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VBAC-Planning Update

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Okay... where to start!

First, I've talked to doctors, and like a lot of people said, Dr. Elrod sounds very promising. I'm impressed with his stats, his attitude and beliefs, and I am very excited to have an appointment with him! I was supposed to have one on the nd of July, but lovely for me, I was on Jury duty and no such thing was possible.

So, it was rescheduled for the 18th. I'm very much anticipating it, because I can't wait to meet him! I really hope this is it for me, because I'm pretty sure I made my old OB mad...

They called asking about rescheduling an appointment (I had been seeing them while I was doctor shopping/waiting.) And I told them to cancel the appointment, I would be seeing a different doctor. They said they'd let the staff know. Less than ten minutes later I get a call from the office nurse. Went like this.

Her: Are you going to be seeing us any more?
Me: No.
Her: Can I ask why?
Me: I'm going to be seeing a doctor in Palmer now.
Her: Are you moving?
Me: No.
Her: Why are you going to a doctor so far away?
Me: Because I don't want another c-section.
Her: Well did you talk to Dr. Barton about a VBAC?
Me: Yes.
Her: And?
Me: He said I could, but when I first mentioned it, he looked at me bugeyed and said it was really dangerous. I need a doctor that is supportive and encouraging of my choice.
Her: Well, okay then....

She didn't sound very happy with me, and actually kind of irate.

But whatever. I get the feeling they're more interested in keeping patients around for monetary reasons. Why would they be so bothered about losing a client to call immediately after hearing yet any other time I called it took them HOURS to get back to me.
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Yeah, I'm glad you dropped your old OB. I'm sorry that the only decent OB is 4+ hours away. Have you called the traveling midwife? She is on Kodiak (I think) and it quite awesome. She might be available in Feb too.

What are your plans for delivery? Will you be staying in the Valley or Anchorage area around your EDD? I know of a couple of ladies that have set up "rooms" for expectant ladies to stay while awaiting baby's arrival. I can pass along those names to you.
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I'm glad you feel that you have found a promising, supportive care-provider! Though I am a bit biased, I honestly feel that Dr. Elrod is your best chance of achieving a VBAC- in a legal and safe manner. As you've learned, your VBAC success is very much dependent on whether or not your care-provider is supportive of VBAC or not.

I thought of you today, as I read the recently released less restrictive VBAC Guidelines from ACOG.(http://www.acog.org/from_home/public...07-21-10-1.cfm) This statement not only affirms that attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is a safe and appropriate choice for most women who have had a prior cesarean delivery, but also now includes some women who have had TWO previous cesareans. While this infomation is no news to us doulas and midwives, it is quite a huge deal to now be supported by ACOG. With this information, we hope to change current hospital policy, which would allow moms like yourself to have the choice of VBAC.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Tara Kramer
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Tara, it's okay to be biased when the person you're talking about really is great. I'm very excited for my appointment. Kind of bummed that I had to have jury duty when the original appointment was, but whatever! Uncle Sam calls at the most inconvenient of times, doesn't he? It happens.

By the time I see him... I'll be 14 weeks and 3 days! Sheesh! Where is this pregnancy going? Because it feels like I JUST found out I was pregnant!

And RoadFamily, I'd love those names. I've been trying to figure out where I can stay while I wait and it's not an easy task. We stayed in hotels with my son and it's just SOOO expensive. I'm hoping not to spend so much on lodging like I did last time!
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try this..

and I'll ask around for more. I'm pretty sure there was more then one.
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I actually met that woman at the birth doula workshop I attended in Anchorage. She rents out a room?

This whole journey is getting frustrating. I posted on craigslist looking for a place I could rent for about a month and everything I'm finding is more than I can afford. I might just have to drive up once I think I'm in labor. It sucks, but right now, its looking a lot more realistic than anything else.
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I'll keep asking around. We have a big house......
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We have extra cabins you could consider. We're 50 minutes from Mat-Su Regional. PM me if you want to talk about it. The cabins are seriously rustic... handbuilt years ago, wood heat, no water... but the price is right.

ETA: no electric either, but a little generator goes a long way.
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Eh... I don't think i could deal with no water/electric/heat. I'm not a "true alaskan." lol
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any updates Sam?
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I don't know what your price range is but there is a woman who rents rooms in her house that are separated off from where she lives for $400 a month. She's in Anchorage.
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You might also ask at your doctor's office. 

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