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arlene, interesting about the birth trauma. i'll have to do some reading now!

millie is in 18 month stuff, some 24 month, too. she's my second biggest at birth and my second biggest at her age. although, my son was a bit exaggerated due to steroids. she can eat more than natalie and usually has 1 more snack per day than natalie, too.

she's been letting go of stuff and trying steps. and her new thing: squealing. oh joy.
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Congrats on the walking baby Norasmomma View Post, and the pregnancy Kmama2. Wow. S is still not wanting to crawl, and fussing until we walk her around. Sigh. I'm hoping she will get a bit stronger and be able to hands and knees crawl soon so our backs can have a break.
I was asking about the foods because I try to give S what I'm eating, but she gets bored with anything she's had more than once or twice. I eat millet porrige a lot in the am, and she has zero interest in that. I used to feed her whatever fruit I was putting on it, but even that seems not to interest her anymore. She has eaten a bite or two of other foods -- sandwiches, some goat milk yogurt I was eating -- but seems to be following in ds's footsteps as far as the lack of interest in food. I just hope she doesn't turn out as picky as he is.
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Originally Posted by zjande View Post
OOOOOH CONGRATULATIONS!! When are you due? I'm excited for you! Finally, our ddc's first pregnancy announcement since our oct. 09 babies.

Well, that's all I came here for. I have nothing to say.
April.. not sure exactly when. Dating u/s sch for Friday. We use NFP so everything is charted.... but we didn't have sex during the fertile time...so it doesn't make sense. I either got pregnant way early or way late in my cycle.
time for someone else to get pregnant and join me in the DDC's....
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we're doing pretty good over here. reagan is walking like crazy!!! has been for the past month or so. now that she's getting more steady at it, she's trying out moving a little faster when she walks. i am so not ready for her to start running!! she's an ok eater. she does not like picking food up with her hands unless it is dry (cheerios, bread, puffs). i don't think she likes her hands being messy. she was 19.6 #'s and 29" at her last appointment which was over a month ago, and i know that she has grown since then. sleep is the worst part of our lives right now. she will not fall asleep without being put to sleep first. she wakes up usually about 4 times a night, nurses for a few minutes and then passes out. occasionally, she needs to sleep attached to my nipple which drives me INSANE!!! she'll be out and i'll pop her off and she instantly wakes up and flips out! needless to say, this is exhausting for me and the whole sleep issue has caused some major friction in our marriage. i just don't know what to do to get her to sleep through the night. any suggestions?
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i've got nothing, erin. just wanted to say HI! millie's 'sleep' is like torture, complete with screaming, eye poking, BITING, kicking, hitting. it's very stressful.

and now the little turkey won't even stand on her own. she was standing/taking a step or so and now when we stand her up she goes all limp noodle. she DEFINITELY has a mind of her own.

jen, have you tried giving her foods that you don't usually eat? i had to say EWWW at millet porridge millie is my first to eat absolutely everything we put on her tray. good luck!
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our scary afternoon

Well we had an exciting day yesterday with an emergency trip to the Dr. Owen was happily eating a cracker that had a bit of hummus on it, I gave him another and he was great, took him out of his highchair and BAM his face turned red and he started getting hives. His eye started to swell and he was rubbing his face, he had nibbles of hummus before, but this gave him a fairly bad reaction. I didn't have any children's benadryl on hand(LAME) and so I ran out the door with DS in hand and DD right behind me, got them in the car and sped to town which is 10 minutes away. Ran into the Dr office and no one was around I finally walked down the hall and asked if anyone was there and that my son was having an allergic reaction, they quickly assessed him and then gave him benadryl and observed him for a couple hours. UGH. I'm not sure if it was the chickpeas or the tahini that caused the reaction, honestly I'm not even sure if it was the hummus. Sure he just ate it, but he also eats anything he finds on the ground. So much for giving him whatever we are eating, we are sticking to the things that definitely don't do anything, cheese, crackers, little pieces of meat, the things we know he can have.

Talk about stressful, he was fine in the evening and acting normal, but now we have to watch him and I am getting some chidren's benadryl to have at the house just in case a similar situation happens ever again, be if a bee sting or what. So scary.
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Norasmomma, that sounds so scary! And hard to know what the reaction was. I sure hope you get some answers so you don't have to worry too much about everything. That's the trouble with giving table foods -- you don't know which food caused a reaction, so in families with food sensitivities (ours is one), it's probably not a great idea. Ironically, I was coming to post that dd had a bad digestive reaction to something this morning, I was just going to post that I decided to back away from solids. She also tends to find dropped foods and eat them, but yesterday I also allowed her to eat some hamburger bun and pizza crust, despite my misgivings about giving grains, especially wheat, so young. Now last night she was up several times crying, and had some diarrhea this morning that caused her to cry. Not as scary as hives but still concerning. Oh, and I eat millet porridge because I likes something warm in the am, and am allergic to eggs and wheat and oatmeal tends to trigger my ee. I have run out of breakfast type foods I can eat other than fruit (and cooking dinner foods just for myself in the am seems too hard). I do eat sausage occasionally, but when dd gets ahold of it, she just keeps ramming it into her mouth until she has a mouth full, then gradually it all falls out,

I wanted also to say that if a baby is not sleeping well at night, there can be food sensitivities (either to something the baby is eating or something the mom's eating, or both). Gas pain can cause waking, but also there are more subtle symptoms that it can cause. Oh, and if you go over to the elimination communication forum, they say that if a baby wakes, latches on for a minute and then goes back to sleep, it can be a sign they needed to go pee and just needed to nurse to relax enough. There's also this article from Moxie about sleep regressions..
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Congrats on the pregnancy KMama! When are you due?!

Lyra is crawling like a mad fiend. She's so long and skinny that she can launch herself across the room in no time at all. Eats everything and yells if we eat and don't share. She says "Mama" but I think "mama" means food, LOL. I think she's working on "dad", but she just says "dah"

She's sleeping so much better now. She's still waking to nurse, but literally only 5 minutes at a time. It's been great!

And she just cut her last incisor. She's got a toothy grin of 8 teeth! And she LOVEs to show them off (and looks evil in the process)
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Hi all!

I am trying to keep up. My oldest has a speech delay, so between EI and ST, we're busy.

Reed was growing like mad, but seems to be slowing. I haven't had him officially weighed since June, but today on the scale at home, he was only 18.5 lbs. So in over 2 months he's only gained like 2 lbs. I guess that's like 1/2 oz a day, so maybe it isn't that bad. I just thought he'd be heavier. He never stops moving. Over the weekend he started walking holding just one of our hands...so I guess it's just a matter of time until he lets go.
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omg, hugs to you, erin and to owen! scary!
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That's a scary story. Thank you for reminding me it's best to have some children's benadryl around.

Is my kid the only one who still doesn't care at all about solids? It is starting to really bug me...last week she was taking lots of tastes, having some fun, but this week, nothing. She decided to learn how to crawl, and try to pull up and start cutting first year molars all in the last week or so so I'm hoping that has something to do with it.
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I haven't posted much, but enjoy reading this thread and seeing what my baby's peers are up to!

DD was born October 27 at home. She was 26 lbs at 9 months- she LOVES to nurse, day and night. She doesn't crawl, but scoots around on her belly. She stands constantly and can walking holding on to hands- maybe she'll skip the crawling.

She is my first baby, of 4, that actually sleeps well! My first three needed me there all night long, and for every nap. DD sleeps on her own for 2-hr naps, twice a day, and til midnight when I go to bed. It's amazing!! The funny thing is, I didn't do anything differently with her than I did with the others to get them to sleep. I guess every child is different. I'm also sure God knew that with homeschooling 3 children I couldn't lay down and nap with her 4 hours a day

Here's a picture of her:

and one so you can see what a chunk she is!
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Congrats on the pregnancy KMama!
i'm still waiting on ppaf. anyone else?

Vladimir's weight/height have plateaued. he is 22.4 lbs/27" he's been in the 20's since March. he enjoys walking around and eating/nursing a lot. he eats what we eat (meats, veggies, fruits) he hasn't had many grains yet. no real words. he says Da-Da all the time, but not necessarily referring to dh. he tried to say cat mostly saying Tat. i've been signing to him for months now, but he refuses. he understands what the signs mean when i sign to him, but he won;t sign for himself yet. p/t EC is going well.

Norasmomma, OMG. good warning for all. i think Vlad may have had an allergic reaction 2x. the 1st was 7/4. i gave him banana for breakfast and keep it on my plate (after eating buttermilk pancakes) he had a little rash around his mouth so we stopped feeding him banana (which he never had a reaction to before) about an hour or 2 later he was vomiting everywhere, then he took a nap and woke up like nothing happened. on 8/1 we fed him soft egg yolks for breakfast (again a normal food for him) and he was fine (no rash), but then an hour or 2 later he was vomiting again. this was a little worse. he threw up everything that he drank (breastmilk & water) for the next 2.5 hours. then the same thing he took a good nap and woke up his normal self. we believe the link could have been country crock both the pancakes and the eggs were cooked in it.

as far as sleeping. bedtime has been fine and he sleeps through the night for 10-12 hours nursing as he needs to throughout. naps have been more difficult. he has trouble staying still long enough to fall asleep, i windup nursing him (normal) and "corporal cuddling" him as well (restraining his arms and keeping him from crawling away). it sounds cruel, but he gets over tired and dangerous (falling more, walking into to things, etc.). anyone struggling with this type of behavior? any suggestions? he won't take a paci. sometimes i can wear him down (although it is really hot and he is pretty heavy).
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great pics ladies!

millie's new thing:
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Lyra startes daycare in under two weeks...
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Jen, Vlad loves his walker too!
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I guess I better have some Benadryl in the house! I love seeing all the growing up babies. Dylan still isn't crawling or even army crawling. He is starting to turn around more on his tummy and he is getting super frustrated at not being mobile.

He's got all 8 front teeth in now although he still acts like he's teething.

We took our first airplane ride. It was better than I expected and all things considered, everyone did great. Unfortunately, while we were at my dad's house, one of his German Shepherds nipped Dylan. I don't know how I managed to keep my cool, but I did and luckily Dylan didn't associate the pain with the dog. We went to the doctor and all is fine. The wounds are almost all healed now.

Dylan is finally napping in bed instead of on my lap which is huge. I still have to nurse him down, but I get a couple of minutes to myself. They are only 30 minutes, but better then the days he doesn't nap at all!! Nights are starting to get better. We are getting 2-3 hour stretches now.

Here's a pic from the other day:
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Thought I'd share a pic of DD, too, since I only met you guys recently. Here she is in all her glory!
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Clementine finally started hands and knees cross crawling last weekend. She'd been up on hands and knees for a few weeks, so I figured it was coming. She's still pretty deliberate about her movements (she doesn't rocket across a room yet) but every day it's more and more fluid. She also desperately wants to pull up but wants to do it by grabbing onto me. She needs to pick something else...I'm not a good pulling up object. It's actually kind of annoying, she crawls into me, tries to climb me and gets annoyed.....she does this all day.

She still won't eat solids beyond a taste here and there. She actually was putting food in her mouth to taste it a week or so ago but then crawling came and she didn't want to have anything to do with food or mealtime after that. So now we're back to random tastes. I did call EI about it and they evaluated her and agreed to take us on (saying she was very borderline but if she started eating we could always cancel). I have mixed feelings because some of the stuff they said was wrong (a baby should be eating 3 full meals by 10 months and milk is "supplemental? NO) and I started arguing with them. They're supposed to have better information than that, IMO.

I also disliked having them evaluate her at all. It made me feel stressed and defensive...initially I called because she wasn't crawling but that was a few weeks ago and when they came over, the concern wasn't there anymore on my part, obviously. But seeing them size her up, note that she was W-sitting, and that my son was doing it too (btw, I do it too!) made me feel defensive. The lady said their muscle tone (and mine as well) was lowish end of normal, nothing to be worried about, but it made me feel bad. I was never good at sports (always super flexible though) and it makes me sad to think that neither of my kids will probably be either. Now I feel like I am looking at them critically....I've been correcting Harrison's W-sitting and hers too....but she never did it until she started cross-crawling. Neither did he, for that matter. Both of them sat pretty early too. I don;t know, the whole thing left a bad feeling for me, but nobody likes to have their kids looked t critically, I guess. THey did observe her constant babbling as awesome, so I guess that's good. My kids may not be future athletes, but they do love to talk.
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Hm, dd is still not crawling much either, just a bit of army crawling, but shes having us walk her around. Should I call EI?
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