech, hopefully will settle soon.
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The gate will definitely help Ninetales. I am so not ready to re-baby proof this place. We are going to have to do a massive toy clean up of DS' stuff, lots of his toys are not for the baby.

Not too much going on here. I've caught one poo in the potty, but I haven't tried since. Elsa is able to move around a bit more on the floor, but because of the hardwood and the toddler, she still isn't down there very often. She seems to be obtaining that pincer grasp and her tongue thrust is starting to go away too...she will definitely be 'ready' for solids in a few weeks, I'm just not ready. I am already mourning the loss of EBF poos. I think solids will make her happy though, she will love to be able to participate more in meal time.

Yay to producing more milk Aramat! hopefully it stays that way.

Oh - we did not get strep, woohoo! That scare made me realize I need to make sure I keep DS eating healthy foods, so we can avoid more illnesses. He is such a skinny little boy though, I'm trying to fatten him up, it's just not working. I think I will ask the doctor about DS when I take DD in for her 6 month check up. I'm trying not to be concerned about it, but he has only gained 4lbs since his 1st birthday and he's 2 years 4 months now. The only thing he is behind in developmentally is jumping, so I know he is getting enough nutrition.
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