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How does Brownies or Girl Scouts work in your area? DD is going to kindy in the Fall, and we live in one of those towns where everything is really hypercompetitive. I'm worried that I'm supposed to be doing something to get her into a troop now and we'll be locked out! Anyone know how you figure out your local troop, etc?
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Call your council and see who has signed up to have a troop that age at your school. Troops almost always fall into school or sometimes church locations for their home base because they need a meeting room. There are some homeschooling troops about.

Be prepared to volunteer. I ended up being co-leader for several years just so my kid could have this experience.

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Definitely call your local council to see where to start and if there is a membership coordinator. Our area rarely ties into churches or schools, and are often held at homes or parks. Your daughter would be a Daisy Scout (K-1st grade). If you have a hard time finding an open troop, you can always start your own. Girl Scouts offers a lot of training and support to get you started.
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The troops are mostly tied into schools where we are and they do membership rallies at the beginning of the year. There are never enough troop leaders though, which is why some girls can't get into a troop. I was willing to be a Daisy leader so my daughter could be a scout and it was like pulling teeth to find someone to be a co-leader. I took all the girls who were interested, so we ended up with 22 K and 1st graders. The parents were supposed to sign up and take turns staying at the meetings so we had Girl Scout adult:child ratios but it rarely happened. It was very frustrating for me as a leader. I'd contact your council to see how it works in your area.
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