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contact dermatitis to soap- how to treat??

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My 23 month old DS has some blisters on his back from the soap I bathed him with, I think. I used plain old Ivory soap to bathe him tonight because I didn't have his usual soap in the shower with me. Within a few minutes of getting out of the shower, I noticed about 3-4 raised fluid filled blisters on his back. I looked up pictures of it and I'm 99% sure it's contact dermatitis....probably from the soap. I feel awful and I'm so upset with myself!! He's never reacted like that to anything, so I didn't expect it at all.

How should I treat this?? I rinsed him off really well, and he gets Allegra at night already. Should I put any hydrocortisone on it or anything else?? I have bentonite clay, would it help to put it on it topically??

Thank you from a sad mamma!!
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I got what looked like poison ivy from a new soap I tried earlier this summer. I used benadryl for mine, but not sure if you can use that on top of Allegra. Even after I stopped the soap, it took about another week for the rash to go away. The clay might help topically or ingested (I don't know what the dosage is for someone that young though). But when my DS has eaten something he's reacted to, I've given him clay (for him it's 1 Tbs. in 6 oz. of water, but he's 10yo), and it's shortened his reaction time. Have you tried olive oil based soaps? I'm thinking of going back to that (and using Dove sensitive skin in the meantime, which so far I haven't reacted to).
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I usually use Babyganics foaming body wash...it's plant based with no fragarence. He does great with that....I just was already in the shower with him and realized I didn't have his soap in there. So, I figured Ivory is very gentle and unscented. Boy was I wrong!! He still has blisters today, but they don't seem to be bothering him at all. However, today he has a diffuse rash all over his face....everywhere except where I put hydrocortisone on his chin last night. Poor little guy! I give him 1 tsp of clay, and it usually does seem to shorten the duration of his reactions. Going to give him some now and see if it helps.

Thanks for the response!
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You'd think that Ivory soap would be pretty benign (though it is supposed to be very drying to the skin)! Though you can be allergic to anything. I'm glad to hear it's not bothering him. Mine was very itchy.
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My skin is so sensitive that any fragrance at all, even natural (essential oils etc) is torture to me and causes my eczema to flare. I can't use any soap as it's too drying. I use oats in a cut-off knotted pantyhose -- cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser in one!
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Wow....the oats idea is a great one!! He can have oats, so that would be totally safe for him!!
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