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Come post in our current thread in the toddler forum, everyone!
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Originally Posted by Serenyd View Post

I have read that getting AF back makes it easier to lose weight. I think not having AF might be why these last few LBs are being so stubborn! Seems like after I got AF with my other kids my weight dropped rapidly. Here's hoping!

Also, it would be nice to get my sex drive back.

But, I'm not looking forward to the mess, inconvenience, mood swings, or pre-AF breakouts. I did buy some mama pads off Etsy, I'm thinking of getting a diva cup to use as well, so I'm kind of excited to try those out. I read up on the dangers of tampons a while back so I'd like to get away from those.
UGH> my skin has been atrocious the last couple weeks and it never occurred to me that it could be related to AF. I just wish I had bought a Diva Cup beforehand. I'm stuck with tampons this cycle, which is inconvenient and yucky ( I did a lot of reading over the past couple years about disposable menstrual products). I'll pick one up before the next round.

For those mamas who have their PPAF, are your cycles regular? Should I expect her again in 22 days? Or will it be hit and miss from still BFing?
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Happy Happy Birthday to our second week of October Babies!!!

October 7th
Ellery Mae - sh118
Evan Gabriel - 6lbs-8oz - MandyB pics
Samantha Marie - 7lbs-13oz - libbylou
Bridget Alannah - 9lbs-2oz - firewoman pic
Jonah Phoenix - 8lbs-6oz - Bromache pic pic pic

Oliver Aedan
- 7lbs-13oz - babywink

October 8th
Tyler Jesse - Kritto
Talula Claire - 8lbs-9oz - Friendlee pic pic
Julia Therese - 9lbs-1.5oz - MeadowMom

October 9th
Adria Grace - 9lbs-13oz - mysticmomma pics
Benjamin Zachary - 8lbs-10oz - Gremco
Lucellia 'Lucy' Belle - 7lbs-13oz - RMM1117
Asher Thomas - 7lbs-15oz - jodybird511
Simon Maxwell - 9lbs-6oz - TortelliniMama
Henry Connor 8lbs-8oz - TinyDancer

October 10th
Israel Benedict - 7lbs-9oz - Kmama2 pics
Vaughn Matthew - 9lbs-4oz - treehugginmama
Struan Alexander - 8lbs-14oz - susanl1202
Benjamin Luke - 8lbs-12oz - Harmony96
Dylan Nathaniel - 6lbs-9oz - MeredithK
Ezra Kohen - Janae pics

October 12th
Baby Boy - 8lbs-13oz - zjande
Nikolai Alexander - 7lbs-6oz - barcelona - pics
Sean - 7lbs-14oz - Amandamarie
Roslyn Sadie - 8lbs-13.5oz - joyakshi

October 13th
Arianna Sequoia - 6lbs-12oz - Huck pics
Baby Girl - threadbey
Kristina Anne - 8lbs-14oz - ZoraP
Grady Samuel - 8lbs-14oz - shamom - pics
Cole Gregory - 9lbs-2oz - girlygirls3
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Are you guys just in denial that our new thread is in the toddler forum & refusing to post there?!
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Originally Posted by zjande View Post
Are you guys just in denial that our new thread is in the toddler forum & refusing to post there?!
Yup. Total denial.
Never mind that my boy is not toddling... he's RUNNING all over the place. He's not one yet... still an infant!
Denial aside, I look at his little face and I see the boy he's becoming, not that tiny little baby any more. It goes so fast! I want to get pregnant again soon -- I want it all over again!
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Total denial. Is that so wrong? LOL.

Well, the bittersweet news is that I'm not pregnant and that I did get my dear sweet AF back (blech). I would have been excited for a #3....but I'm also excited to move on into the next stage of my girls lives. It's all good. I got a new paragard. Glad to not be feeling like a teenager trying to manipulate those silly condoms, hee hee.
Big birthday party next weekend!! Can't believe how fast a year can fly. (Such a true cliché)
K, will meet you all over in the new toddlers thread. Thank you for starting it and keeping us all directed!

Happy birthday everyone!
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