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Breckin Dax is here!

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I woke up to labor pains around 3am on Monday the 2nd. I tried to sleep through them but wasn't very successful. We got our daughter up as usual and off to daycare, then I tried to rest knowing what a long day it was going to be. Contractions around every 10 minutes and I napped between each for just over an hour.

Contractions stayed around every 10 mins until DH and I took a walk around the block, then a walk into town for lunch. That helped bring them closer together. Our doula came over around 2pm. We called the midwives, knowing that we could reserve a birthing tub ASAP. I thought it was a bit early knowing my daughter's long labor. But with only one room left (busy day in L&D), we nabbed it and left for the hospital around 3:30. Got there at 4, room was finishing being cleaned and we got in around 4:30. Got on the monitors to check on baby, then off the monitors.

We filled the tub and I got in around 6:30pm. It seemed to me to slow the contractions, which I said. Once I said it, it changed. They sped up and grew in intensity. I asked for a check and I was at 8cm. Still just so intense and I started to get the urge to push. MW said go for it, and I did. Breckin was born around 7:15pm.

My husband caught him and brought him to me. I discovered the gender, it was pretty cool. He had the cord around his neck but it came off easily and he came to my chest, but I could tell something was wrong. The nurses took him, I got out of the tub and onto the bed. He was then taken to the nursery and later they decided to transport him to another hospital which has a NICU.

He needed transfusions and some air aspirated from just outside his lungs (DH is much clearer on this than I am) but he's doing really well. He's the "big boy" in NICU.

It was altogether a really great labor and birth. I wish he could've stayed with me and been home with us now but he's getting better and will hopefully be home by the weekend.

Because of the unexpected chaos since delivery, I haven't been able to update my due date buddy so THANK YOU Megan for being on standby!!!


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Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!! I am sorry he is in NICU but I am sure he will be home before you know it
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Congrats on your new baby boy!!! I hope he gets well soon and is able to come home to you by the weekend.
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Congratulations!!! He is adorable! I hope you get to have him home to snuggle soon.
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I'm so sorry Breckin is in the nicu! I hope he is released soon. I love the name!
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Congrats!!! Also love the name and hope he can be with you soon. He's adorable!
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He's beautiful and perfect! Hope you'll be reunited soon. congrats, mama !!
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Congrats mama, Breckin is beautiful!

I hope he gets to come home soon and you can start enjoying your babymoon.
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Beautiful boy! Congratulations. Hopefully he will be home soon.
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He is just perfect!! What a handsome little boy!! Congratulations and hope he's home with you soon!
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congratulations! he is just gorgeous. i hope you two get to cuddle soon!
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Oh Colleen, I was waiting to get an update from you and was getting a little worried. I didn't want to bug you though! First of all, congrats on Breckin's arrival. He's beautiful and looks really big. What was his birth weight?

And, I'm so sorry he had to be taken to a NICU, especially in a different hospital. That's no way to start your postpartum time. I'm glad he's doing better and I hope he's home with you VERY soon.
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Oh yeah, I forgot to put in his info! Oops!

6 lbs, 14 oz and 20" long. He's the "big boy" on the block, that's for sure. Though, sadly, looks like he'll STILL be there through the end of the weekend. He was working so hard at breathing that it seems there's a little hole in his right lung and air is getting into his chest cavity. They aspirated it, air came back. They're hoping to flush it out. If that doesn't work, they will either aspirate again (preferred) or put in a chest tube.

I got my placenta pills back today. While perfectly healthy, the woman said that there was sort of a main placenta and then like an inch of membrane (or whatever) and then a smaller part. I wonder if that had something to do with it (umbilical cord was also very narrow). I know I'm not portraying this right, which is my DH is the official point person throughout this ordeal!

So I'm a hormonal emotional wreck.
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby. I'm sorry he's having complications. I'm sending good thoughts to you and your family.
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Congrats! I hope he gets to come home soon!!!
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby Breckin!! I hope he's released soon and you two get to really start enjoying your babymoon!!
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Congratulations!! What a cutie. I hope he comes home this weekend!
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